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  2. coylealan

    Signed Shirt

    Hi Folks I picked up this signed shirt recently, can anyone identify all the sigs on it, I know some are obvious but just so I know them all. A
  3. Terrible news. Wishing him all the best and hopefully a full recovery!
  4. Today
  5. Yes, best wishes for a recovery.
  6. ropy

    Season Tickets

    If you want money back for this season you should contact the club directly
  7. MelvinBragg

    Season Tickets

    Good gesture by the club but not an offer I'll be taking up. I bought a season ticket for two reasons. I could afford to and I wanted to try and help make sure that there is a club to go back to when we are allowed back to watch football...
  8. Have heard that Ilic is away. Also Rohan Ferguson, which leaves us with Carson and Morrison for goalkeeper. Possibly an indication of how tight the budget will be. Hartley, I would imagine is among the higher earners at the club so it may be a financial decision. Haven't heard anything regarding Dunne, but if rumours are true that we're signing Lamie from Livingston then possibly we'll be going with Gallagher, Donnelly and him as centre back options with Devine as back up... Chris Long is another interesting one. I'd imagine that League One or League Two in England would have been his preferred destination but given the uncertain financial situation there, clubs may be reluctant to take a chance. Again rumours of White from Inverness may be a factor.. Not going to worry too much about us running with a thin squad as others are likely to be in the same position. This may actually be a situation where being fan owned works in our favour as the Well Society with its direct debits has some regular revenue coming in...
  9. I recognise the name. Wishing him all the best for a full recovery.
  10. Yesterday
  11. stv

    Season Tickets

    Do we get a credit for the games missed on last seasons tickets ?
  12. Well done to the club again for responding to the concerns raised by fans.
  13. Really sorry to hear this. Never met G&F but Ive always found his posts to be some of the most well informed and thought provoking on here and a very valued member of the community. I really hope he can pull through this. Best wishes to him and his family at this difficult time.
  14. Best wishes......hopefully he will pull through........terrible for his family with him on the other side of the world
  15. Hope he can pull through this and make a decent recovery. I have to admit that, when interacting with other posters on here, I very rarely pay much attention to who the other posters are. I just assume that they are 'well supporters and therefore generally good folk. Goggles and Flippers was a name I recognised and I must have laughed at some of his input, agreed with his sage footballing wisdom at other times, and thought he was talking p*sh at others. It is what this site seems to be about, for me anyway. I wish him all the very best.
  16. Good luck G&F. Thanks for the update Busta
  17. I don't know you Stephen, but all the very best. Good luck.
  18. Such grim reading. WishIng you well G&F.
  19. Wish him well in his recovery grim stuff right enough
  20. He’s a good guy. Shocking news. Hopefully he comes through this.
  21. That's horrible wishing him the best.
  22. That's not good at all. Fingers crossed he is able to get what he requires to help him recover.
  23. weeyin

    Season Tickets

    Apart from the mandatory 14 day self-quarantine for crossing the border, it sounds grand.
  24. I canny get the image to load right. someone sort it for me.
  25. Bit of bad news. Stephen is a poster on here, think he'd taken a break recently but his name should be recognizable.
  26. wellowell

    Season Tickets

    Would prefer that not sure about going on a plane for the next few months
  27. ropy

    Season Tickets

    That would do if we are allowed to go
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