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    Do you remember how we raised the issues after the League Cup Final....and three days later they get a questionable penalty against us to save them with two minutes to go? Do you remember Burrows voicing his frustration and Rogers and the media roundly mocking him and his laptop footage in the days after? Do you remember the red card Kipre got for nothing in the following game at Fir Park? Highlight it, scream blue murder all you want it'll get turned right back on you by the media who are quite happy to keep an issue on the boil to sell papers or get clicks or a referee pissed because you've had the temerity to highlight their colleagues ineptitude and ultimately it'll most likely make fuck all difference. Or you do the smart thing. Make them all believe you are full of contrition and it's been a terrible mistake and a big learning curve and there is little more they can add. Some of the immediate heat is taken off Scott and time is bought to formulate a response where Robinson can prepare more fully for the inevitable questions that will come in the Kilmarnock pressures.
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    Nonsense, the ref controls the game not that mob, they put the ball out , play was never stopped so we had every right to use the throw in to our advantage so feck them, It will be all over the papers as it always is more deflection from their fans wrecking stadiums, fighting with the police, sectarian abuse, etc as ever they are always the victims.
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    We are going to hear about this for the next 4 days on the radio and written in the papers. Just a shsme we didnt get a point out of them. Fuck them! In the last week these cunts have smashed up seats at Killie, dished out sectarian abuse to a player, launched coins at that player and been out fighting the polis in Spain........ and eh, we are the bad guys And thats just this week, never mind casting our minds back to Sinclair cheating in the league cup final last year.
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    There was fuck all fair play about it. Christie had already been attended to seconds earlier by the physio. Both Christie and physio saw fit to continue and then stopped play conveniently moments later, for a Second time. For a side that has cheated its way to two penalties within two seasons (cup final and fir Park) the hypocrisy of unsportsmanlike behaviour is startling. Robinson should’ve backed Scott in the interview or at least turned the tables and brought up previous actions. I have to agree with the above that instead of praising edouard, he should’ve been asking why the hell he was still on the park. We equipped ourselves well over the piece but I, like every other well fan over the years, am tired of us bowing to pressure from both halves of the ugly divide and would really appreciate if someone would raise their head above it from time to time and challenge the status quo Rant over
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    Which is whey they’re upset, it was a Celtic player who kicked it out. I know most folk are finding it hilarious for the seethe, but I can’t say I enjoyed seeing us do it, regardless of the opponents or what they have or haven’t got away with themselves.
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    You must be relieved you can have another pop at him again (however much of a stretch it is). That 6 game stretch must have been killing you.
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    Disappointing from Robinson after the match. Very similar to the league cup final. Eduaord injures two of our players, not a word about it. Celtic bleat on about sportsmanship, easy enough to mention dives and elbows but he keeps stchum. Does he stick up for James Scott? Did he fuck. Celtic hounded Bowman and Kipre, continually disrespect our club yet the manager refuses to stand up for us. On the other hand he'll have a go at Curtis Main when he's playing him with a concussion. He'll have a go at Adam Livingstone when he's been badly prepared for a match. Yet he won't say a word against Celtic. Something not right here.
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    Deserved to get beat but played ok at times. I refuse to go to either old firm unless a cup game so watched on a stream, Tom Boyd has to be the biggest prick I have listened to. I hate the fact he is our cup winning captain; I understand he is an employee of Celtic and a fan but the way he talks about us is a disgrace. I will never forget him goading Well fans at the 2011 cup final. Boyd should never be invited to any club/supporter events again. Rant over
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    James Scott has been Ex Communicated by the Tims on Kerrydale Street because he is a Celtic fan and shouldn't be doing that to his team ,seems his Da his raging big Shellic man no wonder Scottish fitba is in a mess .Put it out yer head James and get on with your Fir Park career
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    Robinson had a go at the Celtic crowd for cheering Carl being stretchered off, showing their class. If the Brendan one had allowed us to score and removed one of his team in the League Cup final I would have listened to his preaching from his moral high ground today.
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    Sounds like young James Scott got it wrong. A mistake, but an honest one. He just wants to do well for himself and his team. I am a supporter of fair play and in circumstances like that, we should be giving them the ball back. Robinson has said as much, which is fair enough. The lad will learn from his mistake and, with the support of the club over the next few days, hopefully be stronger for it. As for the rest though, “let them score a goal to make up for it” etc. From former and current professionals like Boyd and McDonald, utter hogwash. Did they get up after winning a free kick or a penalty with a cheeky grin on their faces and say, sorry, it was a dive, have the ball back? Did they let other teams score after they got a dodgy goal that was a mile offside? Aye, sure they did. The most annoying thing about this is that it happened against the most sanctimonious bunch of self perceived victims you will ever have the misfortune to meet. We will hear about this incident until the cows come home and yet any semblance of them retaining the moral high ground lasted as long as it took their fans to jeer and abuse one of our players as he was stretchered off the park with a serious head injury.
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    In that situation we should have given it back, exactly the same way we would have expected them to do. Let them play their games, that’s what the old firm do. We dont drop down to their level
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    As expected, Or show a bit of class and leave that crap to the old firm and there obsession with the world being against them. Robinson is doing just fine, let’s just get behind our guy and leave the rubbish to them. No real surprise today against a club with huge resources next to ours and we move on to the winnable games.
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    Imo if your team kicks the ball out when an opposition player down sporting integrity deems you deserve the ball back but if you kick it out when your own player down why should you get it back ? Therefore imo we were right to play on unlike Celtic in 2nd half who contested balls when ref stopped game fir them play acting
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    correct I listened to him on smelic tv and he was feckin ragin for our ex Scottish cup winning captain , hes a [email protected] UTTER TOTAL BELLEND / WANKPIECE rant over
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    The follow up and finish by Ariyibi isn’t getting the credit it deserves, it has been overshadowed by the seethe. Oh, and while clutching their pearls the Celtic fans saw fit to cheer the stretcher coming of for McHugh.
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    Christie got injured and went off the side of the park, their player played it out for a throw, we threw it back to them but James Scott ran onto it and forced the keeper into a save then Ariyibi ran onto the rebound and scored.
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    How did the German full back stay on the park for 90 minutes ,on Thursday over in Spain he tugs a player twice and is rightly sent off . Today he tugs Ariyibi all game and doesn't get booked till the last ten minutes ? If Bowman was a thug then Big Ed is a one man wrecking crew first one looks like an elbow ( wait for sportscene to judge ) and the second jumped into Karl ,two players badly injured and one off on a stretcher yet he managed ninety minutes also Said it before Shellic Tam should never be allowed back in Fir Park he absolutely slated our club today couldn't keep his feelings in check the hatred he has for us had to heard to be believed
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    I'm disappointed. I was waiting for Tom Boyd to self-combust.
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    The funniest part of that is Skippy was the worst sportsman in history.
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    No surprise at that from the paragons of sportsmanship
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    Get right into these terrorist loving child abuse harbourers
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