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  2. He’s a goal machine……… gets Luton’s second tonight
  3. Frustrating result. We have a squad of players who arguably are solid on their day but equally have big gaps in their game. couple of examples from last night Mugabi, does lots of good things in a game but should have stopped the cross coming in on first goal + the pen. McGinley - saved the team with great covering before their first goal only to cost us later in the game. overall we have pretty average players, some we can drop and change for a similar standard. GA has done well to have a well drilled team who work bloody hard. Longer term be ideal to reduce the squad size and inject 2-3 quality players but easier said than done.
  4. Sorry to disagree re Barry on loan at QOS. After an encouraging start as CH he was quickly sidelined when found wanting. This was all the more significant as QOS were desperately trying to avoid relegation . They clearly didn't see him as part of their plans . Presently though as a midfielder I see steady improvement and last night he certainly wasn't the poorest performer.
  5. I thought he was our only midfielder who could get on the ball in tight spaces and keep it last night.
  6. Always was a wide midfielder in his formative years and brought to the club by Scott Leitch on the strength of that. Conversion was some time later. What coaches were right for his development? For me, he lacks the physicality to be a centre half.
  7. My personal opinion is he’s a centre half and when playing in the championship when out on loan he looked very promising, he just fell a little short at Premiership level. I don’t believe he’s a natural midfielder but hope to be proven wrong. The club certainly have a high regard of him and have shown that by awarding that new contract.
  8. You do know he didn’t come to the club as a centre half? Conversion was by our coaching team at the time…
  9. Sorry, you’re looking for something that wasn’t there, which only serves to feed the holier than thou on here - reasoning was admitted after the event. Few dissenting voices at O’Donnell as there is each week. Felt the fans still gave their backing as they made their way from the pitch which could have been oh so different.
  10. I’m still not convinced by Maguire. He failed to make it as a centre half which for me is his natural position. I don't think he’s a midfielder and playing while we have other midfielders not starting.
  11. Reminds me of Ross forbes, had purple patch when couldn't stop scoring then form dipped rapidly
  12. Said that at the start of the season time for Donnelly to move on
  13. Cheers mate, really appreciate it!
  14. 100% agree with this, I love the atmosphere as much as anyone and get we all have different opinions but a small minority of our fans need to get a grip. The guys were standing at the front after we scored so can't see the sudden need to throw a drink at that point just a coincidence that it nearly hit O'Donnell, I saw the guys looking for a square go and it made me think is it worth it going to away games. To be clear this is a minority
  15. Hi ja_86. I've completed your survey.
  16. What has Slattery done to be out of picture i know had a 1 game suspension but missed last 3 now and imo he is sorely missed. We need to play Donnelly or Maguire with Goss & Slattery but as mentioned above to play both is not the way forward
  17. That’s what happens when you try and convert centre half’s into midfielders There is no way thar Donnelly and Maguire should be in the team at same time.
  18. All this debate over what position the arm was in, hand to ball, ball to hand etc is irrelevant nobody ever debates what position the players arms were in if its a handball outside the 18 yd box, it's simply a free kick. Mugabi's arm stopped the ball from being crossed in so it's a stonewall penalty every day of the week.
  19. Well your view must have been different from mine but at the end of the day I think we can agree that we have an element in our support we would be better off without especially at away games.
  20. An element of our fans really need to get a grip
  21. Absolutely no chance that it was aimed at the guys standing right at the front, or the linesman. Everyone in that section behind those guys was on their feet, the guys at the front weren’t blocking anybody’s view. As soon as it went tits up on the park O’Donnell started getting a world of abuse. We had attacked a few times before the incident and nothing was thrown, but when he was right in front of the fans taking a throw in the full cup of coke got launched right at him. Throw in the two guys walking up and down the stand offering square goes to anyone having the audacity to ask people not to scream at our captain from 10 yards away that he’s fucking shite and it’s a miserable night for all involved.
  22. Oh I meant to say - weren't there players in the box before the penalty was taken?
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