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  2. Looks like Jack Ross in away dugout just hope they don’t have new manager bounce
  3. Yes. You'd imagine that Devlin and McKenna will be first choices but Declan is due his chance. Although Allan Campbell is thoroughly deserving of his inclusion in the Under 21 squad I'm concenred about burnout. He's looked jaded after previous internationals.
  4. I think Dec should play RB
  5. Should mention that there are no trains on the 23rd between Bathgate and Auld Reekie. Bus replacement service.
  6. I may have a concession (12-17 / student / old fogey) ticket going free, gratis, for nothing. Watch this space.
  7. Before that - but in living memory - QP (at home!), Alloa, Meadowbank (or was that in ye league) and a right humpin' at Starks Park in the LC immediately after we'd won the Scottish. Nurse! The medication!
  8. Who will be in the Hibs dugout when we head east next Saturday? Who will be in the Motherwell dugout when we head east next Saturday?!?
  9. Yesterday
  10. A Bradford historians tribute to the claret and amber yolk shirt and it’s adoption by Motherwell in 1913.
  11. Hes doing what every young player aspiring to make it in the game should copy. Fight your way into the team, find consistency, keep your head down and learn your trade, then when a big move comes up you've got the background and experience of a long run in a decent team which makes the step up that much easier and less chance of failing at a higher level as has happened with so many young players thinking they are better than they are. Plus hes a thoroughly nice young guy with no delusions of grandeur
  12. He's clearly not the most naturally talented player in the world, but more than compensates for that by being the hardest working player I've ever seen. Absolutely adore him.
  13. He has scored a couple this year but in general he shoots like Keith Lasley.
  14. Fantastic contribution since he started in the first team. Like Cadden before him, it's often easy to forget how young he is when assessing the odd dip in performance. Another poster child for our youth system.
  15. Last week
  16. My favourite Motherwell player right now by a mile! #oneofourown
  17. Pffft. You can prove anything with facts.
  18. Incredible he's only 21. Can only hope he continues his development as he's got the capacity to go much further in the game. I've seen a different side to him this year which I didn't expect - some of his forward thinking play and finesse can be exceptional considering he was forever being lauded as the tough tackling midfielder. I also get the impression he's generally an excellent player to have in the squad due to his work ethic. An inspiration for many younger players at MFC.
  19. Hopefully he gets a few hundred more.
  20. 21 years old, 100 games. What a guy.
  21. Sadly not. However, going by our socks I suspect the image is from season 61-62. In that year (according to Wiki) the game at Fir Park ended 2-2 .
  22. Yes he makes mistakes but all our players do. Right now I think he is our best choice for right back and retains his starting place on merit. Not sure how many people agree on that though and I’m never sure how representative the views on on here are of the Motherwell support as a whole.
  23. Interesting to read the debate on Grimshaw. For what it's worth, I wasn't at Parkhead on Sunday but was talking to a Celtic supporting colleague and unprompted he singled out Grimshaw as a Motherwell player that had impressed him...
  24. Andy Weir (thought it was Pat Quinn for a moment, the pre-Iniesta Iniesta) and Alex Scott of RFC? Referee unknown to me, although I may have shouted at him. Any date or score, UBH?
  25. Agree up to a point, though of course if you don't do a good job of estimating how many people will be interested in what, you risk ending up with bits of the ground that nobody really wants to use.
  26. Agree entirely, the atmosphere at Parkhead benefits massively from it. Intrigued to see how it works out at Killie, which is probably a better indicator as to how it would go for us.
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