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    Heard it was what we consider to be a fantastic offer and is down to the player and agent...
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    To be showcased this week, if not we move on.
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    According to burrows new signing some time this week, if not we move on.
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    Ive said that from the start. We killed any chance of a bidding war stone dead by accepting the first offer around our valuation. Now in my opinion, theres one of three options why the club has done this, firstly we have a pre-agreed clause in Turnbull's new contract, secondly there is no other genuine interest in Turnbull, or lastly the club has made a cunt of it. Time will tell which one it most likely was.
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    I would imagine Oxford offered 200 grand we want 600 and we've met in the middle. Good luck to him anyway .
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    Anyhow £200k is a pathetic amount given modern day transfer dealings, especially involving english clubs given the money they continue to receive from sky and the various sponsers. It would seem strange to settle for less for an established 1st team player, than what we have agreed to release youth players who have not played a 1st team game.
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    Tweet from a Hearts fan; "Imagine Leicester bid £20million for Tierney. Celtic accept. Tierney doesn't come to an agreement. Player no doubt gets lauded as a "proper Celtic man" by the same fans chastising David Turnbull. Level of self entitlement from the Old Firm is staggering. Geez peace." Spot on!
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    The view is excellent, in the main, but facilities are poor. Toilets and food kiosks are cramped and access during matches is difficult when queues build up and punters are going past for hospitality downstairs. PA system is poor but thats not confined to the POD Stand of course.
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    I used to love Joe Miller. When I say Joe Miller, I obviously refer to his childlike persona which used to appear regularly on Off The Ball. Right up there with Barry “ the bully” Ferguson and the Frankie Howardesque rendition of our own John Boyle. Happy days. The real Joe Miller was shite.
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    I suppose that, should any club fail to meet our valuation, then we would decline permission for them to talk to the player and his agent. He is still currently contracted to Motherwell FC.
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    The longer it goes on without a bid from down south the longer it looks like Burrows had it spot on. People can talk of a bidding war all they like but other clubs should have come in by now if genuinely interested at the price and as others have said he is only worth what clubs are willing to pay.
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    Id bite yer hand off for £2m plus add ons and a season long loan from Man City.....
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    Very much a tale of two players and two different personalities at this point. Hastie who had a bit of history of not putting in the work, overweight, less than wise tweets while on a lads holiday, and already looking like he will be loaned out with question marks already raised at this point, Rangers trying to hoover up Scottish talent to avoid him going to a competitor with no real plan for his development. Celtic trying to do the same with what looks like a far wiser individual in Turnbull who has noted what’s already happening with Hastie and is looking at the bigger picture and how he would like his career to develop. The next move for Turnbull is huge, the same way it was for Hastie who I feel made the wrong decision, big money yes but I think he’s also put his whole football career at risk. I just don’t think Turnbull is going to make that mistake and if he does join Celtic it will only be when he’s happy that the plans they have for him are to his benefit. I would love him to stay for another season with us but that’s for purely selfish reasons. He’s playing with others that are not at his technical level and never will be, that goes for the league as a whole, so how does he develop further ? He needs to be playing with players that are better than him, that will improve his game, coaches that are used to working with the best players in the world. He’s definitely looking for a move down south now which with the right club and everything they can offer development wise makes sense. He’s probably gone as far as he can in the Scottish game which is a level below his ability.
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    I have a suggestion which is a bit crazy but hey......why don't we keep Turnbull for another year!!!!. If he continues form someone will take him in January to save losing out in bidding war. Just a suggestion.....COYW
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    Any player that does well for us is being developed for their next club
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    I feel like a pigeon eating chips reading the utter seeeth from Celtic fans to motherwell, Turnbull and his agent. Wonderful stuff. Good luck to the lad I hope the deal is dead and he can fulfil his potential out-with The poison of the west coast of Scotland. We’ll probably get more money for him and he will develop better playing at a higher standard away from the SPL.
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    If anyone managed to navigate BetPark's website (using google translate from Indonesian -> English) and found a way to spend any money it, I salute them. I clicked on the link again today (from the MFC home page) and it still looks like a mess in any language. I swear it's just a money laundering outfit!
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