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  1. Yesterday
  2. I like to think the players were briefed not to pay the slightest attention to what folk wrote on postcards about them.
  3. Think Dougie Arnott was the last Motherwell player I loved watching as much Tony Watt he has just about every attribute youd want in your team.
  4. Yeah, Tony Watt. You always wonder what's going to happen when he gets on the ball.
  5. Hopefully, after the celtic game we can strengthen our position by the end of the second round of fixtures. Of course our result against Dundee is a stark reminder that no games are easy. Would be nice to start doing that against Celtic but just don’t see it, especially with our injury list. I’m still hoping though
  6. It would only have been brief anyway, until they pumped us by 6 or 7 next weekend. I can't see them being so profligate two weeks running, especially against whatever our fourth choice defence turns out to be,
  7. Just watched Celtic pumping untd was 3-0 but in reality should have been at least 6, which would have moved us up to 4th
  8. Tony Watt for me last tonight, his energy across the entire field in attack and defence was excellent and he got his and Motherwell’s reward in a superb goal, he should perhaps on another night have got a hat trick. Tony has been superb for us so far this season and I can only hope that he continues this great form and gets his just deserts and a call up, and cap for Scotland in the next round of internationals.
  9. Ben Heneghan remember him, scored an og for AFC Wimbledon in their FA Cup win yesterday
  10. Good wins in the Championship for Kipres West Brom, Alan Campbell's Luton and Hutchinsons Millwall. All 3 ex Well men getting 90 minutes
  11. As Yabba's Turd says, its O'Connor. Hopefully at least one recovers quickly.
  12. Last week
  13. Who is the 4th one? Sol, Lamie, Ojala and ??
  14. Shots crashing off the bar are not on target
  15. Thought the Bois were on top form today. Hardly stopped singing all afternoon, even when we were behind.
  16. yes he has plenty ability but is too keen to over elaborate and piss about, he wants to beat 3 / 4 men when the easy ball is on. His finishing when clear cut opportunities arise is mediocre over the season. Not saying hes not worth a place in the squad but big improvements required in parts of his game
  17. Ryogo Porteous actually threw his arm back over Carroll's shoulder then stopped dead to try and win a pen. An absolute prick of a player.
  18. ffs yodo you being complimentry ,,,,,,,,,,,, that will never catch on
  19. No its worse than that......4 injured.
  20. Looking forward to Charles Dunne's defending on Sportscene tonight. I mean they shipped 4 so I can only assume....
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