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  4. This is getting really boring now.....
  5. Gone to pens, hope Pompey win after the way Oxford shafted us over Cadden . No offence to Gorrin though
  6. For me he’s a Motherwell player now and who knows may sign permanently at some stage if things go well. The past is the past and I can pretty much guarantee we will get better performances out of him if we support rather than abuse him. When we get back as supporters I will be cheering him on exactly the same as any other player.
  7. Alex Gorrin getting a yellow for Oxford.Good to see something’s are the same Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. We’re all just speculating now. The club will know the figures very well and I doubt if they’d shoot themselves in the foot needlessly. Would there be some benefit to this kind of deal to save on VAT?
  9. So by that token did David Turnbull show a lack of ambition by choosing Celtic over Norwich? After all Celtic play in the same League as Motherwell and Turnbull was not guaranteed a start every week. A stepping stone to greater things was mentioned as a strong reason for choosing Celtic. More likelihood of development and a chance to learn from better players. I have a feeling he opted for Celtic to be closer to home more than anything else. But that’s only a thought and not based on anything definite. I’m not saying Hastie has shown anything like the consistency or talent of Turnbull, but by moving to Rangers he immediately increased his chances of winning silverware, increased his chances of playing against top European sides, increased his chances of a call up to the full Scotland side, got to work with a coaching team possessing a wealth of International and European experience , got to train and play with top International players, and got a hefty wage rise as well. Just like the situation Turnbull would have benefited from. It has not yet worked out as well as Jake had hoped but all is not lost. He may well be a better player than when he left us, both in a football sense and mentally. Time will tell. If he does well for us, who is to say he will not get another look in at Ibrox? Whatever, I’m sure that given his time over again, he would make the same decision. Commitment wise he was with us for 11 years, despite approaches from other Clubs during that time. Just like Turnbull and Jamie Semple. Unlike a good few other youngsters who opted to leave ....Leeds and Rangers being two beneficiaries. And Hastie chose to return to us despite interest from elsewhere. As for there being the same anger if he had gone to a Hearts or Aberdeen, I don’t recall there being such bitterness or talk of lack of ambition when Curtis Main departed for Aberdeen. And it could be argued Main contributed more in his time with us than Hastie did. And that he owed us for rescuing his career. Players get to the end of their Contracts and sometimes better offers come along from elsewhere. Players have decisions to make and we have to respect that the decision is theirs’ to make. Injury and the denial of the opportunity of progression and security might only be one game away. And if Rangers want to Loan us Greg Docherty and Jamie Murphy as well.......
  10. I know how successful our youth system is but what could you possibly invest that 200k that relates to the youth academy? Genuine question btw. From my view our academy is working perfectly fine but for this season the youth academy is basically a right off as seasons won’t start back until 2021 supposedly. That money makes more purpose for investing into the first team this year and pushing on even further than last season and by doing so go further in Europe and then you could think about other things like youth etc.
  11. We wouldn't get £200k as I think the deal would be we get Lang for a small amount but forfeit our sell on clause for Cedric. Personally I would rather take the £200k and invest it into the academy but that's just my opinion...COYW
  12. The club has guaranteed 19 home league games on season tickets. So whether we take the hit now or later, we will be losing money on every home game with no crowd.
  13. No crowds will have a minimal effect as most fans have all bought season tickets which should cover that. As well as the Europa income and few gestures from James Anderson.
  14. Maybe more money coming in from a player leaving down south ?
  15. If we get £200k I imagine we'd be banking it to help tide us over during the "no crowds" part of the season.
  16. Also depends if the Kipre fee to us was in instalments. If so and they still owe us that could surely be factored in.
  17. If that deal went through I just feel we could do more with the £200k but again if Lang proves to be a good signing then I wont complain
  18. Wigan are wanting 300k for Lang and could be selling kipre for just a million to West Ham.So we would be owed 200k by Wigan Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. Surely we risk losing a lot of money then if we sacrifice the sell on fee?.
  20. Its possible this will be moved to the Sun anyway because of Europe.
  21. Sorry, I was referring to our home game against Hibs. It would be nice to watch it on TV without having to pay Sky. Hopefully we can a pay a one off fee to some party (I'd much rather it was Ross County) for the game in Dingwall. On another tack, I assume our away game to Celtic on 29 August will be rescheduled?
  22. being on Sky, a stream won't be particularly difficult to come across anyway.
  23. The Celtic v Motherwell game is not on TV
  24. Suggestion on P & B that we could come to some arrangement with Wigan over Kipre's sell onfee if thats possible. Seems a sensible suggestion.
  25. Well, Ross County season ticket holders will... no word yet on whether fans will be allowed to pay to watch individual away games, but even if they do I'd be surprised if it includes games that are live on Sky.
  26. Hopefully season ticket holders who don't or won't subscribe to Sky will get access to this game?
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