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    “It would be unfair of me to take any headlines about something in my contract.” A quote from Gallacher in January, regarding the trigger that wasn't in his contract.
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    Contract Columbos out in force!
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    Double denim is such a fashion faux pas!
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    Let's go back to the beginniing. The source, "close to big Dec", went to the Record with details of his contract. If they and indeed the story, were inaccurate or downright wrong, all he had to do was to correct that publicly. He has NOT done that. In short, make of that what you will.
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    Totally agree...all 12 clubs involved...we are not that a massive a league that it should be impossible to make that happen. The media attention it would gather would be phenomenal. Although it would also be a massive oxymoron, given the two biggest clubs in the country appear to draw the line at racism, but appear to be phappy to let the bigotry and sectarianism run amok in each of their respective fan bases?! Hmmm...maybe needs a rethink...
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    The entire point of the video is that the four players don't want anymore meaningless phrases or empty gestures. Credit to the four of them for being so honest and being able to expose and examine very difficult issues. If they want to move the issue forward it would be good to see players from different clubs come together and set out some ideas to improve the situation.
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