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  2. Anybody who follows the reserves on a regular basis will tell you Mazinga’s cameo performances have been the exception rather than the rule. It’s no surprise McIver was given the nod. i don’t buy the Brian Graham interest either.
  3. I agree with this line of thought Dave. Robinson clearly thinks or thought for this game McIver was a better bet than Manzinga or Ndjoli. I thought he did OK but did not look like he was going to trouble the Hibs defence. Even on the brief cameo from Manzinga he seemed to offer more threat. However it is worrying that with one key striker missing we don't have what I would consider a capable alternative. I know they don’t grow on trees and it appears we may have been interested in Brian Graham. But this is a bit of an oversight imho. All that said I felt we played well yesterday and our defence and midfield are as strong as they have been for quite some time. 3 clean sheets in a row so far in 2020. Got lucky with Kamberi miss. I saw him go for the header with the whole goal to aim at and expecting to see Hibs support celebrating, but someone stood up in front of me and next thing the ball was out of play. Final word form me was that I actually thought Seedorf did OK when he came on. Granted that comes from a low expectation level. Big game v Livi next week. A win or a draw and I think top 4 is almost a gimmie. A loss and Livi are suddenly only 7 points behind with Celtic up next for us.
  4. Today
  5. Yes, can we put to bed ever seeing “Polworth” and “lazy” in the same sentence?
  6. Yes, the big fella strolled 99% of the game, but got caught in possession a couple of times in dangerous positions.
  7. I would say Illic and MacIver. I can see why they were given a chance though. Perhaps Manzinga and Ndjoli could have started with O'Hara coming on later, if required. I don't think Seedorf contributed anything when he came on. MacIver looks promising and showed some nice touches but is lightweight and to me looks more of an attacking midfielder rather than a main striker. Nobody on our books though looked capable of facing up to Jackson. Others may know more about MacIver than I do though. The lack of a main striker in our recruitment process this season is puzzling to me.
  8. Went for Donnelly, range of passing was impressive, although whole midfield played well. Interesting to see a couple of votes for Gallagher. Not saying he had a bad game, but he definitely put us in bother a couple of times by being casual...
  9. Because Hibs figured out how to plug that particular gap.
  10. I think I would probably have taken a point before kick off. With the forwards we are missing, it was always likely that goals for us would be at a premium. A decent performance and another clean sheet is not the worst outcome. Looking ahead, I reckon we are just going to have to accept that we are going to be a little lightweight up front for the remainder of the season. We currently have eight options, two out injured, and the main issue is that they are more along the lines of pacy wide players rather than old school line leading centre forwards or poachers averaging a goal every second game. The chances of us being able to pick either of these up in the next couple of days seems unlikely on just about every level ( budget, availability etc.) so we will have to get the best out of what we've got. I think there is a fair amount of ability in the attacking players we do have, and if the rest of the team can chip in with a few goals we should be okay. Throw in a returning Turnbull at some stage, and the goal threat he could provide, and we should be fine.
  11. I think people being a tad harsh on Illic. There's clearly a player in there and I think after a few more games after his injuries we will see that. He's actually quite quick too and considering how long he's been injured for and he played part of 3 different games in 6 days he looks very fit.
  12. Yesterday
  13. Overall I was quite pleased with a share of the points as neither side deserved to lose. We had far more of the play but Hibs defended extremely well although we outgunned them in midfield. Rumours of Hibs having a poor defence turned out to be way off the mark. I thought their huge centre back (Jackson?) had a great game and gobbled up everything in the air we threw at him. I've seen one or two comments referrring to their style of play as agricultural but thats paying them a disservice... they were ruthless and cynical and I have real doubts as to whether that was down to spur of the moment decisions or whether it was premeditated, which is more likely. Despite having far less of the play than us Hibs had almost as many efforts on target as us. Our defence looked a bit shaky at times but Gallagher strolled through the game. Our midfield bossed their Hibs counterparts and that was largely down to Donnelly, who took a real beating, and the energetic Campbell. Polworth had a reasonable game but but got caught in possession 3 or 4 times. Illic did nothing of note and I was surprised he wasn't hooked at half time. Up front we were very lightweight and although Scott started well he faded once he was snuffed out by 2 or 3 defenders. MacIver looked promising but was out of his depth and maybe centre forward is not his role. Overall our attack was very lightweight, which was my fear going into the game. We could have played until next week and not scored. Hindsight is a wonderful thing but I think we got several selection decisions wrong today. The referee was very poor and bottled a big decison not to red card the lucky Omeonga. The point will please us more than Hibs and it was another clean sheet. I'm not convinced though that had Long played we would have fared any better. If we seriously want to go for 3rd spot then I'm afraid we need to sign an out and out striker very soon. Not easy, I know, to find the right man this month and Robbo's record on signing strikers isn't anything to write home about. Next Saturday will pose us another challenge and we have to come up with something different. Its a great position though to be writing about going for 3rd place...its beats a relegation struggle every time!
  14. Thinking about it, the pigeon gave Hartley more trouble than the Hibs forward line.
  15. Campbell by a mile but the pigeons role as a ghost no.9 was immense....miles better option than seedorf (sorry sherwin)
  16. That was one spunky bird.
  17. Was going to vote for the pigeon?
  18. Decent performance with Campbell my man of match. Scott so frustrating as needs to get final pass sorted. Grimmy was grim and seedorf really needs to up game but award for covering most grass goes to the pigeon!! Heh he
  19. Hartley back to some settled form today so went for him. Scott had their Right Back on toast so why did he change his position ?
  20. Gallagher for me, best signing we have made since I started supporting the club.
  21. A toss up for me between Gallagher and Campbell but decided to go with Mr Consistency big Declan.
  22. He's obviously been to the Ronaldo School of Winning Free Kicks.
  23. On the other side though 2 clean sheets in a row against top 6 sides. Not bad at all and here’s hoping we make it 3 in a row next week at Livingston.
  24. Allan Campbell bossed the game.
  25. Thought we dominated the game but very few chances, we are so lightweight up front, Scott played well but no final product, McIver done well but he looks a long way off ready for the 1st team , Mazinga looked good offered some good pace and physicality, very unlucky not to score he is maybe due a start. As for Seedorf God knows what SR sees in him, another appearance from the bench to contribute feck all, he is like playing with a man down. An experienced striker brought in before the transfer window closes would be nice.
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