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  2. There are plenty of Irish themed teams in Lanarkshire and Glasgow if that's your thing. Hopefully we actually need our passports.
  3. I heard the club isn't selling tickets to fans who said they didn't want us to qualify for Europe or who said they'd rather watch us play in the Betfred Groups* So there will be plenty to go around. *why are you looking down here? Do you really need me to say that's not true?
  4. If I could cherry pick right now I would take St Patrick’s Athletic. A trip over to Dublin would be immense. Capacity of 5400 with ave attendance of 2000. We could hope for 1-2000 tickets. If it was say a Bala Town or Crusaders then capacity would be an issue. I think both are sub 3000. Of course neither of those teams may win thru to QR2.
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  6. Thought that would be the case, just wasn;t sure! Cheers
  7. Being a pessimist is an essential requirement to follow Motherwell always assume the worst and then you will never be disappointed
  8. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are jesting however if not, then fuck right off!
  9. Spittal is certainly one that has caught the eye whe we have been playing County, but then so was Vigurs at the time and it never really worked out for him. I think it probably comes down to the character/personality of the player, but also whether their attributes tie in with the rest of the squad / tactics / playing style. Much of that will be down to GA and how he sees us playing next season.
  10. Maybe St Mirren will start signing future Motherwell players once they've run out of former ones.
  11. I think he is from Erskine so west central Scotland is home, don't think there would be any issues in that department.
  12. I don't think being seeded makes any difference. Home/away is only decided when the actual draw takes place.
  13. Anybody got any idea if we are home or away first leg as a seeded team? Need us to be away first leg so I can go to both
  14. Has part of the problem not been that most of those players have come from that area and haven't really settled down here?
  15. After the last 2 seasons shitfest I’d settle for that. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Yesterday
  17. Got to agree with that sentiment - he likes to play football
  18. I’d 100% take Spittal. When he’s played against us he’s shown good movement and always looked tidy on the ball. Not to mention, I think I’ve seen him pass the ball forward to a someone else in his team a few times.
  19. Highland teams..the bulk of his Career has been with Queens Park and Partick Thistle, and he's been a regular starter For Ross county scored 4 or 5 goals from midfield so it's not as if we are taking a punt on some random player from a Highland league team. For me he would be an upgrade on most of the midfield we have at the moment.
  20. If Spittal can play left back then get him in asap
  21. Not knocking Blair spittal but how many times have we take. Players from the Highland teams and they have flopped. There has been far to many. I don't think I would want him IMO
  22. I think Scott Allan is going to queens park. He doesn't fit with our style of play either, or would take the spot we're hoping Ross Tierney will fill. Spittal isn't a bad shout, not sure if there's anything in it, but wouldn't be surprised, he'd be a good fit for us. Full rebuild mode for Ross county though.
  23. Sorry thought I had said Scott Allan
  24. Would anyone consider him coming to fit park? I know he had injuries and a few health issues but a good pre season under his belt I think he would do well.
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