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    I see Motherwell FC won the best Social Media team award at the 2021 Football Business Awards today beating Man Utd, Everton and Leicester City in the final list.
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    Yes, as a kid, I always looked for his blond hair at corners and expected him to score. Mind you, he often had Andy Weir taking them, and he was a magician who could even score directly from the flag. As far as Joe is concerned, his great talents have been admirably listed above but my last memory is of him standing a few rows back from me at the 2011 final and talking to the fans. He was Motherwell through and through. Good old Joe.
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    I’m only 65 but Charlie was playing when I first started going to games. Where as Joe Wark had rubber legs, Charlie’s super power was that he seemed to just hang in the air when he went up for a header. Both from the same mold though, gentlemen of the highest order, terrific talented players and model professionals. Perfect examples for any young budding player to follow.
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    I absolutely agree with this. On top of this he was an absolute gentleman and a fantastic ambassador for the club. He should have been the first person inducted into the hall of fame.
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    I would love to see Charlie Aitken be enrolled next time around. I know a lot of you on here will not have seen Charlie play, but he was an inspirational player, who helped those around him. As I say maybe next time.
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    Ticket pricing has always been a shambles. I’ve always thought adopting a same price across the board structure would work best. Although, not at £30 plus sadly the Old Firm would never entertain it the greedy bastards.
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    I'm guessing he made their Hall of Fame on the back of being part of the squad which won the Premier League. They only used something like thirteen players in thirty six games. As I get older, I think I tend to be less critical. It could not have been easy trying to play up front for some of those Tommy Mc Lean sides of the mid to late eighties. He certainly believed in the principal of building a side from the back, and trying to be hard to beat, rather than exciting to watch.
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    Matter of time...can't put off the inevitable...
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    Absolutely right, I went along to Spurs vs Man City on the first day of the season a few weeks ago. It was a spontaneous decision to go on the day, so I got one of the very last tickets on the website. £65 quid it cost me and this was my view... https://gyazo.com/440ddc144666c63b2afedcd76a0f2aa5 The picture doesn't do justice how bad it was, and any time something happened everyone stood up and I couldn't see a fucking thing. A couple of weeks later I wanted to go to an Arsenal home game against a smaller team, but you have to sign up and become a member for £40 before you can even buy a ticket. It's fucking ludicrous.
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    If you've never seen Joe play it's difficult to explain just how good he was. His timing of a tackle was unequaled, his passing was excellent and he was running up and down the wing before wing-backs were a thing. Despite never shirking tackle, he managed to avoid picking up a yellow card for about 20 years (until some jobsworth ref booked him when we were in the First Division). Also, unusually for full backs in those days, he had great ball skills and used to entertain us during stoppages with a few keepie-uppies and catching the ball on the back of his neck. Most impressive of all, though, was his consistency. He was on top form almost every game for his entire career and his mistakes were incredibly rare.
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    Nonsense! Hammell is worthy but Joe Wark was in a different league and I saw them both many times.
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    Stevie Hammell never played in goals, never played left wing or CF, Joe Wark's feats on the field are somewhat overshadowed by his length of service, Stevie Hammell doesn't know my father either.
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    For the under seventies, maybe I should add that he was our rock-solid goalkeeper when we had arguably the most skilful and entertaining football side Scotland has ever had.
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    Showing my age, but Hastie Weir would be a good shout.

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