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    Can I take it he doesn't care who he offends?
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    Haha, that is very true. Can't really argue too much with that. Same with the second point as well tbf, I suppose the two wins gave Alexander an excuse to stick with the same team whilst the new guys bed in, get used to the new surroundings and get up to speed. Nolan and Foley haven't played in a while, same with Lawless who has a slight niggle at the moment. Roberts played some football at hearts but the front three are the hardest to drop at the moment, out with Kelly, I think he will prove useful, looked very quick in his brief run out at celtic park. Magloire is much the same, played a few games in the first half of the season however for all of Lamie's doubters, he actually played pretty well against Utd so dropping him would have been harsh. Quite a few games coming up, a few Saturday, Wednesday slots so maybe see some slight rotation.
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    I'd love to be able to agree with all of this, but I was told yesterday that sticking with a team that is winning is dinosaur stuff so god knows where that leaves us.
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    Same as before I think by the looks of it. Declan hoping to be back in about a week according to the man himself.
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