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  2. I hope and expect to be sitting in the top 6 come the end of October.
  3. For me i think Longs attitude is suspect , he never seems fully committed to games this season, no doubt he is a decent player but I don't think we are getting the full benefit just now.
  4. Robinson has during his tenure improved the league positions + couple of cup runs + profited from some players he brought in (Kipre, Heneghan etc) He's also benefited and helped the group of very decent youngsters who have come through (Cadden, Scott, Campbell, Turnbull, Haste mk1) Until now we've been progressing well. pre season I had thought we were headed for a great season - it's not panning out that way. Last year is impossible to improve as we'd no right to be in top 3. Anything from 8th-4th is where I expect us to be. What's not clear at the moment is the direction, what type of football/formation are we trying to embed ? do we have more youngsters coming through ? It may just be a wobble , I hope it is but clear direction and belief in a system is required - otherwise it's akin to McCalls last season when he ran out of ideas.
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  6. With him being number 99, he had a flakey when he was on the bench on Sunday!! Sorry. Not convinced about Cole either, need a pacy winger but where we find one I dont know....let's ask Martin Foyle.......then again....mibbees naw
  7. He's not going to change the minds of a chunk of the support though. The die is cast for some and they are just marking time until the next guy comes in and gets told of his failings that make him not good enough. We could get 12 points from the next four games and all it would take it is another loss and the previous four wins would be downplayed. For some he's been living on borrowed time probably since that first run of defeats in the December that followed the 2017 League Cup Final. That he got to another Final, qualified for Europe, has kept the team in the division, rebuilt three, possibly four different teams across his tenure to overcome the challenges of the day, played his part in generating millions of pounds that have put club in its strongest off the field footing for years and achieved everything the board have asked him to achieve doesn't matter. They've decided.
  8. I was thinking at least it gives a badly needed injection of pace, but then Long is rapid and we do absolutely nothing to exploit that.
  9. So would I but I would take a quality wide player before him in all honesty.
  10. For me i think we should be looking at adding a player of some sort with wise old head on his shoulders.We look like we don't have a natural leader to kick them up the erse give them a proper going over. Gallagher is having a howler of a season and for me doesn't look like a captain at all.
  11. Never been one calling for his head but I do agree the next 4 are vital. He has a lot to do to change minds of doubters..COYW
  12. I would much rather have Cole than Seedorf and Hylton, he can get us up the park quickly in a way that nobody else really can, he's very quick.
  13. I'm not a fan either,i don't think he will bring anything different to what we already have,surely if we're interested in bringing him back we must be looking at getting one or two out the door,our forward line is already bloated with to many not making any sort of contribution.
  14. Not a huge fan of Cole in truth. I’m not convinced he’s the answer.
  15. To be fair he is doing as well as any previous manager and it is unlikely we would get anyone who would do any better. Rollercoaster.
  16. We have 4 games coming up against similar level teams where we should be aiming to haul in a few points. I’d say if we are in top 6 by end of Oct. it would seem daft to be looking at replacing the manager. If however we are in bottom 3 after these next 4 games then it certainly a valid topic for discussion.
  17. Mugabi has been just fine this season, probably our best defender.
  18. Based on Mugabi’s recent matches. I’m ok with him. Yes, he might turn bad at some point but I don’t think we can drop him in anticipation of him loosing form. Of course, you may think that his performances are not up to scratch.
  19. McGinley does need a string of games - preferably in the position we signed him to play, He's either a centre back or left back. Not seen many signs that he's any use but that could change with a run in the same position. As for Mugabi - whilst improved , personal view is he's a liability . I don't think he's good enough.
  20. Only scored 4 goals last time he was here not for me thank you very much
  21. I like Devante Cole, he can play across the front 3. I also like how Robinson says Devante, so I am encouraged by this news. It's a difficult situation with our attacking options, White has been poor and doesn't look like a fit at this level, and Watt and Long have shown glimpses, but we know that they're both inconsistent. We don't have the right front man to play along with wingers effectively, and our wingers aren't particularly good either, so it's hard to disagree with bringing in another striker.
  22. They're both backups in that squad, but I wouldn't say either was "playing terribly". They were both good in our win at Pittodrie, for example. Also, I'm a better full back than McTominay so any natural full back in the international team would be an improvement.
  23. I’d start with same team that done well at Aberdeen. Hopefully rested and Fired up to get another win under our belts.
  24. The 2 guys from Accies that went south weren’t exactly blessed with blistering pace either. There are a good number of midfield players in the EPL even who can’t be described as having pace. Milner, Noble, McGinn, to start with so I’m sure he would do well in championship at the very least.
  25. Absolutely wild we’ve got 2 players in the Scotland squad who are both playing terribly when for years we had players over looked who were actually consistently in good form!
  26. McGinley? I know fans love to judge players far too early in their 'Well career, but McGinley has had 2 games thanks to injuries. Maybe need to give him a few more starts for consistency before we start getting the knives out. A string of games has done wonders for Mugabi.
  27. Does this mean that SR is admitting that White and Lang are crap if he needs to sign another forward. If I was SR my priority would be a replacement for Lanier and McGinley.
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