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    The SPFL youtube highlights are up and are better than both the BBC and MFC highlights. There's multiple angles for the goals and you can clearly see the push on Gallagher for Heart's first. Definite foul. Also as much a Long is getting a bit of stick for missing his one on one he made the chance himself, showed really good pace and hit the target.
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    Yes, along with the preceding, "Chance of a lifetime for Pettigrew!" Then, as I recall, Willie wiped his nose all the way up his sleeve. Good old Arthur: "Up go the heads!"; "What a stramash!" and so on...….. Sorry, all. Just preparing for chuntering on in the old folk's home when my children have sold the house out from under me
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    Wind forward to 14 Sept 2019 @ 5.00pm and read the above. Lessons to be learned for some on here I think. Not saying there won't be more tough times ahead/blips on the road but Orinoco's got it spot on. Back our players, give them confidence and I'm sure this current group will deliver more good times than bad, with some pretty attractive football thrown in too. Biggest issue this year will be holding on to Robbo.
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    Looking in advance at Hamilton away on their plastic pitch then two big city clubs with budgets that dwarf ours the thought of three wins would seem ridiculous. I think it’s fair to say the management and players have to come out with a huge amount of credit for doing exactly that. The new signings along with Donnelly are also bit by bit showing they may have plenty to offer.
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