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    The stick dished out to Sherwin Seedorf from some on this site is ridiculously OTT and totally unwarranted. He's in a foreign country, only 21 years old and just starting out on his professional football career - today was only his 4th game for us (and he scored) and his 19th in all. Most people if they are totally honest, made a lot of mistakes at their work at that age - I know I did - but didn't have folk baying for them to be sacked. So FFS cut the young guy some slack and get behind him, encourage and support him.
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    Thought we were superb today! Match was a great advert for the game in Scotland. I've been watching the well for over 35 years and while admittedly my attendence at games hasnt been great over the last 10 years while bringing up the family. Between watching us beat Hamilton last week and today's game I've got my mojo back and have even managed to get my 11 year old daughter enjoying watching us. Have been keeping my eye on this board without posting for years and while we are all entitled to our opinion I must say some guys are really half glass empty to put it mildly , lets all get hehind the team and hope we can build on the last couple or results........ MON THE WELL!
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    Not defending him without admitting he has a lot to learn. But on one occasion second half Robinson screamed at him to cover back when we were under pressure, which he immediately did try to do. Literally seconds later Donnelly was screaming at him to get up the field having covered the area the Manager was pointing out. Once again with our wide players it's trying to get the best of both worlds in attack and defence. Its a tough and confusing ask for someone so inexperienced. More seasoned players than Seedorf have struggled to play that dual role....Ainsworth and Frear as examples. Remember Omar Daley?. Hopefully Seedorf is a quick learner. Ability and attitude wise I think there is something there. The goal he scored yesterday shows that. And to say he did nothing else is just not true. You conveniently ignore the chance he set up for Scott. He contributed more for us than the likes of Horgan did for Hibs....and many regard him as a good player. I get Seedorf is a frustrating player and he probably would not be my first choice. And maybe he won't make it. But Hylton and Ilic can also be just as frustrating . Scott did really well yesterday, but try telling me he made the correct choices every time he had the ball. Awareness of teammates and realising when to pass will come in time, but those are things Scott needs to develop. Compared to those three Seedorf is miles behind in game experience at a decent level. It's a huge step up. Confidence also plays a huge part, and again those three are in a better place. Players that we sign are unlikely to be the finished article. Some will have more to learn than others. Some will not make it and eventually leave. But please let's not crucify a young lad who is doing his best and is on a huge learning curve. Particularly after he scores in a match we actually won by a street FFS. But then, we need scapegoats if Dunne is not playing.
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    No, not since it's been decided that any goals we score or games we win are down to the opposition being worse than us.
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    Quote this post whenever someone suggests we put teams back on their feet
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    I'm simply posting to try and balance the debate on Seedorf, Hylton and Long. They have been signed as potential talent - not matured! If they had already shown their potential, they would command transfer values of £Ms and multi thousand salaries. But they're at Motherwell as freebies on relative peanuts of a wage. This is how we operate as a club. I think it is great that we are seeing glimpses of skill from all three, and we should commend them for it. The mistakes, poor touches and dropping out of games will hopefully diminish as the weeks go by. This is not just my view - listen to Stephen Robinson's post match interview. James Scott looks like he is ready for a regular start. I'm glad he hasn't gone out on loan as many on here suggested.
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    Everyone is entitled to their opinions on certain players and to be fair most are fairly accurate. But it is also glaringly obvious to all with a modicum of common sense that Motherwell FC can not afford to buy players who are the finished article or who do not have deficiencies in their game. That will always be the way most probably and certainly as a fan owned club. So I find it amusing when this and that player is criticised for missing chances or not defending well or any other aspects of their game. Take Polworth - almost all ICT fans said he was their best and most creative player but did not defend all that well. If he could do everything well he would be worth many millions and not be at MFC. Seedorf, Hylton, Cole etc. They are again only with us because they are showing promise. Hopefully they will develop like a Moult or Kipre but not all will. Players do take time to get up to speed with the pace of our game and settle into unfamiliar surroundings. I am not saying don’t criticise players but give them a chance and remember why they are at our club and not Liverpool or Man City. Great game and please to see Hartley marshalling defence. Maybe a bit slower than a year or so ago but he is ideal Captain material. His instructions and chat with Cole b4 he came on the pitch was great to see. Also loved Robbo going nuts on the sidelines at one point even when we were winning. I have always felt he was a good Manager for Motherwell and fear if he gets us going this season he will ultimately become a target and a greater loss potentially than any player.
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    Very strange game. Defensively, we were strong and Hartley was instrumental in marshaling others around him. In midfield, Hibs controlled much of the ball but never really created that many chances. Donnelly was better today and Campbell played well. Polworth is very good on the ball and played some nice passes, but he can’t tackle and gets caught on the wrong side. Scott also performed well. Very strong with the ball at his feet, could compete a little better in the air, but that will come. Seedorf, goal apart, I’m sorry to say, was a man short. Without the ball, he doesn’t compete well or cover and with the ball, he’s not quite sure what to do with it at times. In my opinion, he’s also too lightweight. Long, should have scored 3. Again, with this one, I’m not convinced. Not so much by ability, as by attitude. Jury is still out for me... overall, a good win. Should've scored more however.
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    There are some fucking twats on here. If you can't see that Seedorf played well today it is gob smacking. I suppose when you have an opinion you can't change otherwise you look a fool.
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    So after Carroll got done by sportscene and got a 2 match ban (which I have no complaints about), I take it we can expect calum McGregor and Ryan Jack to expect same treatment......hmmm thought not
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    A lot is down to the very subjective opinion of the broadcasters. As far as I'm concerned now the whole disciplinary system is, at best, a complete shambles, if not worse.
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    In my time there appears to have always been a player that never gets a break, I just wish at times people were more patient and give players time to develop, Donnelly another always in the firing line yet improving game on game.
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    As I type, Hartley has eight actual votes. Yours isn't one of them.
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    Great result and performance. Some outstanding performances. Midfield three where really good. Polworth is a baller. His passing ability is top top notch. Scott is great to watch. Can skin a man for fun. The fuds in our support who where giving him a hard time need to get a grip and realise he is only fucking 19. He is a top player. Solid defensively with the full back 4 performing really well. Happy days.
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    He did nothing after half time. He made a couple of decent contributions with with the goal and that cross but Whittaker being done was part of that. He still doesn't look like the required standard.

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