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    Lazy, unhappy poster. A luxury the forum can't afford. Offload in the transfer window. May find his level at Accies.
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    What size shoes does he wear? Who's he voting for in the election?
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    I would just play our strongest 11. If we want to finish top four these are the winnable games and resting the likes of Polworth and Declan would be crazy. I would rather we rested players against Celtic and Rangers than games where three points are up for grabs.
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    I think I read somewhere that it is Don Hutchison's son, Max?
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    Ah yes sorry, read those last two posts completely wrong.
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    Otherwise known as the "Michael Jordan retires from the NBA as he really wants to play baseball for a year" tactic.
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    I was also dismayed by that comment, but then I realised who had made it and the world suddenly made sense again.
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    What if people posted their opinion of Yodo?
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    It must be shite being Liam Polworth. Leading goal assists in the league with Caley every season by a mile, with 1 or 2 goals of his own thrown in too, only to be moaned at because he often LOOKED Sad & didnt like tackling much and now has something like 3 goals and 12 assists in 18 games for Us and is branded a lazy bastard luxury player we dont need. Mental
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