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  1. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Nobody could really argue that we didn’t deserve it, if we did do it this way.
  2. Scottish Premiership Game 31 :Celtic (H) 18/03/18 14:15

    A tough one to “get back on the horse” but nothing to lose. Although top six is now probably beyond us, we need to still take every chance we can to pick up points. Firstly, we need to secure our top league status and then we need to amass points so we get the cash for as high a league finish as possible. other sides have taken points off this lot. Let’s not get over excited by the usual pish we are likely to hear from Rodgers and have a right goat them.
  3. Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Hamilton (A) 10/03/18 15:00

    Very poor result. Playing Accies is a bit like arguing with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you through their greater experience there.
  4. Top 6?

    Not happening now, unfortunately.
  5. Scottish Premiership Game 30 :Hamilton (A) 10/03/18 15:00

    A win in this fixture could turn out to be crucial in oh so many ways. It could be the three points that put us right back in the mix for a top six finish. Alternatively, even if we end up in the bottom half after the split, it could build up the gap so that we are not dragged into the dogfightto go down. it won’t be easy. Accies will surely be up for a battle which, with their dodgy plastic pitch and probably difficult weather conditions, is pretty much how you would expect this fixture to pan out. We need to be ready for the challenge and smart enough to weather the storm and then let our on field superiority tell.
  6. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Whichever end we get, I’m calling it the”Bob Crampsey end”.
  7. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Named after Arthur? If only it were true. The concept of a Scotsport theme pub is now filling me with ideas. Anyone for a pint in the Ian Archer lounge?
  8. Scottish Cup Semi Final V Aberdeen(Hampden) 14/04/18 12:15

    Best that we win it then! Great result today. Keeps the season going nicely.
  9. Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    The track at Central Park was for stock car racing. my memories of the game are of the queues to get in and missing the first twenty minutes because of them. It was a two nil victory and a turgid game on a grey day. Don’t think it was particularly wet though, as I don’t remember getting soaked and it wasn’t as if the ground offered much in the way of cover.
  10. Top 6?

    Would we be liable to get an extra home game if we finished in the bottom six?
  11. Scottish Premiership Game 29 : Aberdeen (H) 03/04/18 19:45

    As an aside, used to love the weekends back in the seventies and eighties when most of the games were off and you wou,d see some odd games on tv because they were the only games on. Can recall a friendly between us and Hibs at Easter Road because they were the only side with undersoil heating. We were tearing up the first division under Davey Hay, but lost two nil, I think. Also remember Scotsport showing a game from Gayfield as, being so close to the sea, their pitch never freezes. In England, Leicester City would always be on as Filbert Street had some sort hot air cover for the pitch.
  12. Top 6?

    Would be nice to win the cup, but relegation would cost us substantially more than any cup win.
  13. Top 6?

    While top six would be brilliant, seventh would have to be seen as progress. Throw in a cup final, and, fingers crossed for Sunday, a good run in the Scottish Cup, and we could seriously claim to be heading in the right direction, Given the fixtures left before the split, that would look like the best we can hope for.
  14. Scottish Premiership Game 28: Dundee (A) 24/02/18 15:00

    Three minutes of highlights would seem to sum up the game. Still, churlish to complain too much about three important points won. We will have to play a good deal better against Aberdeen, Celtic and Rangers in the coming league games if we are to pick up anything, but we are capable of doing so,and we will beat home. Big week coming up with the chance of two good results turning an acceptable season into an exceptional season.
  15. Scottish Premiership Game 27: Kilmarnock (H) 17/02/18 15:00

    Thats quite enough of that sensible bollocks. It doesnt go done well in these parts. Just because were paranoid, it doesnt mean that the bastards are not out to get us!

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