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    When Campbell goes we will have no midfield so it will be five at the back and five up front, the squad is starting to make sense.
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    We deserve the 3 points for the pricks bumping us over the fog game.
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    There’s no way we should be awarded the points BUT if it’s established that Killie have not followed all the protocols that are in place they should be deducted points and fined
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    Agree with the rest of your post, but I think I've cracked why that decision was made (if my understanding of the rules is right). It's maybe not as random or illogical as it seems. Basically - the decision had nothing to do with coronavirus. There is an expectation in Scotland (and throughout association football) that every effort is made to allow games to go ahead even if a clubs senior keepers are all out, whether it's through injury, international duty or suspension. The SPFL expects clubs to find a solution, as does FIFA, and the EFL and the EPL...... If it's outwith the transfer window you find a free agent. It's also within the rules that you can apply to the league for an emergency 7 day loan (that loan isn't available for outfield players). The signings can be made up to 3 hours before a match. There's plenty of examples of it happening in England and Scotland. The rules were applied a few years ago when Raith applied for postponement and were told to sign a keeper. They chose to stick Ryan Stevenson in goals instead then complained about the decision not to postpone. So, while Jim Goodwin was saying Scotland was the "laughing stock of world football", the SPFL were simply applying long-established rules. I'm sure some would argue that finding a keeper with 24 hours notice is unreasonable, but St Mirren managed it so it obviously wasn't that unreasonable.
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    Yesterday’s Herald was touting Campbell to Celtic and no doubt Turnbull would have sung his praises. Don’t be surprised if Lawwell stumps up a paltry amount plus ginger bottles to lure him away. I understand there will be bad news for us come Monday. Hopefully it will be a move South but it does give me the fear as the midfield to forward link is as dire as the defence at present.
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    Absolutely no way will/should we be awarded 3 points. If the Aberdeen players can go out on the lash and their game isn't forfeited, Kilmarnock have nothing to worry about.
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    It gets worse next season. You can drop out of the CL, lose in the EL and you drop into the Conf League!
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    I think this is spot on. And if there was no forfeiting of games as a result of Aberdeen and Celtic players blatant disregard of agreed practice, how can you punish Kilmarnock......no matter how the infection was caught? And I for one am delighted that Accies in Aberdeen's case and St Mirren (I think) in respect of Celtic are not sitting with an extra, unearned on the pitch, 3 points. Our League survival might be tough enough without the lottery of who gets CoVid and who does not. In truth Aberdeen and Celtic were punished, financially, which I think is reasonable as it punishes only them and not others who could be adversely affected by rivals being awarded league points. Then again forfeiture might be our only hope of defeating Rangers. St Mirren are the team which I think has a valid complaint and who should be demanding answers.. And we still don't know what the criteria is for cancelling games. Even now. Is it one player down, three, six? Or does your former manager need to be in charge of Scotland? Is the decision made by the local Health Board? That criteria should have been established and made known prior to a ball being kicked. But then again the people in charge of our game are not famous for being open and forward thinking. The contrast to cup games is a good point.
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    Possibly, but isn't calling the league and going by average points still fairer than piling on points that teams didn't actually earn?
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    Totally agree Allan. Also, each country has only have one league champion per year, so they should only be one entrant per country for the Champions League.
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    If it is off, just wait until Killie tell all the PPV buyers that they need to go down to Rugby Park and give their details to a steward, be told three days later that, oh actually there isn't anything about refunds in the T&C's but how would you like to buy again for a fiver?
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    If that was true , it could have bigger ramifications than us getting 3 points Nicola Sturgeon could put the boot into football again ... remember her yellow card statement? As someone said at the time if it was a group of lawyers for example, would she threaten the law society?? Anyway hopefully its unfounded rumour and we crack on.

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