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  2. Hopefully he continues his goal scoring exploits on Saturday. For him and Cole I think they both need to be aware that in some cases an easy pass could set up another player with a better scoring opportunity. At the moment they are sometimes too keen to score themselves when a pass is a better option. Not so much a complaint but more advice to make them better, which hopefully is coming from the coaching staff.
  3. I know I gave it to Mugabe the vote but that was based on being there watching the game and specifically the tackle he made on the St Mirren forward around the 35th minute , but after seeing the game on Alba I would change it to James Scott as I didn’t realise how well he took his goals, to be fair when you are sitting in the opposite end of the pitch from the goals you don’t get the full picture of the goals.
  4. No problems m8 I also think young Scott has great potential but as I said in previous post the penalty miss against Aberdeen seemed to have dented his confidence and his head was down Young players have to be managed properly and hopefully his brace last night will boost it It says a lot that during the whole Hastie contract extension saga the one that the club was most desperate to get on to a long term contract was Scott, which goes to show how much the coaching staff at the club think of his ability Your right it is all about opinions and everyone sees the game differently and IMO Long if played through the middle with someone able to pick out the runs that he makes would score a lot of goals for us. Still onwards and upwards and as long as the team we put on the park keeps getting results we will all be happy clappers
  5. I hate it when people say this kind of thing to me, but we have scored 7 goals which is even better going.
  6. Never seen any reports of this although it wouldn't surprise me.
  7. Thats news to me too; probably a bit of overreaction on the boards. He's curently playing well that much is clear but I still have the impression he's a bit lightweight - hope he proves me wrong in the coming months. Whatever he's certainly got skill and is not in any way lazy. We have a game against Sevco coming up and that will be a test of whether he can turn it on against one of the better sides in the league. That in itself won't decisively prove anything but will be an indicator. A pleasing performance last night and, in the eyes of some, Robbo's seemingly odd decision to sign yet another central defender was vindicated. Two clean sheets in our last 2 games and 5 goals scored is good going so credit to the management and all the players involved. Encouraging to see 2 of our Academy graduates score the goals. We're now in a strong league position and that will give the whole club certainty going forward in terms of contract renewals and the like.
  8. Noticed in Saint Mirren programme last night that he is " being linked with a move to England in the forthcoming January transfer window". Have I missed something?
  9. Both finishes from Scott are even better on screen than they looked from the away end. We played some good football after the second goal but before that our play was terrible. We don't look as confident playing the ball on the deck as we did earlier in the season.
  10. Yes think I read one or two reports like that, obviously far off the mark.
  11. How could anyone hate a “Luxury player”.
  12. also didn't know folk "hated" Polworth,
  13. You might benefit from one like PureVPN. That lets you add a button on your browser (Chrome or Firefox) where you can choose BBC as the website you want to look at.
  14. I think I’ve tried before and failed miserably.
  15. Very solid performance after a slow start. Defensively we were very good and limited St Mirren to very few chances over 90 minutes. No doubt James Scott turned the game in our favour and the whole team grew in confidence because of that. We managed the game very well in the 2nd half and should have scored more.
  16. Lots of really good performances tonight. The whole back four were good but Mugabi was a stand out again. Polworth and Donnelly both had very good games and Hylton did well. Hard not to give it to Scott though. Looked dangerous every time he had the ball and 2 great goals.
  17. I use a VPN and set it to the UK. The one I use is Vypr, but there are loads out there to choose from and lots of tutorials on how to access BBC iPlayer. Most of them only cost a few dollars a month and they often have deals running.
  18. How do you get to watch Alba? Is it some hi tech jiggery poker?
  19. Just watched the game on Alba. Both his finishes were top drawer.
  20. Very difficult not to give it to a Scott, but thought that Mugabe had just edged Scott with a brilliant game in the defence and I see why SR said that he reminds him of Kipre. To be fair to the team there wasn’t a weakness in the side tonight.
  21. Got to be Scott for illuminating the match with something a little bit special.
  22. Yesterday
  23. 3 players I said we should’ve dropped were all outstanding tonight. However, I did think it was a good idea to bring in Mugabi which happened and was superb and rightly so has his own chant now. Great team performance and Hylton was absolutely immense and seems to be forming a good partnership with Carroll now.
  24. A good all round showing. Scott has the skill and confidence to run at a defence and is starting to show a calmness that will see him score more goals. 3-0 against a characteristically stuffy St Mirren is not at all shabby but I think we will need to be harder in the middle against Hearts. Our pace up front and willingness to take on a man will cause them problems too and going a goal in front early will see their confidence(the little the have left) evaporate.
  25. totally agree. our midfield won us game tonight. they were up for it until we scored and game was even until then. when donnelly started getting more of ball and polworths pass for 2nd is what he does. campbell was supporting forwards as ever. this we were crap on saturday and tonight till we scored is a lot of crap imo. as i have said many times on here there is nothing between most teams hence the start of last 2 games. there is no way we will dominate a team for 90 mins even celtic who have won every trophy for last 3 years dont do it. last 2 games 7-0 aggregate hope it continues!
  26. Let’s face it this is Motherwell FC. There would b Messi haters amongst our fans if he played for us. Polworth had the same at ICT. For some fans he was their best player by a distance. For others a lazy so and so. I think it is his languid style and the fact he does lose the ball and seem quite lightweight at times but by god his plus points heavily outweigh any negatives. Best creater of chances I have seen at Fir Park in ages and one of the best passers of a ball too. His assist come the end of the season will be obscene. He has been a fantastic signing.
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