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  2. No we didn't. According to soccerbass we beat them on penalties after a 1-1 draw. We eventually went out to Aberdeen in the Quarter Finals.
  3. Probably Stevie Woods best attribute was saving penalties.
  4. No we lost to them in 1995-96 on penalties. No-one can say that our penalty record isn't consistent.
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  6. Did we not beat Clydebank on pens around about 1995? The game that Stevie Woods came on as an outfield sub.
  7. Said it in an earlier post …… Gallacher Donnelly Dunne as a back 3
  8. Of all the question marks about our set up last night the main one for me is why the manager in Gallagher's absence played Mugabi--- a player who had repeatedly shown an inability to perform at premier League level. Instead imho he could easily have played Donnelly ( who he recruited as a central defender) alongside Hartley with O' Hara taking Donnelly's place in midfield. Donnelly and O'Hara's second half performances justify this view I feel. On a separate point and as part mitigation for Hartley's showing, I feel he had to spend a fair bulk of the first half ' nursemaiding' Mugabi--- rather than concentrating on his own game. Will be a real test of Robinson and the team to recover from last night. Fingers crossed.
  9. Won one away against Raith as well, Goram in goal. I don't have a problem with a penalty being saved as for the most part, even a decent one is just a different guess away from being saved, but I've said for years that if you're a professional footballer and you can't stand 12 yards away from the side of a van, and hit it with a ball, that's a weeks wages.
  10. I thought Maciver done well last night, his error for the second (shouldn't have been there in the first place) but he never let his head drop, wee bit light weight but won a few knock ons, like yourself glad he was given the nod ahead of seedorf or Manzinga. this is the team I text my pal, I don't think watt will be fit though so maybe Maciver again? on another note, where is semple, wasn't in the reserve squad the other day, or on our bench last night? I was surprised to Manzinga on the bench never mind come on after perth.
  11. The fact that our wage budget for next season has commitments to Seedorf and Mugabe is a real shame.
  12. A terrible first half performace, and a much improved second half performance....a real game of two halfs. I think Robinson will admit he got it wrong in the first half, Shaka mentioned he noticed after 20 minutes it had to change, and it probably did but the equaliser on 27 minutes probably gave him enough hope that we could see it out til at least half time before rolling the dice. I don't think anyone in the ground would have expected us to go in 4-1 down at that point. Maciver left to mark Obika at the back post is criminal. Donnelly was very good at centre back, him and Gallagher could really work well there. O'hara getting dropped was bizarre in the first place but what a difference he made when he came on, he was class. Allan Campbell was missing in the first half but so were most, MUCH better in the second half, considering Watt was chucked in due to injuries i was very impressed with him, never stopped running, him and Long up top together has to be a go'er. Aarons, similar to Campbell was much better in the second half. I thought Polworth was one of the only interested well players in the first half, tried to do things a bit quicker than the rest. Tait was very good when he came on, going forward and even more so defensively. a very frustrating but weirdly enjoyable game, we could actually have won it in normal time, legs were completely gone in extra time and penalties is a lottery. A cup run would have been nice but maybe the extra time off for some players is required, personally i'd rather concentrate on finishing as high up the league as possible. I think Robinson and the players can take a lot from the fight in the second half. We are/were in a rut and hopefully that 45 minutes can build some confidence before four massive games.
  13. We beat Inverness CaleyThistle at Fir Park on pens in early John Boyle era. Finished that game with nine men, Billy Davies and Brian Martin sent off.
  14. We can’t afford to keep giving Mugabe and Manzinga minutes in big games. Donnelly should partner Gallagher now until Dunne is back fit. Glad we gave McIvor the start last night given the options. Hopefully Long can come back in there against Hamilton though. O’Hara and Tait should also start at the weekend.
  15. Our penalty shoot out record is absolutely fucking abysmal. Just off the top of my head we've lost to St. Mirren, Stranraer, Ross County, Hamilton, Hibs, Alloa Athletic.... The only one I actually remember us winning was when we won the cup. So I make 1-6 unless I've forgotten some.
  16. If gallagher fit then I would go a back 3 of him Donnelly and Tait......have o'hara, Polworth and Campbell in middle with grimshaw and Aaron's wide and long (if fit) and watt up front......seemples
  17. I dont think the manager deserves anything but an absolute slating! He said in his Interview he could see it wasnt happening and that we were really struggling after 20 odd minutes and WAS going to change it but didnt. Changing it at 1-1 is a lot different than changing it at 1-4. He left it too late! The "comeback" was nothing but luck, St Midden sat in trying to defend a huge lead and we scored a big deflection and 2 fluke crosses. Even in games like last night we are needing opposition defensive howlers to score
  18. Penalties are not a lottery. Professional footballers failing to hit the target from 12 yards is just a lack of ability of that particular skill, irrespective of how many minutes they have been playing. To miss 1 is unlucky, but to miss 3 out of 5 is unforgivable.
  19. Agree 100%, full of admiration for the comeback, appreciate that a lot of the players were shattered but I cant accept the poor quality of the penalties. Short run ups are always a disaster waiting and fact 2 didnt even test the keeper even worse. Whole East Stand knew what to expect when Hylton stepped up, harsh but true
  20. Tait will be at left back if we play a back 4, but why not stick with 3 randoms like last night
  21. Pens may be a lottery but having just watched the highlights our penalties were feckin brutal, Donnelly had no pace on the ball and as for Watt and Hylton , the less said about their attempts the better.
  22. Penalties are a lottery. Shame we couldn’t complete the comeback and get the win, but we deserved what we got after that horrendous start. Hopefully we’ve learned a few things and can pick our season back up this weekend.
  23. Mark O'Hara by a country mile. He has consistently been our best midfielder since the winter break and should never have been dropped tonight. He was an absolute standout when he came on and allowed everyone else to up their game. We should be offering this boy a pre-contract right now to get him signed up for next year. Mentions for Donnelly who was excellent at centre half. Tait who looked back to his old self and must start Saturday. Watt, who grew into the game and showed that he may indeed have something to offer us. Hylton, Aarons and Grimshaw all had decent second halves. Maybe playing everyone in their right positions will catch on?
  24. Where to start with that? I was concerned when I saw the team selection, with Gallagher missing and O'Hara inexplicably dropped to the bench it didnt bode well. Tactically it was clear after about 15 mins that the 4-3-3 was again failing us. Our midfield was being overun and as a result our already shaky defence was cruelly exposed time after time. It was crying out for an extra man in midfield. It shouldnt have taken until we were 4-1 down and a defender off injured for the manager to have made the change. An absolutely shocking first half all round. Having criticised the manager, credit where its due for the bold changes made at half time. O'Hara was an absolute standout in midfield and his performance allowed everyone around him to raise their game. Donnelly looked far more assured at centre half and Tait looked back to his old self. Even Grimshaw looked far more comfortable playing in front of him. It really was a rousing comeback, so credit to the manager and the players for rolling their sleeves up and not chucking it at half time. You dont get that kind of reaction if the manager has lost the dressing room. Unfortunately it just wasnt enough in the end. For those slating the players for missing penalties. Maybe spare a thought for the fact that most had played 120 mins on a heavy pitch and could barely walk let alone keep their composure to slot one away. Yes they are professionals, and yes they should do better, but there were mitigating factors. Hope the manager is now clearer about which players he can trust and those he cant now in certain positions and he might be considering a change away from 4-3-3 when the opposition dictates it is necessary. Saturday could be interesting.
  25. To be honest today's performance kind of summed up that he's a defender rather than a midfielder.
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