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  2. I don't understand why we're talking about O'Donnell as if he's some inconsistent roll of the dice type signing? He's the club captain, Scottish internationalist and pretty much a mainstay if he's fit. His inclusion isn't up for debate if he's fit and available I don't think.
  3. The one who cant get a game for McGregor and you saw how well he did on Saturday.
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  5. The only way I would be playing O'Donnell in terms of giving the guy a chance would be to change formation to a 3-5-2 (0r 5-3-2) dependant on attack/defence. Kelly Sondre, Ojala, Mugabi O'Donnell, Slattery, Goss, Donnelly, Carroll, Watt, Van Veen Accomodating this make us more solid in midfield - but completely lacks width. Would be dull and not much fun, but may get results.
  6. Well, if our current record so far this season is a result of us struggling against most teams, then long may it continue.
  7. Why? Maybe if he reads the post about O'Donnell slagging him off he just hopefully will!
  8. Having watched it again it does look as if it came off Turnbull’s left foot last. Well spotted by the officials for a change.
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  10. Nice wee look at Fir Park
  11. Clear agenda, we got the throw in
  12. Personal view is we struggle against most teams - including the lower division teams. The difference is the better teams have players who can and do hurt us - we allow teams too much space in our final 1/3 and lots of opportunities for them to score. Against the lesser teams we've been ruthless with the limited chances we've made.
  13. Predictions are Pre match GA will talk about having a full squad only to find out later we have key players injured We'll play a 4-3-3 with at least a couple of odd choices. Allow Utd +60% possession and lots of shots at goal. We'll tire them out by allowing them so many chances. They'll miss their opportunities and we'll have Watt or KVV secure the points. We'll be happy with the points and hope that some day performances improve.
  14. Ticket info... https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/tickets/away-club-online-ticket-hub
  15. Spiderpig

    Away fans

    From the SPFL rules I28 A section of the ground must be reserved for supporters of the Visiting Club and any tickets for League Matches and Play-Off Matches must be distributed on that basis. Details of these arrangements should be publicised by the Clubs concerned in advance. No specific numbers or percentage mentioned
  16. They are either at it or utterly deluded. Some of the takes from Celtic fans on Twitter etc are wild. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  17. Are the commentators watching the same tackle? One of them states “he’s not even got the ball”. Whit? Mugabe clearly knocks the ball 6 feet in the air and out for a throw in.
  18. Richie

    Away fans

    Don't think there is one unless its a cup game. Sent from my SM-G973F using Tapatalk
  19. well_said

    Away fans

    Does anybody know what is the minimum number of away fans we have to allow into fir park
  20. Good catch, rinkydink. Great interception by Bevis: got the ball cleanly. Far from Turnbull's knee being hurt, I saw him holding his ankle, perhaps because he went over on it a bit. No Celtic players made anything of the tackle, Big Bevis went over to see what the problem was and the two players shook hands. What a bunch of delusional whingers their support are, obsessed with victimhood.
  21. No way will GA Drop o'Donnell , I would go 3 5 2, Mugabi, ojala and Lamie/sondre, SOD and Mcginley as wing backs, Donnelly behind slattery and Goss and KVV and Tony up front. Would drop woolery as still to be convinced about him....COYW
  22. I dont remember SOD being as good as average any time I have seen him.
  23. O Donnell should be well out of the motherwell picture , never mind Scotland and has yet to impress me. He is extremely lucky that there is no competition for his place. Someone I know was speaking to him on Saturday night and he laid the blame at the manager. I would imagine that the club were hoping that a team would come in for him before the transfer window closed. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Not a grimshaw fan by any means but I prefer him at right back rather than the imposter.
  24. Cheers mate………excellent challenge……cleanly wins the ball……they are that used to getting decisions when 50000 scream…….embarrassed to say the “commentator” was in our cup winning team……absolute fanny!!!
  25. Not the most tactful of replies, but we'll let that stick to the wall. If you read back, no-one has suggested that GA will make that change, but a few of us have raised that as an idea with merit, at least on a trial basis.
  26. https://twitter.com/annemarie6377/status/1449712120770203651?s=20
  27. Apparently the challenge was extremely reckless, off the ground and caught him just below the knee, career ending challenge etc etc ……. And it’s wasn’t on the highlights as the bbc have an agenda against Selik ????
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