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  2. If we are awarded the 6 points for the seemingly never ending investigations into the conduct of St. Mirren and Killie then we are actually not sitting too bad however maybe flattering of the squad we have. Team spirit is a thing Robinson has pumped so often and getting the right mix, well .... thats not firing this year. I dunno it feels like there's a degree of mateyism over a true meritocracy. The issue I see there isn't the fire and collective pulling together to make a total greater than the sum of the different parts. Let us not ignore that a striker will generally do and look better if he gets a decent supply. A creative midfielder will flourish if there's a few willing to do the donkey work, harry and win balls and a defender will not be exposed if the guy in the line in front of him whither it be a winger or midfielder, tracks back and gives options for an out ball. As others have pointed out there have been too many of mediocre ability coming in. You'd have thought in the in the aftermath of a wee financial boom of Euro qualification we'd strengthen and go for a few of quality over many of average ability. Same thing happened in 2018 when we had the nice pot after two cup final runs. A poor season followed with few highlights. Despite what many on here think his job is rock solid due to the realism and common sense our board exhibit based over the rants keyboard warriors on a forum.
  3. Inconsistency is dripping from the menagerie that is season 2020/21. So 5-2 to us, Lamie getting a hat-trick. Of course, after the shit show that was Saturday afternoon for this to happen we'll need both Bevis (running into a post) and Gallagher (square go-ing the ref) to require Lamie's substitution 60 minutes as a last resort.
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  5. Truth be told I'd hate to see Lang dropped - this would be purely for getting a result.
  6. Stephen if your reading this - this is your team - Steve Clarke Style Archer O'Donnell - Mugabi - Gallacher - O'Hara - McGinley Campbell - Crawford Polworth Watt - Long Thank me later.
  7. Don't forget that McGinley is primarily a central defender.
  8. Personal view is Carrol is a much better left back than either Lamie or McGinley have shown. (hopefully he'll be back soon) I don't believe that Lamie is good enough, McGinley I have serious doubts over and same for Mugabi , who although much improved causes us goals through poor positioning and needless mistakes. This years defensive signings have not proven to better than the existing squad.
  9. When I have ever told a rotten joke? Ohhh that hurts!! Lol
  10. Archer O'Donnell Mugabi Gallagher Grimmy/McGinley/my granny/literally any other cunt than Lamie Campbell Crawford Polworth Lang Watt Cole Surprised at the calls for Maguire to be reinstated, Crawford is a far superior player on and off the ball. Wouldn't mind seeing Long in from the start but he can't play out wide and Watt doesn't deserve to be dropped for two poor games. I like O'Hara but he's not played well all season in centre mid.
  11. McGinley is fine...I've no idea why he was bombed up for lamie
  12. Agreed get campbell and maguire straight back in and o'hara beside gallagher,anybody but lamie at left back,I would go with mcginley but i wouldn't be surprised if we put o'donnell to the left and bring grimmy in.is suggesting hastie start one of your rotten jokes grizzly ,the last time he was seen it looked like he was trying to run with clown shoes on.we need a reaction,play similar to what we did on saturday and we will definately lose,big improvement needed.
  13. We really missed the energy of Campbell at the weekend. Left back is more of a problem because you can't just stick any defender in there and hope they can adapt. It's a more specialist position - as we have clearly demonstrated. Opponents have sussed that out and it's no coincidence that recent opponents have focused on attacking us down that flank.
  14. Yep hopefully Campbell and Maguire back and get O'Hara back in at centre half. Left back is a dilemma as (in my opinion only) I dont rate Lamie or Mcginley, maybe grimmy short term playing there could be option, or try Hastie but cant see that happening as he gets more abuse on this forum than everyone else put together ..COYW
  15. Go back to the team against Ross County? Maguire straight back in, will he have trained with the team?
  16. Sorry to hear about that. I wasn’t impressed by him as a player but that’s sad news.
  17. I agree they seem to have severely breached the protocols in place, and that there should be an appropriate punishment like awarding points (or even just deducting points from them). I just don't have much faith in the League taking any strong action.
  18. I still think there is a chance we will get the points. Turnbull, Grimshaw, both McCrories and Helander have all tested positive recently without any of their club team mates having to isolate. I still don't see how St Mirren and Killie can explain away isolating their entire squads.
  19. Kipre might be available for loan in January.... https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sport/football/transfer-news/west-brom-transfer-news-bilic-19347195 I know, I know dream on. But you also said that when I said O'Donnell to come in at right back...
  20. I don't think they'll be quietly dropped. I do, however, still think all that will happen is a token fine, possibly suspended. As Robinson said they other day, the biggest frustration is we've lost a couple of the few opportunities to play these games while this process dragged on. So we'll end up having to squeeze them into a busy month. Something that punishes us through no fault of our own.
  21. I had completely forgotten about Spark. Looking through the internet, I see he died young (43 years old in 1993) after having both legs amputated due to Buerger’s disease; a condition mostly associated with smoking.
  22. The signings this season in general have reminded me of a gambler chasing losing bets and trying to get back to where they started. It rarely works and all they end up with is a string of losing bets and no money left. Rickie Lamie, even setting specific mistakes aside, is one of those guys you just watch playing and think....how are you even a footballer? Slipping through the gaps is a phrase you often hear about really talented guys that never made it for one reason or another, but theres also a category of guys who in another life are sitting working in an office somewhere, that have somehow managed to squeeze themselves through the gap in the opposite direction in this one. There's also a case to be made for players who just fit/don't fit at certain clubs. Handsome John for example is one of the best strikers we've ever had at the club, but was useless at Hearts. You just can't wrap your head around guys like Jordan White though, who even fans of struggling lower league clubs think is rotten, and has never done anything decent at any club at any level, and yet end up at a 3rd place Prem side playing in Europe. That being said, I'm not at all in the Robbo out camp. This season is such a mental one for loads of reasons that have nothing to do with football, let alone Robinson, that as long as we don't get relegated I'm not paying much attention to it, and I certainly wouldn't be making any big decisions off the back of it.
  23. Well, its almost the end of the month and St Mirren and Kilmarnock ought to receive the panel's findings by midnight, at the very latest. I just wonder if these 2 episodes will be quietly dropped for fear of tarnishing Scottish football's case for the return of fans. Both Killie and St Mirren will have wheeled out heavy artillery, in the shape of QC's who don't come cheap, to fight their corner.
  24. To be fair they would murder any side in Scotland on their current form. The only thing that might prevent them winning the league is the huge debt they are in.
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