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    Dont care if Gallagher is our best defender, he does not want to be at our club. When he was in the team, the defence was just as useless. No player is bigger than our club.
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    Two posters in a row managing to show the pish that Steely posts
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    This kind of nonsense does my heid in. Why start a Scotland International and Club Captain over a youngster loan player. Deary me. Like asking why would you want to shag the elephant man over Gal Gadot. I get the dislike for Gallacher. But I also understand why he would want to engineer a move to a club that will make him comfortable for his family and future. We may not like it but 100% we would ALL do the same. Would we have won today with Gallacher in defence ? Possibly not but I 100% certain we would have avoided shipping 4 goals to Killie.
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    Why would GA drop magloire ? His performances in the previous 2 games had earned him the right to keep his place, and there was nothing to suggest he would not have had another decent game. All this crap about Gallacher annoys me, he messed the club about during the January window,trying to force his own agenda and will be away in 5 games time so for me he does not give a fuck about the club. He came on against Hibs and his 1st contribution nearly cost us a goal. If It was up to me he would be in the stands beside Foley and Nolan and never play for us again.
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    Disastrous day at the office, the sooner this season gets the fuck to fuck the better. Only bonus is Accies, Killie and Ross County all need three wins to go above us without us taking any more points from the last five games, which simply isn't going to happen. The only thing from today's scores that made me crack a smile was, ironically, Accies scoring and snatching away St. Mirren's top 6 spot away with only 2 minutes to go to the split.
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    Behave yourself, total shite today but we are currently 8 in front of Accies, 7 from killie and 6 from RC, with vastly better goal difference than Accies and RC, with 5 to play, we are not going down
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    There was a case for it when we were on a winning run. There is no case for it next week.
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    Has now leapt above Andy Roddie in club league goals.
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    A vicar, a priest, and a rabbit walk into a blood donation clinic. The nurse asks the rabbit what his blood type his, and he said "type-o" 1-0 us.
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    I agree, but sticking with a winning team is not an unreasonable approach. He could have changed the team for Livvy and won, stuck with that team today and who knows what would have happened, hence the "Auntie had baws" comment ( which you left out of the quote) The bottom line for me though is, I think we will be safe, and GA will learn more from days like today than an easy game with a team which may, largely, be playing somewhere else next season.
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    I wouldn't be surprised if that is indeed the case,both robinson and lasley have alluded to to things not being quite right in the dressing room this season.
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    just listened to it again and deffo, heez got the hump with something , someone , but just my opionion by his body laungage and tone of voice
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    He did indeed. No names mentioned but he's clearly unimpressed with some of the team. He hinted at a lack of character/bottle/attitude whatever you want to call it.
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    Just heard his interview and going by his comments and body language he wasn't a happy man. Referred to technical ability alone not being enough and something being missing. I think he's learning fast who he can rely on and who he can't.
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    did anyone catch GA saying in his post match " theres something missing in there ( dressing room ) cause its not the first time thats happened ( hamilton st johnstone ) or words to that effect sounds to me that he thinks theres something no right in the home dressing room ,,,, hope he gets to the bottom of it ,,for our feckin sanitys sake
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    I just thought that playing an inexperienced young player instead of a club captain and full Scottish international was the wrong move. Not a problem if we were statistically safe but why take the chance otherwise when we still needed a win, just give him time after that point. I do get the idea of not changing a winning team but as you say the defence has still looked vulnerable and although he’s had a poor season by his standards he’s still the best centre half at the club by some margin and waiting for the inevitable defeat to re- introduce him smacked a bit of failing to make the big decision for me.
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    Looks like it was another bad day at the office. Thank god we hopefully have enough of a cushion to stay out of the bottom two. Bring on next season and sack this one.
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    A ploy to keep the PPV dosh coming in
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    Can't believe people think we still might get relegated
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    We realistically need one win. If we can't get one win then we don't deserve to stay up but I strongly suspect we'll be OK. Lot of work needs done though. We need a McGhee Mk I change of culture at the club. A professional bench mark needs set.
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    A wee smile on my face despite the result
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    Only one team came out for the second half. Our midfield 3 were brutal and adding some real quality there has to be the main priority in the summer.
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    Defeat today was always a strong possibility but it’s the manner that’s most galling. Yet another heavy defeat to a relegation rival to go with the two we got off Accies. The sooner this shitty season ends the better, hopefully with us still in the league, then let GA rebuild the squad in the summer. That is going to be one big, big job.
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    Gallagher should have been straight back in the team as soon as he proved his fitness. Playing a lad with about a dozen professional appearances over an experienced international is madness. The same reason Johnson dropped out for O’Donnell a few weeks again, despite playing fairly well. You play your best players.
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    Fine margins again today. Another penalty we dont get, they get the break of the ball. Its been one those seasons where we have not had the rub of the green. Quicker this season is finnished the better.
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    Yep, we should not have been waiting for what’s happed today.
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    Gallagher was available for the Livingston game and we won 3-1 and there were no cries for him to start during the game or after it. He was rightly left on the bench today, just because we have made defensive errors doesn't mean that was the wrong choice, that's simply being results oriented. The boys that started today retained their place on merit. They have been pish today and Gallagher will rightly come back in next week.
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    Gallacher should have started. Not with benefit of hindsight. Just the fact we have started a young boy ahead of an experienced and an International player that would hold our defence together better imho. Might seem clever by Alexander but that was a daft decision form the get go !
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    Gallagher back next week please.
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    Gallagher is a our best defender, the fact he’s not playing is ridiculous.
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    Thats because we're too honest and not going down at the slightest touch.
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    Aye, that'll it be it. he certainly won't have had any actual facts or information to base it on. It's his first time at Rugby Park and he never talks to any of the playing or background staff.
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    First pint Kelly buys after lockdown will be for Maguire.
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    It’s a good message to send, that you’ll keep your place if you play well, and aren’t guaranteed your place back if you miss games.
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    Get rid of the plastic from the premiership so Accies 12th and Killie 11th and getting pumped in the playoff would do for me, Ross county is a good away day
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    Not a chance we will get relegated, it's not happening. Stick with the guys that have got us results recently. For all that Killies pitch is an utter abomination, I'd still prefer to see them stay up at the expense of that Mickey Mouse team fae Hamilton and that teuchter mob.
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    Sorry folks but my corny jokes recently seem to have been helping the team so here is this weeks ...........'A lorry load of Savlon was found abandoned on the M74. Contact the police if you have any inflammation ' I'm here all week
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