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    I had a feeling it was you guys as a few of my mates were saying a couple of guys were there with Motherwell scarves. Never noticed you as my head is absolutely up my backside today. We all thought there would be a decent turnout but I wasn’t expecting 400+. A fitting send off for the big man. I’ll be there on Saturday. The big man wouldn’t let me have it any other way.
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    I made it along on Saturday. The minutes applause had me in tears. At least my old man would have got a laugh at the most typically Motherwell performance we've put in this season.
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    These new FIFA guidelines for referees have taken all the enjoyment out of the game
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    Regardless of everything else, I will lose my shit the day grimshaw scores.
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    Hi Fraser. Peter and I were at the crematorium to pay respects to your Dad this morning. You wouldn't notice us in the crowd - great turn out. He was clearly a lovely man. Deepest condolences again to you, your Mum and sister. We will be there on Saturday for you if you can make it.
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    The reason Grimshaw runs with the ball is because he can't pass, cross or shoot.
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    I’m thinking our blue kit may be due for a revival next season (I know it divides opinion). In recent seasons we’ve had a claret and a white away and we do like to switch it up every now and then. Design wise we have become very Roma in our approach to shirt design. This season Roma have revived their blue kit from years ago as a third option utilising claret/amber trims. Here is a relatively simple design I created around 5 years ago that adopts a similar approach.
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    28 years ago today Motherwell played their 1st ever European match in Katowice, what a trip that was, hard to believe it was that long ago, happy days,
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    Completely agree, he smashes the guy to the ground with his forearm and then proceeds to jump on him studs first in the back. Anyone who thinks that isn't a red card is severely deluded.
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    Why can we never hold on to a lead?!
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    The quality of refereeing was fucking woeful. One of the worst displays I’ve ever seen
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    Ah fair enough. Glad there's a good story behind it.
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    If Tait was the best right back at the club he’d be playing. That argument has more holes than Swiss cheese! A back 3? It’s been a while...
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    McKinstry v Hastie one played in the team, one didn't one went down south, one went to Rangers one got best wishes, one got abuse we are the fickle ones
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    He's a thoroughly decent lad and a true Well fan. Good luck to him.
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    We put Tait to left back because we didn't have a left back. He was playing well at right back at the time.
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    Absolutely crazy decision taking Polworth off for O’Hara.
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    I want to formally apologize to everyone as I put Motherwell on my coupon this morning.
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    I ’m still fond of our 70s Admiral era. I designed this several years ago as a homage to that time.
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    I’m his son actually. The generosity of people has brought me to tears a couple of times this week. His funeral is on Wednesday 18th September at 10am at the Linn Crematorium. I’m making it my target to get to the Ross County game as the big man would be furious if I missed a game at Fir Park.
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