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    I calculate my refund entitlement to be £70+. Like many others, I consider this money already spent and can regard it as a donation to the club. However, watching the news, and foreseeing a gigantic economic depression ahead, I feel one of the lucky ones. I have been able to work from home on full salary and my employment looks secure for the time being. It's alarming to see an almost daily announcement of thousands of redundancies. So for anyone facing an uncertain financial future, loyalty to Motherwell FC is one thing, but I for one would never question your need to claim a rebate on your season ticket. Good luck everybody. Stay healthy.
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    Mark that up as a victory for the Record then.
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    Clubs often wear one off tops for special occasions( Throwback day in Baseball as an example) in a number of sports. How difficult/costly would it be to ask our manufacturer to produce around 50 “half hoop” jerseys for use in Europa games, but produce the full hoop version for domestic games and for sale to fans. Or do Uefa tell us what we can wear in domestic games as well? That version with the white numbers is perfectly clear. Even our referees could read that....maybe. The whole thing is bureaucracy gone mad.
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    With this stream of Livi players making their way to FP I'm beginning to feel like I'm the MFC mole here in Livingston!! Watching him at Livi over a few seasons Big Dec has not surprised me in the least how well he has done for us. Next season I can see him getting better, boosted in no small way by the increased confidence he'll get from his involvement in the Scottish squad. As for Lamie, whilst not at Dec's level I do feel with a fair wind and a bit of luck he could be a useful member of squad. On the upside I refreshed my memory by watching the highlights of Livi's 2-0 win over Celtic from last season. Lamie ( without the departed Dec and Halkett) was solid , unhurried and impressive. Grounds for encouragement. Anyway , turning to White . When at the Macaroni he proved to be a decent enough striker who linked up well with others. Wouldn't describe him as pacey or lethal in the box but he will provide us with a different option. At his best he could near ( but not reach) Chris Porter levels. Whereas if he struggles -- not that I think he will-- he could replicate a recent signing from ICT namely Alex Fisher. Now where did I leave that file on Stevie Lawless??
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    I forgot to say I have respect for the way Airdrieonians have treated their traditional strip. Despite all the traumas they have been through, including questionable blue-hued owners, they have stuck to their identity.
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    I've said before that I understand that younger fans don't have the emotional attachment to the hoop that older codgers do. Some remember the hoopless jersey when we gubbed Spurs or the "sash" with Pettigrew and Graham, others the anodyne strip when we won the cup in '91, and we could go on from there, even the appalling jester outfit of nightmares. To me , we have almost unique colours and, in the hoop, a unique pattern but the club has, for various reasons, chosen to move away from those features. I actually deplore that but will always support the team irrespectively. I just wish the club had more respect for its rich history. For quite a lot of the time, and since 1968 in particular, it wasn't too sure even what amber meant, fgs. Other clubs seem to honour their history. Once you break the chain, it becomes more difficult to maintain continuity. Anyhow, has anyone cleaned the yella splashes off the POD steps in the interval?
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    That's the beauty of pre-contract agreements...
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    So, in view of that, and the extremely unlikely event of our progressing in Europe to later stages, we could maintain our tradition without much fear of losing some money if we get to the later stages. Thanks for clarifying anyway, ubh.
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    Personally I would have liked to see him stay, maybe he wanted more starts which is fair enough.
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    Looks like it - information given differed. In other news, broken clocks are correct twice a day.
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    Trying too hard for what? In my opinion the guy is awful, not decent, or no bad...absolutely awful.
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    Aye that was me. As a right back, he is miles better defensively than Grimshaw, and is a pretty good Centre Back. I know a few County fans and a couple players up here and they all say he is a very solid player. For some reason he wasnt at his best this season, but he was club captain and the 3 seasons before was first name on the teamsheet. Think he stayed so long up here cause he was on a fair wedge (£2k pw +) The fans I know are a bit gutted he is leaving but say its probably for the best as he hasnt looked fully happy this season
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    White-on-white contrast really good on that Sampdoria shirt right enough Looks like just another area of life where the Big Boys can just get away with things, then.
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    Fuck all, fae what I can gather
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    Semple and MacIver maybe (and/or Starrs)?
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