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    Is there a Latin word for "Rollercoaster"...?!
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    I’ve campaigned for years for a redraw and I’m very happy with the newly updated crest. The ‘battleship steamer’ has gone and the crest has been reunited with the Steelworks landscape. Well done to all involved in this subtle improvement.
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    Or “Punching way above our weight” in Latin or something.
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    No that’s going above the toilets.
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    Look at all that smoke/chemicals/ impurities etc etc coming from those chimneys ……..we need to improve carbon footprint and save the planet Ban the badge ………Bring back…..carbon neutral script
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    I heard they are doing away with the EST. 1886 and putting “A great wee club” there
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    Hi there, I am a Undergraduate student at the University of Glasgow. For my undergraduate dissertation I am studying the impact of globalisation on football through the view of a local club. As a life-long fan and season ticket holder at Motherwell, I know how the club is heavily connected to its community and is therefore perfect to include in my project. I would greatly appreciate if you could fill out this quick questionnaire on your experience as a Motherwell fan and your opinions on the globalisation of football: https://forms.office.com/r/XUd2EFDjMF Thanks very much!
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    It may not be his best position but he'd be far better than Donnelly was last weekend. I like Donnelly but he is miles off it right now. It would also give us a bit more quality with Lawless in between their defence and midfield, something we badly lacked last week. And it would also piss off O'Neills40yarder.
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    And replace the steelworks with M and D's (for obvious reasons).
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    Done. Best of luck. Found it interesting. Hope it lets you define what makes Motherwell F C a very special club. I remember visiting the Camp Nou and it’s display of photographs in the time of Franco and before, and how proud they were of its connection to the oppressed people of Barcelona. Look what globalisation has done there…and no Messi now because no money…
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    To be fair, you live in a State that doesn't recognize Joe Biden's election win (or evolution).
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