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  1. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    AFIK it was not F.C. Kilmarnock that made the complaint but an individual. The SWPL issue a standard fine and 3 point deduction for any infringement.
  2. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    After a lengthy break a return to action on Sunday 15th April at Petershill Park Glasgow 1610hrs v Glasgow Girls. Early days in the season but currently sitting in 2nd place in the league.
  3. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    POSTPONED. 18 MARCH V Aberdeen FCL
  4. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Motherwell suffered a 1-0 defeat to Rangers WFC this afternoon in the SWPL Cup. As per last year all SWPL1 sides defeated their SWPL 2 opponents, so still not sure why the cup is seeded in this way. I thought it was a very even and enjoyable match. Motherwell nearly got an early lead in the first minute when a shot came off the post. Fairly even until the 82nd minute when a Rangers shot went through the defence. Motherwell applied the pressure in the last few minutes with a Rangers defender sent off for a last man challenge.in the last minute. Shows that Motherwell are right up at the standard of SWPL1 and will rightly be candidates for promotion.
  5. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    A 3 point deduction appears to be the norm for any type of misdemeanour in the womens game. Matter is now done and dusted as far as i am concerned. The club can still make an appeal but pretty pointless i think.
  6. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    First home game of the season saw Motherwell run out convincing winners 8-0. 6(six) from Suzanne Mulvey makes her the top goalscorer in the League. Full match report and video highlights on the Official site. Ladies home games will normally now be played at Braidhurst HS with a 1430 ko. Toilet facilities and cafe normally available on site. Motherwell were sitting top of the table with 6 points after 2 league games. However, following a complaint being made, it was found that Motherwell had infringed the rule on submitting team lines before the game, of the first game away to FC Kilmarnock. Therefore have been fined 50 pounds and 3 points deducted and awarded to Kilmarnock. A brief statement is on the SWF website so this is in the public domain. In my view this was a simple, but avoidable, error from our new staff team. It has happened at the start of the season so hopefully will not be repeated. This does take away anything from EWB, his staff or the players who are playing well and have an excellent team spirit. If you wish to see a good footballing Motherwell side then get along to some games. Motherwell have ambitions to win this league and have the quality players to do so. This coming Sunday the team are away to Rangers at New Tinto Park at 1400hrs. This will be a good challenge against a SWPL1 side. This cup is drawn so that SWPL1 teams play SWPL2 sides in the first round last season, all SWPL1 sides won in the first round !!. I still have no idea as to the rationale behind this seeding. All views are my own @ALR57
  7. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    1st home game is Sunday 16 February ko 1400hrs at Braidhurst HS Motherwell.
  8. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    No question that FCK were very wary of the reputation of some of the Motherwell players. Having a team of very good players requires the coach to get them playing as a team, players in their best position and goals getting scored. That is only twice I have seen this Motherwell this year, and the signs are good. Strong all over the pitch with an excellent coach. IMO we are very likely to be right up there for promotion. We have Rangers in the SWPL cup away which is likely to be a tough game. It will be an interesting season.
  9. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    That was a very good opening day win at FC Kilmarnock 1-2. Weather before and a few times during the game was terrible. Surface was snow covered for most of the first half. Credit to players of both teams for a very competitive game. The game played out as i thought it might. FCK , newly promoted, did not want to get a hammering from an experienced Motherwell. Their play reflected that and most of the game saw there defenders, midfield and even forwards just punt the ball up the park at every opportunity. Motherwell were in control for the whole game but FCK were up for it and it was a good competitive game. The first goal game from an o.g header but Motherwell creating some good passing going forward with a good few chances created. 2nd half and again Motherwell creating a lot without an end product. FCK scored from a free kick outside the box and a good strike under the bar evaded the efforts of Claire Johnstone. Motherwell again continued to dominate and with a well struck free kick from Hayley Cunningham deflected off a defender Motherwell took a deserved lead again and the win. EWB has gathered a well experienced group of players who are still getting to know each others game. EWB i am sure will be still working on best selection/formation but lots of positives going forward. Next 4 weeks likely to be very important with 3 home league games and Rangers away in the Cup. Lots to look forward to. Next sunday home game v EUHV.
  10. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Sunday 11th February at Rugby Park Kilmarnock 1600hrs for the first league match v FC Kilmarnock.
  11. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Home games i suspect will either be at Ravenscraig or maybe Dalziel Park. I have not seen or heard anything to confirm where games will be played. However home ground and other criteria are being considered for next season by the SWPL.
  12. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Some players retired/moved on in 2015, again in 2016 5 or 6 moved on and 2017 saw a few retiring from playing or moving on. This season there are about 8 who have been signed up by EWB from last seasons team. You can expect to see details of players/fixtures on a dedicated page on the Motherwell FC website in the very near future Last season did not finish well for the Ladies team in terms of organisation and support to the team. It is to the credit of a number of senior players who held the team together to complete the season. Credit also to John and Ally who helped out with the team. This season has seen the team move from the community trust to the main club. Credit to Alan Burrows he has a vision for this team to play at the highest level. The appointment of EWB is a huge statement of intent. The signing of a number of top quality players will ensure that Motherwell are competitive at the top of SWPL 2 and aiming for promotion. I believe the support from the club will be to fully support EWB to get this team as competitive as possible. SWPL2 will be a tough league to gain promotion from. I have thoroughly enjoyed following this team and will continue to do so. Get along to some games if you can.
  13. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Nicole Goodwin is the only player remaining from the cup winning season of 2015. EDIT to add: Sorry forgot about Sophie Gallagher who i believe has re-signed but is out long term injured just now. She was the Motherwell rep at the big SWPL publicity bash.
  14. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Motherwell have been drawn away to Rangers in the SWPL cup. Tie to be played on Sunday 25 February.
  15. 2018 Season Swpl 2

    Season starts on 11 February. Motherwell LFC are away to FC Kilmarnock. I got along to a pre season friendly yesterday, against Falkirk FC who play in SWFL1. Wind and rain did not help the match but good effort from both teams. 0-5 win for Motherwell. EWB has made some terrific signings for the season ahead. I am sure we will be a team that is competitive at the top end of the league. We looked well organised and wanted to play football. It was pre season so don't want to pick out any stars but there is no doubting the quality of the new signings. Very pleased to see from last season, Sarah Rhind(GK),Niamh Johnston,Heather Magill, Lauren Kerr, Kaitlin Canavan,Nicole Goodwin and Lauren Reside all returning. By my reckoning we currently have a squad of about 16 players so will be expecting a few more players to come in. Trialist that scored on sunday is coming on a season long loan from Hibs. @ALR57

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