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    Good signing,he's been one of the best centre half's in the league this season,so to get him on a free transfer,is decent business by us.
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    C’mon Jake. You know it makes sense.
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    Was good to see Campbell, Turnbull, Hastie, Cadden and Scott making an appearances recently (with Semple on the bench). 6 academy products in the same team is great progress and must be a huge selling point when we are trying to recruit.
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    For those of a certain age there is a resemblance I feel with the signing of `Buff` Martin. Similar age when signing and been round several small clubs beforehand, Gallagher like Martin will I am sure regard the move to Motherwell as his biggest opportunity to make a mark. Add to that and apart from his range of skills Gallagher will almost certainly be a hungry player intent on making up for lost time. Congratulations to DG and well done the club in getting the deal done.
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    The additional money would have been nice, but as fans the additional 120k or whatever we earn would quickly be forgotten about if we were to go and take a few drubbings of 5 clubs who are all playing for European places. Hopefully the bottom 6 sees the return of sexy motherwell, more young well getting a chance and the chance to end the season on a high. 120k or not, going to ibrox again, or having celtic win the league on your patch is never a good thing.
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    Speaking from experience, I was banned for five years for throwing an empty bovril cup over the wall (sitting in the front row) as was a friend. There was no malicious intent but we were made an example of given circumstances around the time. What we did pales in comparison to what has gone on recently at Fir Park and even worse at other grounds. We weren't 14 at the time and I can only imagine the regret the kid has. We were left with the option of 'supporting Motherwell as we see fit' basically as long as we don't have another brain fart, we'll be fine. The rest of that season I missed one game. I'm sure the kid won't have a problem getting back in (providing he has friends willing to get him a ticket) and he learns from his mistake. I'm not condoning throwing stuff onto a pitch, players have the right to not fear for their safety at work but a degree of common sense has to come into it.
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    Just to clarify "indefinite" simply means that the club has not defined the length of the ban. Its not a life ban. It could mean anything from 1 game to 60 years. Agree about anonymity.
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