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    A very good performance today. Dominated possession of the ball but squandered a lot of chances in the first half and when they scored with their only shot on target, you could have been forgiven for thinking that it was going to be one of those days. Credit to the team in the 2nd half. They remained patient and kept playing their football. No doubt the red card was the turning point and helped us but no one could argue we had not been the better team up until that point. McIvers goal is a thing of beauty. A slow motion moment that will live long in the memory. The scenes at Big Decos winner in injury time were magnificent. All in all, a very decent days work. Left Ayrshire at 0750hrs this morning in the dark. At the time of typing it is 1908 and we are somewhere between Pitlochry and Perth. One of those rare occasions where it was worth every minute! Get those passports looked out folks!
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    Minute's applause in the 10th min for Phil O'Donnell?
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    Happy Christmas to Well fans, and everyone connected to our wonderful club, wherever you may be.
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    All things considered, this is one of the mildest post loss meltdowns I’ve seen in a while. We’ve come a long way in 2019 :-)
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    Forget about nine points in a week. Forget about staying third. Just pump them. And the rest will take care of itself.
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    Here’s one from left field Lee Griffiths on loan till end of the season ?????
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    Great result so credit to management and the players. Great that big Declan scored a last gasp winner. Are County regretting releasing MacIver? Our travelling support would no doubt celebrate. They deserve this reward for giving up their Boxing Day to travel up to Dingwall. Safe journey back.
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    Positivity?from yodo?its a Christmas miracle Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    I’m not having Accies fullbacks being worth a look from our scouting department at all.
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    Robinson's team talk at half time must have been something along the lines of 'Job done lads, take the rest of the year off....'
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    I wasn’t using seedorf as a scapegoat the whole team was terrible TODAY but seedorf is just horrendous canny do anything right.Hes verging on being one of the worst Motherwell players of all time Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    The only Ross Mc I will acknowledge is McIver. Edit- turns out that joke doesn't work unless you're illiterate like me.
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    We are pushing for Europe so it seems to be working.
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    I've always said the "back to haunt us" theory was well founded and made perfect sense; this is just another excellent example.
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    He got that just for leathering Yodo in Edinburgh last week
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    We are starting with 10 men because Seedorf is like playing with a man short.
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    The second half was pretty much like us wandering about going “where’s the ball”? “Where’s the ball”? “What does the ball look like”? “ I can’t remember what the ball looks like. How will I find the ball if I don’t know what it looks like”? However still in a great position at this time of year and we know to expect glitches but still doesn’t make them any easier to bear.
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    A bad day at the office but some fans need to get a grip. We are sitting 3rd...14pts clear of 7th place...the booing at times unbelievable. Aye it was a honking performance but you know what these things happen. We had players badly off form , scott had a howler but I am sure he knew that himself. Let's just put today down to a bad day and recharge the batteries for cup tie...COYW
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    Well that was a chastening experience. I'm sure there have been plenty but off the top of my head I'm struggling to recollect a game that we were so far ahead of the opposition, in terms of dominance if not scorewise, and contrived to be so soundly beaten. I thought we started brilliantly. I've read one or two remarks saying we did nothing after scoring but I thought we could easily have been three or four to the good before 20 minutes had passed. If we had managed to get the second during that twenty or so minutes of dominance then I doubt Hamilton would have come back, but we were made to pay for our failure to kill them off. Understandable that we might not be able to maintain that intensity for the whole first half but we became increasingly sloppy and allowed them to come back into it. We did however seem to have withstood their period of pressure and created a further opportunity ourself. Over the piece they must have been pretty happy to have escaped at half-time just a goal behind. But that second half. Dear God... A painful, but hopefully heeded reminder, that for all we are sitting third, have improved immensely over the calender year, have played some terrific football and have some very capable players, that if we aren't on it we can be very cruelly exposed. It isn't something you can throw at the team too often but they didn't look like they wanted it as much as Hamilton as that second half grew on. It frustrates that we didn't even need to be cut apart either. It was fairly basic, ball in the box stuff and watch us panic. Thoughts will focus on the substitution. A difficult one. A change was most certainly required but did the inclusion of another defender just illustrate our panic? It certainly did nothing to make us less susceptible to their increasing attacks as it turned out but not unnatural to look to try to make yourself more difficult to break down if you are on the backfoot (regardless of opponent and position). What it did do in removing both Hylton and Scott was cripple us in terms of us returning to a more offensive outlook when they equalised and the game was completely up when they went ahead. It's glass half empty, glass half full stuff about the other results. We've ridden our luck with Aberdeen dropping points and Hibs and Kilmarnock losing. But what an opportunity lost to strengthen our position. But all things considered that doesn't really come into it when the pain of the defeat is still fresh. We've turned in one of the worst halves of football in quite some time, lost a derby in front of one the healthiest home supports in some time and that stings pretty badly at this moment in time.
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    We started really positive,got the goal and then for whatever reason we just fell right out the game.the second half was a shambles,we looked like a team that had never played together before and not one that's sitting 3rd in the league.too many had a serious off day,i love wee campbell but that was easily his worst game I've seen him play for us,scott looked like he had never seen a football before and the rest weren't any better.hopefully there's some scope to freshen things up a wee bit in january, a striker and another option in the middle of the park have to be the priorities.
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    I think using Seedorf as the scapegoat is ignoring the garbage from every single player before and after he entered the game.
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    I think if you are being completely honest our results have been better than our performances recently so I'm not that surprised about what happened but having said that it was our poorest performance in a long while. Started well and scored a good goal but almost immediately after scoring the goal we went into first gear, became withdrawn, got sluggish and sloppy. Even then Accies should have still opened the scoring in the first couple of minutes but they too were poor in the first half so we kind of got away with it. Second half was atrocious and Accies gave us a hosing. 7 or 8 players just didn't look interested and the truth is 1-2 defeat made us look better than we were, Accies should have scored more. Could easily have been 1-4 or 1-5. Gillespie has made a great save, Moyo has headed inches wide and there was plenty more chances beside those for Accies. If we'd won today we would have gone into the Scottish Cup match with a lot of confidence, I think today's performance has got to put a little bit of doubt in there now because we were really so poor. I've been saying for a while that our central midfield area is a concern and today didn't change that.
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    We played well for maybe 15 minutes then fell away badly. Rarely seen a team dominate us so much at Fir Park as Accies did today. We were far too complacent and were totally outfought losing almost a all 50/50 battles. Midfield were totally anonymous. Our second half substitutions only served to give Accies encouragement. Many mistakes both on and off the pitch today.
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    Only other thing I could suggest is try clicking the Backup Player button on the bottom right of the page. After that I've run out of ideas.
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    Hearts avoid total self-destruction (despite their best efforts) and do us a favour by holding Aberdeen to a draw. EDIT: The old Texan beat me to it. I must have lost reaction time in the cold weather.
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    Such a frustrating first half, we should've kicked on and got a second. I'm back to the "James Scott is wildly overrated" stance.
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    If you're getting the commentary but not the pictures (I think) it thinks you have a paid subscription, but are viewing from the UK or Ireland. It might be cookies that are doing that (which is why I suggested the private or icognito windows - as that gets rid of the cookies). Or it might be that for whatever reason you are showing up as connected to a UK or Irish server. Try going to https://www.where-am-i.co/my-ip-location to see what is being identified as your current location.
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    Make sure you are connected to a Norwegian server (and not through a UK server). Try running it in a private window (in Firefox) or Icognito window (in Chrome).
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    Watching on MFCTV from Paris, France (according to my VPN).
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    Interesting changes: not unhappy to see Grimshaw back; Mugabi not so sure but maybe offers more pace and better distribution than big Pete; happy with Long’s return. The line up suggests a lot of hard running combined with a bit more physicality. The engine room stays the same and is supplemented by pace and power on either flank. Hope we can run over the top of them. If not there is enough threat from the bench to try something different. 3-0 the Steelmen.
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    the club do very little to market individual games , they barely even use the free media channels to mention its on, Interestingly the last Accie sgame at hamilton seen some extra promotion to encourage a big 'Well support if any Motherwell fan wants the crowd to grow, its within the means of almost each and every one of us to add one or more to the gate encourage a relation, friend, neighbour, colleague to grab the opportunity to come along to Fir park, spin it as a homecoming, tell them how good its been, decent viewing , Hell, tell them the pies are good. even if you dont get along yourself , often we will still know someone in the area, that could be encouraged along, or someone that regularly attends who could be nudged to bring a kid thats at a loose end over the holidays
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    It's the modern game. Full backs aren't expected to tackle or have any defensive nous these days, as long as they are productive going forward. Look at Trent Alexander-Arnold yesterday being touted as the best right back in the world. Undoubtedly an excellent attacking player, but I'd say questionable defensive skills. I prefer my full backs to be good defenders first, but I know that is just the rant of an old man now
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    Considering our recent form and lying third in the SPFL I would love to see a good turnout of Well fans, it would be great to see at least 5,000 home fans, is that too much to expect?
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    Think its what is drummed into our fullbacks on the training ground !!! Its the same every week does not matter what wing a team is attacking down our opposite fullback is usually miles away from the man he should be marking Happens on to many occasions for it to be a coincidence
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    I dont even bother reading the follow follow forum as will just be full of nonsense. However I agree with Stu, I wish some of our supporters could just enjoy the goals instead of trying to get onto the pitch. That's been a few incidents recently that dont look good. Keep up the great support lads but let's not give the old firm loving media any ammunition ....COYWWWWWWWWWWWW
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    You’d think Carson could get a better offer than livi even with his illness he had Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    https://www.followfollow.com/forum/threads/motherwell-scum.101598/ Follow Follow having a normal one. "The Fenianisation of Motherwell FC"!
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    Good to get a win over County especially after their victory at our patch and it went tits up that day. However this squad is a team full of excellent players that play for the badge and give everything. Said even before MacIver was brought into the first team squad we should be looking at getting him involved. So it’s great to see another youngster get his chance and score a screamer on his debut.
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    Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooft! That is all! (But has Yodo been on the cherry liqueurs?)
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    Yasssssss!!!!!! what a great Christmas present - safe journey home peeps.
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    Great result well done to the players and management and well done to fans who made the journey safe trip home
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    Agree that a point would not be the worst result. Ross County are not doing much away from home (dodgy smash and grab at Fir Park accepted) so going to Dingwall will undoubtedly be a battle. As for presuming anything about the following fixture, I've been a 'well fan too long to make that mistake. Concentrate on the job in hand, be professionally focused and up for the fight and then let's see what it gets us. Oh, and a Merry Christmas to all Motherwell fans, wherever it may find you, seeing as it is Christmas morning here in Aotearoa.
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    Someone has to go to Dingwall at Christmas. They play St Johnstone on derby day so any other side has a big trek to get there on Boxing Day. Most of the players don't have family in Scotland and they have to train anyway. 6 points then they can have a good New Year.
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    Think this will be a tough one and wouldn't be too upset with a draw presuming we win on Sunday. 4 points should hopefully keep us in 3rd place going into the break. As many have said Polworth will come in for Donnelly presuming he's not fit, with O'Hara or Campbell playing the Donnelly role. I would also bring in Cole for Long.....
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    I think this is an utter shite fixture for Boxing Day. Ideal if your young with very little commitments and fancy a day in the swally however I can’t justify essentially pissing off for a 10hr shift to go to the fitba. Crap for the players aswell as they need to travel on Xmas day. Onto the game itself this will be a tough one. They will be out to prove themselves after the Livi doing and should be right up for it. Polworth straight in for Donnelly if he isn’t fit. Keep the rest of the team the same from the weekend.
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    Yes, we were fortunate not to lose a goal or two but what goes around comes around as they say. Killie have worn Dick Turpin's hat more than once at Fir Park.
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    Sorry for confusion over the date. Alcohol already having an effect.
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    Nothing like that, we were told the Operation was Precautionary, because the Celtic Medical picked something up that MIGHT affect him in the future. Im not disputing the Medical report or the Operation. Im disputing what we are being told! Turnbull has no history of Injury Problems, and he finished the Season fine. Was he already Injured? Has there been complications? Because to me, 8 months out for what we were told was a Straightforward, Precautionary Operation is a hoorna long time, especially when many other players come back from Serious Injuries in less time!
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