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    do you need to get special clearance to get photaes put up now.... r
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    Now if we were honourable fans of a certain club we could all buy a Killie pie; rub it into our seat before ripping it to bits.
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    Was recently gifted this immaculate 89/90 home shirt. Don't know much about its history, but think it's a genuine official squad shirt. Mate who gave it to me is from Hamilton and says his old man and Davie Coopers were friends, so likely from that connection, but don't think there's any real way of authenticating. Either way, I'm fkn delighted with it.
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    Yer retro photie
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    picture will go up later from admin
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    Apologies, "it" not I. On reflection, maybe the contact lens excuse/reason may have been used after the 8-3 Aberdeen defeat, another one I've totally forgotten about.
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    Yes, I can truthfully say, I didn't affect me, affect me, affect me, affect me...…………..
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    Expect steelboy on here any moment congratulating the "fan owned club" for doing right by the fans. (It's a scunner when they keep doing the right thing).
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    Fantastic gesture and a PR win for the club. However those that can afford it should seriously consider whether they need to take money out our own club to attend the game.
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    A lot of truth in that. However I was always taught to trust people until they give you cause to do otherwise. Maybe I'm naive.
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    Even from a financial perpsective I can't see the value in what Killie has done. Say there were 1,000 paying punters on Wednesday evening. If each attends tomorrows game, that brings in about £2,600 taking into account VAT. There will also be say an additional 400 PATG fans for the rearranged game bringing in say an additional £1,280. That pans out at about £3,900 net. Now if those with vouchers got in for nothing tomorrow and an additional 400 (probably an underestimate) paid full price that would generate about £5,200 net. The financial difference is about £1,300. Ok so what if a few fans got extra vouchers and every single one was used, Killie would still not lose out or if they did so only by a few pounds - less than one week's wages for one of their better players. In other words, chickfeed to them. By doing what they've done, their reputation has been damaged and they've lost goodwill. Very short sighted.
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