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  1. The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    I want Ciftci signed up. There's a terrific footballer there and Robbo will be able to get the work rate out of him. Having grafters and honest lads is great and an essential part of a squad, but you need guys, mavericks even, to add that bit of quality that the others don't have. It's these guys people pay to watch. It will be glorious to watch him score us the winner in the 2019 SC Final against Celtic.
  2. Your Goal For The Club Next Season

    Win the Scottish Cup in 2019
  3. Scotland Call Up

    I would prefer him not to head across the World for these ludicrous friendlies with such a shambolic, rudderless squad. He would benefit, both himself and the Club, with the summer off for a change.
  4. Cup Final ticket

    I'm looking for 1 ticket for the Final. Apologies for the short notice, but a friend can now make the final and hasn't managed to get a ticket. Thanks in advance.
  5. Trevor Carson

    Carson is the best goalkeeper in the league by a Country mile, Gordon included. We'll sell when we get an offer reflective of his status.
  6. Scottish Premiership Game 28: Dundee (A) 24/02/18 15:00

    We all know that's not the case... Spreadsheet daft!
  7. Jamie Semple

    Scored the first
  8. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    We also don't have the luxury of being Arsenal. Motherwell can't really afford it taking 6 months to a year for a player to bed in, we really have to see them producing within 2-3 months of the season starting such is the cut throat nature of our league. That goes for every team in the Premiership out with Celtic, Aberdeen and Rangers.
  9. Scottish Premiership Game 26: St Johnstone (H) 06/02/18 19:45

    Of course people demanded improvement, we were on a horrific run of results. Robinson was edging closer to sacking territory thanks to results and performances prior to the winter break , where he has identified weaknesses, signed players and we now seem to be getting back to where we were pre the Celtic triple header. If he had lost the majority of these recent games I don't think he would still be Motherwell manager. 1 defeat in 6, being unfortunate to not beat Partick and lose to Hibs is a sure sign he's picked it up again.
  10. Scottish Premiership Game 26: St Johnstone (H) 06/02/18 19:45

    It's exasperating to see us play hoofball as we are a pretty decent footballing side when we get the ball down and play, It genuinely looks as if Robbo isn't interested in playing any other way. Another absolute shitfest awaits on Tuesday night with us hopefully getting a needed 3 points.
  11. Scottish Premiership Game 25: Partick Thistle (H) 03/02/18 15:00

    3 points required. Any which way will do.
  12. Scottish Premiership Game 24: Hibs (A) 31/01/18 19:45

    Disappointed not to take something as we created enough dangerous situations in the final third that we failed to capitalise on. The defending for both Hibs goals was absolutely honking, but in keeping with the recurring theme of this season. We looked a different side when Bigi and Cadds came on. Easily Tait's worst game in a Motherwell shirt last night. He looked slow, was caught out of position a lot, susceptible to balls over the top and his distribution was really poor which is rare for him. I also thought Tanner didn't have his best shift. It wasn't a game for Rose and he was anonymous.
  13. The Great Rebuild 2017'18

    £375k is the rumoured new offer that should see him off to Celtic Park.
  14. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic (Hampden) 19/05/18 15:00

    The difference a strikeforce makes. Bowman relegated to impact sub which suits him.
  15. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Mainly Porn stars and others who have a talent for the flesh flicks for me.

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