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    Your wish is my command. Sorry it’s a very quick mock up but it will give you some idea what it would look like in C&A. Right I need to get back to work.
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    I think Grimshaw has been excellent since he went in at full back, I have no qualms about him there with Tait at left back. I think people overplay the importance of having full-backs playing on their natural sides, I think it's perfectly fine as long as they are comfortable using their weaker foot, which Tait clearly is. For someone who has only been connected with us for a few years, the way Grimshaw conducts himself comes across as someone who loves the club, he seems to get it. A definite new contract for him if you ask me.
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    I’m hoping that Hastie and Ariyibi will get a lot more room to run at the defense, more so than against teams we have played recently. I think if Celtic are pressing us hard our 2 wingers could cause them problems on the counter attack given a lot of space to work with and get in behind them. But been a Motherwell fan too long so you know I am dreading this game expecting to be brought back to earth with a bang after such a good run but you just never know. Probably by 2.55 on Sunday i’ll Be convinced we are going to win by 3 goals COYW
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    Awaits inevitable 6-0 defeat and board meltdown because we "should've just parked the bus to keep our run going"....
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    The only way to play Celtic is to run at their dodgy defence, force them into errors and subsequently un-nerve the whole team. We've done it before. Hastie, Ariyibi and Main have the ability to do this. Campbell and Turnbull can feed them. Alternatively, sit back, admire McGregor and Forrest, and concede 3-4.
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    By this time of the year I'm pretty sure the kits for next season will be done and dusted but catching a bit of the Roma v Bologna game from last night the Bologna away kit (produced by Macron) looks like it could have some potential for a decent Motherwell away shirt. Swap the navy for amber and it might look the part. UBH you want to work your magic?
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    The chants of "he's deid" during the thunderclaps were disgusting, the fact that there are Hearts fans laughing about it online is even more disgusting...
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    I think Main deserves lots of credit for his graft. He isn't banging in the goals but he chases every ball and gives centre backs a nightmare. Only an online clearance denied him a goal today.
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