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  2. I would have thought 'head of recruitment' was more like being in charge of all the scouts, sending them to certain places, reading their reports and presenting their findings to the management team to have the final say. Could be wrong though.
  3. Agree with you here. We've put in some utterly horrific performances (the Accies & St Johnstone back to back games had me, a glass half full kinda guy, convinced we were going to be relegated), and popped up with the odd pretty good performance along the way. Let's hope it's the latter and we can give ourselves something to play for over the next couple of months. The fight for 7th place doesn't sound all that exciting.
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  5. You're right. Couldn't find him on Google under Motherwell. Left us at the end of the season for Cowdenbeath, a good few years at Brechin then up and down between lower leagues and juniors. Still no memory of him.
  6. My mate is a Pompey fan, said Greig Miller is their new head of recruitment ex-well. Defender? hardly played?
  7. Did he not join us from Ipswich? A defender if I recall rightly.
  8. recruitment is tricky and even the best managers sign people who just don't work out. Tommy Mclean signed some awful players but had the knack of moving them on quickly. Personally I'd rather try and find better Scottish talent than always going the lucky dip of the lower English leagues but appreciate it's easier said than done. Overall a smaller squad and use the cash saved on wages to bring in a better quality than we've had.
  9. Of course Watt s a quality player. O'Donnell is an international. Where are the others in our retained group. Carson if he gets fit. Donnelly if he recovers full fitness. The rest are journeymen SPL players. Recruitment will be vital if we are to challenge for top six next year.
  10. The academy can only produce players that are willing to come/stay at Motherwell. We’re up against Rangers, Celtic, Hamilton, Livingston, Hibs and Hearts to get players in and then any decent club down south to keep them long enough to make the first team. We have done well in recent years but we have also lost a few potential first team players at the same time.
  11. Aye, when you put it like that....
  12. In my view, in the games against Hibs - like other top 6 teams - we have played better because they come out against us and leave gaps that we can get into but I fear that they will have learnt by their previous mistakes and with us missing key players, this will be a different game. Fear the worst
  13. Mainly because of how much McCall declined as a manager by making Twardzik the number one and starting the season with Josh Law in the 10 position. I think those two moves lost him the dressing room. Robinson had bad spells all through his tenure, McCall was consistently successful then went off a cliff. There was also the weird stuff with Boyle threatening to sell us to Nobby Solano, Hutchinson coming in and then Barraclough saying he was here to win the league.
  14. Folk know my views on this, I would rather see more academy players being produced than us signing players from down south, yes a few successes but a lot of poor ones. If no academy players good enough to step up then we need to look st that structure, COYW
  15. I have absolutely no recollection of David White. Any clues?
  16. until watt and roberts return , if they do, I dont expect us to win another game...hopefully wrong....friday was the worst display in many a year....maybe we got to pin our Hopes on polworth and hastie cos otherwise we look unlikely to create
  17. Is the last eight of the Scottish Cup ‘our weight’. Anything less is disappointing, anything more is a good season?
  18. Then there's no real need for a head of recruitment.
  19. Unfortunately, it looks like that revenue stream that we've built up will be somewhat demolished by the fact that the deal offered to fans who bought season tickets this season will see many get their season tickets next season for absolutely nothing. We can hope that a fair chunk of fans will waive the opportunity for that, but we don't know for certain. The contract thing is an interesting discussion point, because there's always those who point at players who sign on a one-year deal, do very well, then move on for free. What no one really brings up though, is the number of players we sign on short-term deals, aren't good, and we're happy to let them move on at the end of the season. As much as it would be grand to have our best players tied down to long-term deals, we cannot risk having a squad full of players who didn't make the cut but who aren't going anywhere else due to lack of interest. Regarding the players we've re-signed for next season? We have to place some faith in the manager. I personally think that Mugabe has shown an improvement since the change in manager, and Stephen O'Donnell on a two-year deal is a tremendous piece of business. In all honesty I don't even "expect" survival. I go into every season with survival as the number one priority. Once we get into a position where it looks like we won't be fighting it out at the bottom of the table, my aims turn to top six, then top four, and so on. But I don't "expect" anything. In a league where the likes of Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United can go down, we're certainly not in a position to assume we're better than that.
  20. Foyle doesn't actually recruit anyone of course, and I remember Robinson on a few occasions saying how he was sent videos by agents on an almost daily basis. So while he obviously has some say in checking players out, who we ultimately sign is down to the transfer policy/budget set by the board and the manager deciding which players he fancies. If we continue with the philosophy of signing players "with something to prove" the risks are high, the rewards are guys like Marvin Johnson and Cedric Kipré.
  21. Whatever the reason, the players had the bit between the teeth for those games. Quite possible they were driven by the guys you mention, so I'm probably doing them a disservice. In what way did you think it was stranger than this season?
  22. Eddie Nolan has to the worst signing ever. We have had many, many players who have played shite and loads of players who are too shite to even play but I don't think we've ever had a player who hasn't set foot in the stadium. At least we have photographic evidence that Kraska existed.
  23. The core of the team was Hammell, McManus, Lasley, Pearson, McDonald and Sutton. All good pros who wouldn't be want to be relegated and had an affinity for the club. 2014/15 was a strange season. Even more than this one.
  24. So, as we approach the end of another season it may be worth expanding on the signings made since the OP listed the above: Devante Cole Aaron Chapman Jordan Archer Steven Lawless Sam Foley Robbie Crawford Liam Kelly Harry Smith Jordan Roberts Eddie Nolan Tyler Magloire With that said, is there anyone who thinks the time may have come for some fresh blood in the recruitment department? Or has Foyle done enough to keep his job?
  25. Alternatively we might go out and sign 4 who will make us forget all about them. We've rebuilt teams in the past and will no doubt do it in the future.
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