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    I am not sure what the big deal is. Get jabbed. Get yer QR code. Get to the fitba. Or don't and stay home.
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    Nobody is forcing anyone to get vaccinated. It's not a basic human right to get entry into a football match any more than it's a basic human right to smoke inside the ground or a basic human right to drive to Fir Park if you don't have a licence. It is a basic human right to not have people put your health at risk because of their personal choices. It is a scientific fact that people choosing not to get vaccinated are prolonging the spread of the virus, increasing the chances of mutation and extending the need for all the protocols we all have to deal with. There is plenty of law that surrounds human rights that goes back centuries. They all say basically the same thing: "Liberty is the power to do everything that does not interfere with the rights of others: thus, the exercise of the natural rights of every individual has no limits save those that assure to other members of society the enjoyment of the same rights.” tl;dr "Your rights end where mine begin"
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    It's feck all to do with politics its main purpose is to encourage people who have not yet done so i. e. the younger age groups who just happen to be the people spreading the virus now to get vaccinated. It's a public health initiative ffs to try to help control and stop the spread of a virus that kills people, so if that means me spending 30 seconds extra going into Fir Park to show proof of vaccination then so be it, it's not a lot to ask. No doubt all the anti vaxers, conspiracy theorists, David Icke fans and general fuckwits in society will be up in arms about it, but its about saving peoples lives and learning to live with the virus as it's here to stay, so we need to deal with it.
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    Another way to look at is if you don't get it then it is you holding the gun to everyone else's head. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Its quite basic human rights folks. People shouldnt be forced into something they object to on moral or medical grounds, simply because their government has decided that they should. I get that its being promoted as for the greater good, but where is the evidence that it is necessary or will work? What next? You cant go on holiday without a vaccine passport? It will create division and a 2 tier society. None of which is good for the public or democracy. Im double vaccinated and more than happy to take advantage of my status, but that doesnt mean I think others should have their freedoms curtailed because they have taken different decisions than me on their own personal health. PS. This IS clearly political, but it impacts on our ability to support the club we all love. As long as that is done in a respectful way, theres no reason we shouldnt be discussing it.
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    It's a big change for the way our country works and there is no guarantee its use won't be expanded to other venues or areas. It also seems unlikely to make any difference to Covid totals. Around 2% of the populatiom attend football at the weekend. Limiting the movements of the >0.4 population who may be refused entry isn't going to make much difference overall and a fair whack of them will just go to another unventilated public place anyway. The 'gun to the head' chat is ridiculous. I've been to Fir Park twice and I didn't see anyone who looked like they were unduly concerned about the pandemic.
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    I don't see how this is bullying. You absolutely have the right not to have the vaccine. That's your choice. But every choice has impact. In which case you are choosing to forfit other things to prove some point which has been wiped out by all the science under the sun. As for this 'issue'...we won't be having over 10k in Fir Park this season so we needn't worry.
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    Rightly so! The sooner we stop mollycoddling these anti vaxxers the better.
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    It's great we are getting back to watch football but I don't like this basically holding a gun to the head if you don't get it then you are not allowed. We are getting to the stage where its going to be papers please!You don't have the jab well you sit in that stand with the rest of the unvaccinated. It's going down dangerous path.
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    I'm pretty ambivalent on Sturgeon (I voted Green) but if all Steelboy did is call her Jimmy Krankie I'm a bit mystified by the reaction here. It's shite patter but hardly the worst thing that you could say about the country's most senior politician.
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    So John Boyle allegedly signed a deal probably over 10 years ago as he stepped down as chairman in 2011 to do a deal with a mobile company for a 5G phone mast to support a technology that would not be possible for at least another 5 or 6 years. I wonder if there was a Delorean parked outside with Marty Mcfly and Doc Brown negotiating for the mobile company.
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    Totally agree mate the 5G conspiracy theorists are in their element with stuff like this all over social media, ironically a technology made all the better over fast 5G networks so they don't mind using it, they are all fuckwits and should be ignored.
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    I downloaded my vaccine certificate this morning, which in fact includes 2 x QR codes (one for first dose and one for second). It might be a moot point for MFC (due to the 10,000 attendance question)… but in terms of the practicalities of checking them, it probably doesn’t need any investment in technology. The letter includes your name and address, and clearly states first dose + second dose. So it could be as simple as someone doing a visual check on the vaccine doc (which I now have on my phone), then checking that I am who I say I am (say from my driving licence or whatever). It could be done in seconds for each person (if they come prepared) but it obviously takes extra time and resource versus what happens today. There would need to be exception processes for people without (say) a smart phone or photo ID, plus those ineligible or unsuitable for vaccination… and no doubt it would be a barrier for some to attend matches. But it could probably be implemented fairly quickly and easily, without extra kit. The ethics of this is a different question… but the sooner we learn to adapt and live with Covid (accepting some relatively minor inconveniences for the benefit of a normal life) the better, as far as I’m concerned.
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    If it gets even more folk vaccinated and therefore stops the spread,and more dying. I’m ok with that. I would be happy to know everyone around me was vaccinated. If only we could get over10,000 into the park,
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    I agree that the original comment hardly registers on a scale of 1 to 10 but anything even remotely political can stir up unpredictable and mercurial reactions, and is best avoided on football fora. In general though this board is far better than some in that regard.
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    I'd be amazed if it wasn't a h*n that managed to dream that bit of patter up...considering how pish it is. And for the record, I sat behind the bold steelboy at the last match and he was like a new man...didnae moan once
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    Excellent might get a decent mobile signal in the ground for a change.
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    Scored on his home SPL debut. Can trap a bag of cement. Told Willie Collum to "fuck off". It's certainly a decent start.
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    See it's alright sitting in yer ivory tower in the "land of the free" and commenting on something that really doesnt concern you now
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