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    Liam Grimshaw and Andy Rose have signed new deals great news.
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    Easily outed. Normally by the way they dress, but, that lot have their eyes too close together. Fair game and deserving of looking unrecognisable when they leave.
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    C'mon guys lets not bash the club when there is no clear evidence that this has actually happened. There was plenty opportunity to get tickets. Don't blame your own procrastination on the club.
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    It's that bit I like, where these guys names coming from?
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    Don't know if it has been posted anywhere else but it deserves to be posted here too, the banter thiefs have done an updated version of "up the Well" which in itself is fantastic but they also got other fans and players involved. For anyone that' not seen it here is the link.
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    Tbh I'd take the ref having a shocker if we benefit from it. In fact I think I'd love it. The seethe it would cause.
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    Don’t think there was much of that. He was pretty realistic about where Airdrie are at present. Just happy that he still had his team to follow.
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    Whatever it takes to win this final I’m ok with. Don’t want a gallant played them off the park defeat. I want to see us win the cup. I hope Robinson has them well schooled to walk away from any flash points and not get conned into any stupid stuff. We need to get stuck in as normal and hope the ref actually has a decent performance. COYW!! I believe.
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    Totally agree. Rose is very much a player`s player doing a lot of unseen work. The club deserve to be applauded.
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    I thought they would have been using the database to screen buyers.
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    Fantastic Andy. Tear in the eye. Imagine. Believe.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if crafty local Tims used Well fans names and addresses to get tickets. You can't really complain when you had a fortnight to get one and didn't bother ...
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    Decided I can't miss this, coming back from LA for a couple of days if I can get a ticket sorted. Anyone got two to sell next to each other, or just a single spare, let me know ASAP!
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    http://www.mfc1886.com/imagine-what-would-happen-if-we-won-a-cup/ Did a wee blog last night, this week is really dragging...
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    I've got the original on 45 rpm vinyl, you youngsters will need to 'Google' what vinyl is Side 2 of the disc it says "Up The Well " (Collins) & Colin Stuart (vocalist). Side 1 is "I've Never Kissed A Bonnie Lass Before". (Stewart-Grant) & Colin Stuart (vocalist). It comes with an insert card featuring a 'Well 12 man team wearing all white kit. Jim 'Jumbo' Muir, Davie Whiteford, Joe Wark, Tom Donnelly, Peter McCloy, Willie McCallum, John Murray, Bobby Howitt (manager), Jimmy Wilson, Jackie McInally, Bobby Campbell, Dixie Deans, John Goldthorpe and Wilson Humphries.
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    That’s the Banter Theifs remake of ‘Up The Well’ sitting around the mid-20’s in the iTunes UK charts now [emoji23] Surely due a wee play on Radio 1 before the end of the day! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Already posted on the actual match thread but probably makes more sense here... 2 spare tickets going in the West Stand if anyone's interested?
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    Nice work. Shame the lyrics in those first few lines still rank among some of William McGonagall's finest examples of rhyming and scanning
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    Thanks a lot. Have planned on doing a Spotify or iTunes playlist for a while now, but forgetting is the issue. Robinson podcast - Weekend Debt (Carluke band) - Paragon Weekend podcast - Frightened Rabbit - Die Like a Rich Boy (Accoustic) Ally Maxwell - R.E.M. - Shiny Happy People (1991 Classic)
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    Is this just a matter of everyone's circumstances having changed? Surely otherwise you'd have all joined the queue on the first day. I was like a kid at christmas.
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    I think Bowman has accepted the role of a number 2 striker, his work rate is harder and he's started to win everything in the air. So damn those stats his all round contribution is worth praising and his ethic to get there.
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