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    Hello everyone. Grant Russell, communications manager at the club, here. Sorry if any of you haven't had your codes to renew your season tickets through yet. The transition to Ticketmaster saw us bring across our existing season ticket database and then send out an email to everyone we had email addresses for, which was about 80% of our database. We've now followed this up after the cup final with letters to those of you we don't have an email address for. If anyone is still waiting on a code, please don't hesitate to send us an email at [email protected], send us a message on Facebook or send a DM on Twitter. We've opened up as many lines of communication as possible in the last few months to make us more accessible and answer any questions or queries you have as quickly as possible. We're always looking to improve how we communicate, and I'm always open to any ideas you've got as well. Feel free to get in touch any time!
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    What to you gauge as progression? 2014/15 season - 3 apperances 2015/16 season - 21 apperances 2016/17 season - 42 apperances, called up to the Scotland Under 21 team 2017/18 season - 44 apperances, Scotland U21s and now called up at an international level. When he was injured this season we went on about a 10 game losing streak. He is 21 years old and has played over 100 games for Motherwell. He must be doing something right!
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    Sure dezz meant edinburgh away then Dumfries or Stranraer it’s always 2 home 2 away
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    The repayments to Les and Boyle are structured and scheduled favourably for us, and there is no pressure to repay them, and you have the whole l double your money deal which suggests Hutchison is hardly desperate for his money back. We’ve just signed a bunch of guys on new deals and we’re working on upgrades to the pitch and stadium that weren’t urgent, which indicates we’re hardly strapped for cash. This is exactly what was said in previous posts, Typical Scottish football “journalism”. Before such things as web forums, did journos just get their stories from fans in pubs?
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