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    Get Dougie Imre, he ain't bothered about folk from the East Stand giving him pelters.
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    TBF though the guy's comment was targeting a posters comment on how "we have one of the worst supports in football", which is an absolutely wild opinion IMO, yes we have arseholes in our support but considering the regular behaviour of the Old Firm and some of the behaviour of Aberdeen, Hibs and St Mirren fans on their respective visits to Fir Park last season we are no where near being the worst in our own country.
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    Whoever gets appointed is a risk so why not Valakari rather than one of any of the other risks? I wonder though if the BBC just picked up on an old Daily Record story and linked it to previous interest. Lazy journalism as we are used to. His track record is as good of as any of the other names mentioned. The serious ones anyway. If he really wants the job despite currently doing well in a secure post in Finland, then that puts him ahead of many of the names mentioned who have been out of work for a while and will be desperate to get a job, any job. In my eyes anyway. And we need a fresh start not more of the same old same old. For me Valakari would be an exciting appointment, as would Craigan. But Valakari has way more experience of managing senior players. We could do a lot worse I think.
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    Interesting article in the Daily Express. https://www.scottishdailyexpress.co.uk/sport/football/kevin-thomson-considered-motherwell-job-27631926 If you ignore the Kevin Thomson element, the timeline is interesting.
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    Main priority is maybe not so much new players but getting those we already have match fit. Question marks certainly need to be asked as to why we look so unfit.
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    sure i saw darren odea name mentioned....best i can say about that is unknown quantity....i wouldnt mind hammy being a number 2 , but his role at the academy is also vital, maybe moreso. i know these wont be popular and i will be shot down but some random names...dick campbell, dave martindale, craig levein, john mcglynn...not the most glamourous or charismatic and not youngsters list but all scottish and have proven themselves at various stages at smaller clubs
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    He looked to be maturing in that position until physicality exposed badly. He has though filled out a bit, I don’t see him reverting to the defence. He’s not the first pick Alexander & more than a few on here had him as.
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    Ideally everyone promoted from the academy can go on to have a decent professional career, whether it's for us or elsewhere. There will be some that get plucked before getting a game for us, and others that will excel and go for a few quid after a good season, maybe two. But we could really do with bringing through a few that are decent at our level and can rack up 100+ games. I'd rather have players we've brought through filling those roles than an endless cycle of English lower league jobbers.
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    I would say, when fans of other clubs comment on the state of our home fans berating the team you have a bigger problem than an element like that.
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    We have one of the worst supports in football, no patience and one of the most toxic.
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    As a club I'd like to see us nudge forward and have a longer term plan. I first started watching us in early 80s and we progressed into the top league, spent a few years battling relegation and steadily improved brining in better quality whilst bleeding youngsters. Bringing through players like Boyd, O'Donnell, McCart, McMillan, Faddy, Pearson, McCulloch, Lasley, Hammell, Reynolds, Quinn Murphy, Hutchinson, Cadden, Turnbull, Campbell. Whilst being able to attract some very decent players who stuck around from - Russell, Cooper, Coyne, Lambert, Martin Craigen, Sutton. Recent years we've been able to show in patches the same approach to youth with some exceptional players, our attraction of quality players has generally been poor. Over this period the quality has got worse, the fan base reduced. As club be great to see us move forward sustainably. Reduce the squad size, bring in better quality who are likely to stay a few years whilst bringing through youngsters. The Faddy's, Turnbulls, O'Donnell's are perhaps once a decade type player but even to get back to the quality of McMillan, Lasley, Hammell, Reynolds, Cadden etc should be within our gift and their likely to give a damn. Appreciate this means we'll lose out on some 16 year olds having their head turned but I can't see any other obvious way forward. Really don't want to accept we've come as far as we can and every year it's a battle for mid table. Really want to see us slowly but surely progress - even a most increase to gates to get 5-6-7-8k people through the door would be great. With this is mind it may be more than a new manager we need.
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    That is certainly true. The way I look at it though, is that the quality of exeprienced player we are able to bring in now has fallen so low, the risk of playing a young player you have faith in is becoming negligible. Id much rather watch a team of our youngsters have a go an develop than a group of journeyman that are never going to improve. Balancing the two is the trick, and finding a manager brave enough and with the skills to do is the key.
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    I think when you have a situation where clubs in the English 5th tier can pay more money than our club for players we need to re-assess the model and ask whether trying to sign players from these leagues is of benefit to us. For every Louis Moult and Cedric Kipre that are unearthed, there are another half dozen who are nothing more than journeyman professionals who are doing nothing to improve the quality of our squad/league. The future for clubs our size has to be developing young local talent. Yes, we may lose many of them to english academys before they play a first team game, but it shouldnt stop us trying. Your Cadden, Turnbull, Campbell, Hastie, Cornelius' are the way ahead for us and the only chance we have to try and challenge and improve because there is no ceiling on the level that talent could pitentially reach. We do of course need a core of experienced players to support and guide them, but these should be handpicked, known quantities rather than just the "total punts" we seem to have favoured over the last few years. In my opinion, our next manager has to fulfill those criteria if we are to halt the current malaise.
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