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    Is it a warped prism in this case? Remember ultimately what is at stake is peoples lives. I think the problem generally is that football often sees itself as operating out-with the norm. The SFA is a great example of an organisation that believes that it is above the laws and regulations of the common man. Professional football as with many other professional sports throughout the world, is very fortunate to be operating at all at this time. I see the tennis players are having a hissy fit because they authorities dare to quarantine them because they were sitting on a plane beside positive testing passengers. My opinion is that these sports, football included should not be operating at all. The hardmen of football are very good at playing the victim. Neil Lennon's outburst yesterday is a total embarrassment. People are losing their lives. People are losing their jobs, businesses going bankrupt. Vulnerable people have been imprisoned in their own homes for a year. Young people are being robbed of the joys of leaving school, starting university , starting a new job and somehow it becomes a travesty that Kilmarnock are deducted 3 points for not being able to behave like responsible people? The professional sporting world should think itself very privileged indeed. I am not a fan of the SPFL but for once does the (relatively small) punishment fit the crime. Absolutely. After Neil Lennon's antics, how about professional football in Scotland is held to the same standards as everyone else and told they cannot operate. At the end of the day, football as with all professional sport is non-essential. The hardmen of Scottish football maybe need to swallow their pill like everyone else.
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    Conspiracy theorists might suggest that Lennon's rant was the start of a move get the season null and void.
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    Not usually one for hoping that players get to fuck, but Long can get to fuck. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    I didn't want Long to come back tbh he just seems to be when everything isn't going his way he is like can't be arsed.I also think he thought his stock was higher than it was after a decent season with us,nobody wanted him hence why he came back thats what it looked like to me. Campbell needs to be cashed in on aswell if we can he doesn't look like anything we have saw in previous seasons think its ran its course.
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    It was quite obvious I felt that we were happy to let them cross. One of Rangers’ key strengths this season has been their wide men and getting their full backs forward, nobody has dealt with that this season so I thought letting them cross and crowding out the box was actually quite clever. The goal came from possibly their deepest cross of the match, which we hadn’t packed the box for, which I thought was quite telling of how well our strategy had worked. All in all I was quite pleased with the performance. We sat deeper and deeper as the game went on, which you’d expect given the lack of confidence and our record against Rangers of late, but in the first half I thought we played pretty well and moved the ball about with rushing or panicking. Certainly steps in the right direction.
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    I’ve always said there was plenty of quality in the squad, if we’d had a decent summer transfer window we would be top six again, confidence has dropped and that’s cost us points. We’ve just taken a point off a team far and away the best in the league with 15 straight wins and that’s without Carson, Dunn, Donnelly, OHara, Grimshaw, Long, Hastie, who would all be challenging for a place in the team. Carroll back has already started to make a difference and Donnelly would be the same. A lot of the games we’ve played have been fine margins, how many times have we been thrashed outside of the old firm games this season, not often. We’ve generally had more possession in games along with attempts on goal but can’t put the ball in the net.
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