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  2. Van Veen had an excellent league debut, and was definitely the standout. I would have been happy to just to see the ball stick with a striker instead of a 10 yard first touch, but he worked hard and brought others into play, and it was great to see him finally get off the mark. He's going to get at least one red card this season, but we need a couple of absolute bastards in the team. Carrol deserves a mention for the assists, as well as kicking Boyle around, he definitely offers more bite than McGinley, but can be reckless. Maguire also had a good game with his midfield partners still getting up to full fitness. Shame he couldn't make anything out of that chance from the edge of the box at the end.
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  4. Looks to be selling well given the number at Fir Park today
  5. "Just the beginning in the road to relegation! Disappointed Graham? Disappointerd are us....37 more losses are coming!" Just noticed this btl comment on GA's post-match interview on YouTube. Not sure if it's Mrs Polworth or a distant relative of Yodo. Forgot to say how cringe-making was the booing of Murphy today. Thankfully enough folk around me in the POD drowned out the sad wee diddies. Good to see Jamie cuddling our kit-man at the end.
  6. Thoroughly enjoyed that today, result excepted, KVV is going to be a cult hero, though I do worry that the Scottish referees will pick on him (ala Nick Cusack). Slattery looks promising and with a couple more quality signings we could be in for quite a decent season. I wasn't sure why Bevis started but did ok mostly. They were a bit fortunate with their goals, especially the first one but I guess you make your own luck. I'm not even going to mention that refereeing performance.
  7. He was at Hamilton races last night in a sling... Hopefully he’ll be back soon think he’ll be a great addition to the side.
  8. I must say the two crosses from Carroll today were lovely for the goals hopefully more of the same on that front. I'm not disputing the penalty but I thought we were unlucky on that front, O'Donnell has his hand by his side but as he swivels at the last millisecond to block the shot it looks like his arms well outstretched.
  9. Totally agree with o'Neill. When he was going off where we were sitting in east stand next to cooper all around us and beyond started clapping and drowned out minority of boos from morons. He was great player for us and went on to do well for himself and always spoke highly of us. Back to game and I enjoyed it other than result. They always looked dangerous but I felt we had big chances too that just never happened. I feel a lot better and more optimistic than I did last week anyway. Why was Newell or gogig I think not booked for grabbing our players around waist and stopping break always? Ref was poor imo and Carroll incident in 1st half was 50 50. The penalty now I've seen it was right decision as if hand not there it's on target. Also canny believe only 3500 well fans as burrows said through week very limited in jh and limited in cooper I feel the club missed out a wee bit here as no doubt there were a lot of well fans not able to get a ticket. Good atmosphere all around for park today in and out ground and here's hoping it continues but results will decide that of course
  10. Frustrating defeat but a lot of positives to build on, KVV immense, Slattery will get better and Kelly just awesome. I spent whole game slating Andrew Dallas and realised he wasnt the ref!!, as for booing Murphy, defies belief, great servant, didnt celebrate when he scored against us for rangers, mind you we ain't great at appreciating former players, jeez fans booed Lambert when he returned with Sellik and heaven forbid he left us to join Dortmund and win the Champions league!!...,COYW
  11. Ayr United winning The Championship would be punching abive their weight.....
  12. I see Maguire more a back up to Donnelly in the steely defensive midfield role. Slattery showed today he has a lot more about him than that. Very composed on the ball, can pick a pass and can handle himself as well. Looks like we may have won a watch there.
  13. Really enjoyed that today. Really entertaining end to end game with lots of chances for both sides. Great atmosphere in the ground as well. Sky will be chuffed to bits with the product on offer! Thought we were very unlucky not to take a point from the game. There is no doubting Hibs quality, but we matched them for large parts of the game and should have converted at least one of our chances in the 2nd half. Still very much a work in progress. Our first 11 looks strong, but our options off the bench only weaken us, so we will need a few more bodies in to give us the strength and depth we need for a successful campaign. Getting Shields and Ojala fit and available would also be a massive help. Reasons to be cheerful......
  14. you could be right i would imagine that slattery with his x amount of english prem games under his belt will be far more developed coming from southampton than mcguire but this has GOT to be mcguires year to establish himself or he will do a forbes, and end up down the leagues, by the way i liked the look of the wee midfielder we released who played against us in the league cup for queens park i think it was he was a handful, but weather he just had a point to prove or not, but worth a watch he was the best midfielder on the park
  15. Van Veen was all over the park today, very impressed with him. Hope he can build upon that and we may have found ourselves a genuine asset
  16. Own up who voted for maguire? Not that he was terrible but van veen was playing a different level altogether
  17. KVV for me too. Good touch and good awareness.
  18. Lots of good performances and things to be pleased about today but the absolute stand out performance was KVV. If he keeps that level of performance up all season we will have a new cult hero. The King is dead. Ling live the King!
  19. van Veen was motm before half time.
  20. Great to see things havent changed on here! For what its worth, I think we need 1 more defender, 2 more midfielders and another attacking option. Whether that will happen or not we can but speculate. But Im much happier tonight than I was this time last week!
  21. I agree. He is yet to develop further but he looks, at the moment, to be ok as back up to Slattery perhaps?
  22. Can only echo the sentiment here - positives to be taken & commitment like today augurs we’ll for the future. More power to ‘em.
  23. maybe not but surely not to be binned as yodo wants
  24. I think shields will do well for us,hopefully he's not far away from being in contention.i wouldn't mind seeing a left winger come in that would allow us to play watt more centrally.
  25. Is Barry Maguire the creative player we need in engine room?
  26. now now yabba dont get sooked into yodas world or you will go roond the bend stay away from the dark side mate
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