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    Just saw this tweet from the club marking Robinson's first 50 games in charge: Given the fact that we were debating whether he should be binned a few weeks ago, and some are still not keen, I hadn't realised how impressive the stats were. However you look at it, that's a superb record so far.
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    Agreed .. Robbo's press conference post semi final was absolutely superb ... 'Pedro doesn't need to concern himself with the final' [emoji23] Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    Both Robinson and Flow have pulled some nimble moves on and off the park this season. The team is more cohesive and has better quality than many would have expected or hoped for pre-season. Off the park selling on players at the right stage or getting revenue where it looked like there was no option has to be recognised. Only blip has been the run which I think was mostly caused off the back of the triple header against the unwashed and the general feeling of unfairness which put us in a siege mentality. The winter break came at a perfect time. Highlights for me are selling Moult for 500k when it looked like we'd get nothing and that press conference where the press tried to go after Bowman. All in all, a very successful season thus far.
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    I assume his connection with our club is that they are both controlled by Flo.
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