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    I was thinking more like Robertson, McGregor, Forrest, McTominay, Armstrong, McBurnie etc. We've been utter drivel for about 5 years so we need to start looking at the players instead of the manager. Way, way too many players given 30% of their club form to Scotland. There comes a time when poorer players putting more effort in, gives you better results than good players doing fuck all time and time again. If you go back as far as the terrible defeat to Georgia, we pick big club players and they just don' t look interested.
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    These people coming and going from pubs, restaurants and supermarkets they all sat empty for 20 hours of the day then everybody appeared and entered at roughly at the same time and all left at exactly the same time did they? That's why you won't find consistency with sports venues and pubs and the likes because I don't think there isn't a true comparison to be made between the them. I agree the protocols that Aberdeen fans have been issued with seem remarkably excessive when you are in the ground but to me the biggest issue is actually getting in and out. You look at the East Stand with what six turnstiles all within about 20 feet of one another. One exit for people to go out. Two pissers. We've all seen what it can be like trying to get into the East Stand in the run up to kick off. So we tell people to come early and social distance to avoid a late rush. How early? People are going to be really happy being told to pitch up at half five to get in for a midweek game when it's minus four. Where do you queue? The St Mirren Cup tie queue was down around the corner. If we're socially distancing when queuing we're going to see queues from three stands and a ticket office merging pretty quickly. And coming out. It's February we're 4-0 down to Celtic we're all going to sit there quite happy to twenty past ten until we get to our section and our row to leave? I want to get back as soon as possible. I want to be in a crowd with Motherwell fans because I'm fairly sure our absence has done nothing to help the sticky start. But I'm under no illusions of the issues that the clubs have to overcome to convince the authorities that they can do this without incident, and what we might have to face when we get the opportunity to prove as supporters we can return responsibly.
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    ——————————-Carson O’Donnell———Gallagher———Mugabi——-McGinley —————————-Maguire ————O’Hara—-——————-Campbell—— ————————-Polworth ——-——-Lang————————-Long
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    I wouldn't be averse to giving Maguire an opportunity. O'Hara has shown on occasion he can offer something, but more often than not, that has come with the relative protection offered by Donnelly and the gentle cajoling of Hartley behind him. I'd explore the Long and Lang combination up front further though. I'm interested to see what McGinlay can bring and his inclusion should give us as balanced a backline as we've had all season. I thought he did reasonably well going forward at Dingwall as part of a back-four. Let's see what he can offer with what in theory should be a little more licence to get up and down the wing.
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    If it was just the players' fault we wouldn't be seeing the same pattern repeat itself year after year for 20 years. The issue runs much deeper than that, and starts at the grass roots level. I keep banging on about it , but when France had the problem of under performing teams, they put a ten year plan in place to develop players from the ground up. A plan they stuck with even after an early minor disaster of blowing a World Cup qualification in 1994. They followed it through and ended up with a national team that won the Euros and the World Cup. Meanwhile, when Strachan took over the international job he went on record with his surprise at the squads' poor technical skills and how he had to quickly dumb-down the tactics he wanted to use because the players were incapable of executing. Once the rot sets in, it takes more then swapping in new players to fix it. The whole system needs shaking up and there has been nobody in the SFA with the courage to change it. That's how you end up with Malky Mackay as the performance director for the past 4 years. (Any idea what he does? Me either.) We don't have the infrastructure in place to develop international teams, and I don't see anything that makes me think there is appetite for change.
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    Maguire should be playing that DM role, or at least getting a chance, but I just don't see Robinson picking him. He's not had a single second of game time this term. Big, big game for us. Only Rangers have pumped St Johnstone this season so you can see it being a pretty grim struggle with one goal settling it. Between them the teams have played 540 minutes of football and scored 1 goal. And Motherwell and St Johnstone have conceded 36% of the penalties so far awarded in the league so perhaps, if there is a goal, it will come from the spot. I think it'll be tight but St Johnstone have wins under their belt, scored more goals and conceded less so you have to have the old claret and amber lenses on to not have them as favourites.
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    You should definitely get onto the government to shutdown supermarkets
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    Dear mr robinson, no square pegs in round holes and we might have a chance
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    The main thing holding us back is that some folk cannot be trusted to act reasonably. That and the fact that some footballers think guidance does not apply to them, bubble or no bubble
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