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    https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45835735 Chris Humphrey: Motherwell thanked by winger as he retires because of injury Winger Chris Humphrey says will "never forget" the support Motherwell gave him, after announcing his retirement from football because of injury. Humphrey, 31, lost his unborn son during his four-year spell at Fir Park - a time in which he played 163 games. The 31-year-old last played for Barrow on loan from Bury in February, having had a brief spell at Hibernian in 2017. "I've been playing for the last year or so with a lot of pain and I can't play through that anymore," he said. "Massive thank you to all the Motherwell fans. Everyone at the football club was great and I will never forget that." Wishing him and his family all the very best.
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    meant to post this the other night in response to Busta and siebs posts, mustve fell asleep! unluckily post editor seems to have saved it? team selection and line up is a total shambles , I've taken to focussing on a few players each game , Donnelly was totally hung out to dry by Robinson at the weekend (again). the Lad is the most one footed player I think we've ever had, yet our experienced football manager puts him out there on his wrong foot for majority of a game, a second game in succession , the lad was almost shell shocked by time he got moved to RB. I'll go as far as saying Robinson is destroying decent reputations and perhaps even ruining players potential by dropping them into roles they just arent suited for. There can be plenty arguments that players should be capable of using both feet etc, but if a player simply cannot kick with his left foot, you'd have to be a certain type of 'visionary to think they would deliver on the left hand side, especially only a few days on from watching them play like a swan on ice Robinson is slowly showing he's losing it, having taken to 'putting down' these "qualified young coaches with their licences" that have ideas of playing football only one or two steps away from saying the players aren't delivering what he's asking them to do, a la Yogi Hughes patter. the football we've been served during his tenure up has been 80-90% god awful, 10-20% sheer delight, he might deserve more time, but NOT if he cannot select and set out a basic team utilising the capability of the players he has at his disposal (from his squad)
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    Over the 4 years he was here he was a very good player for us. And he scored an all time screamer.
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    Correct. If we're starting to point fingers you could have a field day.
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