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  2. It feels a much better environment since hammell came in and because of that we may see improvement in some players that it was never going to happen for under alexander,I'm happy enough if the squad as a whole gets the chance to impress.
  3. Speed is one thing you can't coach into a player, not saying he's Cobra Coyne, but give him a chance.
  4. Efford isn't good enough for this league. He's part of the Alexander generation and we have moved beyond that.
  5. He's gonna do well. He get's it. It's that simple.
  6. to be fair that was his reaction as well. apparently his wife has never been keen for him to sign for either of the old firm so i would imagine its a non starter, but he seemed pretty sure that we wouldnt get him in the end.
  7. Rangers ? I doubt that very much.
  8. Sat at a wedding tonight next to a good mate of snoddy's. said we offered something but so have fleetwood and believe it or not rangers. so think its looking increasingly unlikely we will be getting him. basically said he has a few offers so unlikely he will join us now
  9. Wont make it tomorrow (stop cheering) as currently overseas on holiday. The more Hammy speaks the more I like but no doubt if losing after 10 mins it will be cries of "aye...see ...told ye" lol. However I am more positive so here's hoping for 3pts against a very tough well organised outfit.... COYW
  10. A phrase I don't hear often.....much appreciated
  11. I’m with you on this. The one thing Efford has is pace and that will always worry defenders. If he could just add an end product he’d be a really good asset.
  12. Grizzly I must say that’s one of your better ones.
  13. What if we win enough games to get top six?
  14. Was there supposed to be a club announcement at 7pm or have I picked this up wrong
  15. I still think he's potentially a great goal scorer but his Premiership record is no better tham KVV.
  16. I like listening to Hammell because he talks like a coach - which is obvious, of course, given he's spent the last few years coaching. Will be interesting to see if after a couple of seasons of having his words twisted by the media and attacks on social media he will revert to the usual manager-speak.
  17. A good article on the BBC website talking about potential additions, once again Hammell comes across very well.
  18. Listening to Hammell’s take on games before and after has definitely been a breath of fresh air compared to the “black is white” guff that Alexander came out with most weeks However we shouldn’t get carried away. Talk of top six with this squad is wildly optimistic unless we somehow get the same amount of fortune we good last year.
  19. Without question I'm completed biassed but yes, completely refreshing not to listen to bull crap. Very sensible, open and honest. If nothing else we can expect effort and application from the players tomorrow.
  20. Posting a photo of Blair Spittal with just his squad number (7) is a nod to tonight's 7PM tweet announcement. Will it be Snodgrass signing or will it be a mini documentary detailing the work that went into the summer pitch replacement?... TIMe WiLL TeLL...
  21. I guess they are squad players. Things were much simpler back in the day when you had just the team and the reserves. No subs even. I remember big Peter McLoy getting injured against Killie I think. Someone went in goals and big Peter came back on as outfield player with his wrist bandaged up.
  22. Maguire, Shields and Efford aren't fringe players. Someone like Devine is. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
  23. Have to say listening to Stevie has really gave me confidence for a good season, there is no reason why we cannot make top six, it’s still early doors but Stevie is talking a good game and nice to see that the board are backing him all the way, which I am sure was not happening with GA
  24. No worries mate I guessed that, would loved to have see him at Fir park though, a great player and goal scorer.
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