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    He was good at ‘Corners’. I’ll get ma coat.
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    I’m proud to have been part of this project. I worked with the Motherwell historian, Stuart Graham and Matt Johnstone to catalogue all of our change kits. It’s still a work in progress but we are getting there!
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    I contacted Johnny Gahagan to ask him about the kit, here's his reply: I broke my nose in that game and the second game at Tannadice was an exciting game too although we went out after extra time. I think I may have some photos in an old scrap book. If I find them, I will send on a copy. We did wear white shirts at times but always with the claret and amber frills. I never wore black shorts. If it was a black and white photo of Albert Kidd it may have been claret shorts, which we wore with the white top...... sometimes we wore white shorts but never black. I promise to get back to you in the near future...... Strange thing I've noticed about United's Adidas kits, home and away, up to 1981/82 - in every photo I've seen, regardless of the time of year, their tops seem to be long sleeve.
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    Ah here we go, "Stand Together", another meaningless bandwagon phrase to make it look like we care about racism. Loada shite. So we have "Take the Knee", "Black Lives Matter", "Stand Together", "Kick it Out" , "No room for Racism", "Give racism the red card", when the authorities actually running the game cant be arsed to work together to produce a coherent anti racism campaign what real hope is there? And thats before we even mention the Bigotry that is allowed to run free in Scottish Football in particular We need education (kids arent born racist, its learned behaviour) We MUST have a combined and coherent anti racism message both in Football & Society as a whole, no more bandwagons, and there must be a Zero Tolerance attitude. Until that happens, everything else is just pish & wind
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