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    Jesus, my eyes are burnin reading this...... thanks for the kind sentiments folks.I think what Busta did is essentially being “outed”
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    I'm not so sure it's Jake Hastie getting to the end of his contract and accepting a life changing offer from a bigger Club that continues to upset a minority. Or his outing as a fan of that Club or even celebrating joining them. I suspect it's the fact that the Club in question is Rangers that is the real issue. Otherwise why were these same folk not having a go at Darren Randolph, Michael Higdon, John Sutton, Mark Gillespie, (Chris Long?) and, going further back, Paul Lambert and Rab McKinnon? When they walked out we received £350/400k less than we got for Hastie. In other words, nothing. There are others. And , if youth is a factor, how come McKinstry is hailed as a shining example of how good our youth development is when he elects to move to a bigger Club for £225k rather than staying with us to develop his footballing career? Also, how come we celebrate our goalkeeper joining "his club"? I suspect the answer is that not one of the players I listed left us to join either Rangers or Celtic. Paul Slane anyone? Footballers of all ages have decisions to make throughout their career. Some will get it right, some less so. Credit to Hastie for having the ambition and belief to give Rangers a go at such a young age. Even more credit for having the desire to come back to us on Loan when he had other, less demanding options north and south of the border. And credit to our Management team for bringing him back despite the objections of a few fans and the supposed upset caused by the manner of his original departure. Robinson clearly thinks Hastie can help us and I for one look forward to seeing him prove the doubters wrong.
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    Maybe a wee bit of good news for a change. Thought I would check online to see if any update regards Stephen. Not from someone in the know or family, so emphasise qualified update, but I found a bit in some Far East news release covering Vietnam and surrounding area. From 5 days ago and only a brief comment. “Scottish pilot Stephen Cameron has astounded local doctors and has made great progress. Still in Vietnam but thankfully on way to recovery and did not need a lung transplant. A long way to go but improving and signs are positive.“ Great news if accurate and It seemed a legit report. SCMP Asia Desk. ..scmp.com. Fingers crossed we see him back on here soon. https://www.scmp.com/news/asia/southeast-asia/article/3088235/vietnam-british-pilot-stephen-cameron-making-miraculous
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    Coming home. Happy days https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-53380309
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    Bold of you to assume there's not people on here who hate Rangers more than they like their families.
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    For me he’s a Motherwell player now and who knows may sign permanently at some stage if things go well. The past is the past and I can pretty much guarantee we will get better performances out of him if we support rather than abuse him. When we get back as supporters I will be cheering him on exactly the same as any other player.
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    Some people simply can't see through their own brand of bigotry to the reality, and the reality is we played the OF a total of 5 times last season, 2 of the 5 against Rangers, and lost them all. All of them without Hastie who will this time be available to play against Celtic. As you say, any points against the OF at any time are a bonus not an expectation. And that applies for the entire league. Calling that absolute reality a 'mentality' is absolutely mental. The OF haven't been winning the league for almost 4 decades due to a mentality among the opposition. They have been doing it because of a massive financial advantage that's as great at this time as it has ever been. Last season alone they spent over £20 million between them in the transfer market. The rest of the league combined spent a total of around 500K, Motherwell spent nothing, effectively operating in the freebie charity shop market along with everybody else compared to the OF shopping at M&S. And that's brutal reality, not a mentality problem. If the management team who just secured a 3rd place finish with only the 8th largest budget in the league think Hastie is good business then so do I. They're the experts not merely pundits on an internet forum. Hastie is of a quality we couldn't afford outside a deal like this. The fact he can't play against Rangers is irrelevant to the 3rd place at best finish everyone outside the OF is aiming for.
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    given I made it up I'm either some sort of Nostradamus or I've got Rangers' fanbase on strings.
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    less chance of bangers who still let their wifes dress them over there
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    That Steelboy has so little to complain about that he's reaching to such depths to throw shade on Burrows tells us all we need to know about our pre-season so far. Decent signings in early doors, still more to come by the looks of it, European football (in some form) on the horizon, and we've still got our best player under contract and raring to go for the new season. What a time to be alive.
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    Yet here both of you are bickering over it.
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    £4million transfer fee to sign for Newcastle. Season-long loan back to us. Newcastle takeover goes through, no way into the first-team for DT. Buy-back clause of £2million. DT holds record of being highest transfer fee received by the club as well as highest transfer fee paid by the club, with a cool £2million left in the bank to build the Alan Campbell Training Academy. Or at least that's what my mate's Saudi burd tells me.
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    I completely disagree, I thought he was very good, and would thrive with a fully fit Turnbull in behind him.
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    I think it was necessary. Part of attracting players is the clubs reputation on how you'll be treated if you sign. From the outside we look like decent employers who will look after you if you've got a long injury, give older players career routes into badges / coaching etc. This all factors into which club players choose to sign for and if he's damaging that reputation by being conservative with the truth then it should be put right. Also, he's the one that chose to put his own contract negotiations into the public domain so I think the club were free to respond. Aye, it's not our usual style, but I wouldn't say it's particularly emotive or unprofessional. Out of the 20-odd paragraphs there's one line "we are disheartened".... the rest is more or less a statement of fact.
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    with me and the girl from Clapham.
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    Nah, He's had enough with court cases in Edinburgh this year
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    So by that token did David Turnbull show a lack of ambition by choosing Celtic over Norwich? After all Celtic play in the same League as Motherwell and Turnbull was not guaranteed a start every week. A stepping stone to greater things was mentioned as a strong reason for choosing Celtic. More likelihood of development and a chance to learn from better players. I have a feeling he opted for Celtic to be closer to home more than anything else. But that’s only a thought and not based on anything definite. I’m not saying Hastie has shown anything like the consistency or talent of Turnbull, but by moving to Rangers he immediately increased his chances of winning silverware, increased his chances of playing against top European sides, increased his chances of a call up to the full Scotland side, got to work with a coaching team possessing a wealth of International and European experience , got to train and play with top International players, and got a hefty wage rise as well. Just like the situation Turnbull would have benefited from. It has not yet worked out as well as Jake had hoped but all is not lost. He may well be a better player than when he left us, both in a football sense and mentally. Time will tell. If he does well for us, who is to say he will not get another look in at Ibrox? Whatever, I’m sure that given his time over again, he would make the same decision. Commitment wise he was with us for 11 years, despite approaches from other Clubs during that time. Just like Turnbull and Jamie Semple. Unlike a good few other youngsters who opted to leave ....Leeds and Rangers being two beneficiaries. And Hastie chose to return to us despite interest from elsewhere. As for there being the same anger if he had gone to a Hearts or Aberdeen, I don’t recall there being such bitterness or talk of lack of ambition when Curtis Main departed for Aberdeen. And it could be argued Main contributed more in his time with us than Hastie did. And that he owed us for rescuing his career. Players get to the end of their Contracts and sometimes better offers come along from elsewhere. Players have decisions to make and we have to respect that the decision is theirs’ to make. Injury and the denial of the opportunity of progression and security might only be one game away. And if Rangers want to Loan us Greg Docherty and Jamie Murphy as well.......
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    It's also worth remembering that the manager has seen fit to bring him back. You'd think we'd been forced to take him with some of the patter on here. Shite being spun about how many games he has to play. Absolute nonsense made up on the internet. It's a no-lose situation for us. We've basically got a player back that we've already been paid a fee for. If anything it's the Rangers fans who should be asking questions, not us. Hopefully he does well and manages to forge that relationship with Turnbull again, nab a few goals, get us some points. If he doesn't, we'll send him back to Rangers and he'll be their problem again.
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    Anyone who wouldn't take Murphy is mental.
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    Looking forward to seeing the poor cunt unveiled outside the Brass Button
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    If he goes, I will miss his smiley face.
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    ITK overload in here, love it. Unless it comes from ITKMarvs mouth I refuse to believe it, personally.
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    From 1970 to now we have had 25 shirts with either a band/hoop. And 10 without. The hoop is dominant even during the period you mentioned.
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    I know you (quite rightly) bang the youth academy drum fairly regularly, but I just don't agree that we aren't giving youth a chance. Turnbull, Campbell, Scott & Hastie have all been first team starters in recent seasons. Maguire, Semple & MacIver (albeit not quite the same scenario) are on the fringes and have featured on occasion. Hussain, Devine and Cornelius look like they are going to feature more regularly this season. If we had 11 Turnbull's in the reserves I'd be all for playing them every week, but it's incredibly naive/romantic to think that these players are ready to play as first team regulars. We need to sign established players to operate at the level we currently are operating at, and certainly if we want to push on from here. I think the signings we have made this season, on paper, are very clever bits of business but also show a level of ambition I don't think we have shown in the market for a while now. If we were to add Lang, and possibly 1 other (a RB perhaps), as many have said this is the best squad we've had on paper for some time now.
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    If it's been stated it's a private bounce game then why not respect that? They've stated they'll post information and images/footage if they can thereafter. As tempting as it might be, I can't imagine it would do much for the cause of getting grounds open as early as possible if a few hundred people all take the same approach and pitch up at friendlies trying to sneak a peak at the game.
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    I put 2021 in the title which is probably being a tad optimistic. The draw take place on August 10th and we enter in 1st qualifying round due to take place on Thursday August 27th. I looked at Kassies website and there are 94 teams due to play in the 1st qualifying round. With around 30-40% still tbc but with a coefficient of 5.75 we will probably be in the top half of seeded teams. Likely opponents could be Derry City or Bala Town from Wales. Old opponents such as Breidablik of Iceland are in there also. Depending on the draw I expect we would be odds on to get through 1st round, slight favourites for 2nd round and non seeded for 3rd round. It hopefully will count in our favour that we are playing at the end of August with a few league games behind us rather than late July with only a few friendlies. I desperately hope given progress with Covid19 that we may yet get to attend games home or away depending on location. A BIG if but we are still 2 months away so fingers crossed.
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    Hello, We're hoping to put out some details soon. For season ticket holders, it will be on the same platform as the international streams. We'll send out codes and instructions of how to watch the games in the next week or so. Will hopefully have answers on other points ASAP.
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    This is getting really boring now.....
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    Turnbull is actually a good example. His "big move" to Celtic was derailed due to a knee issue. Now, what would have happened if that knee issue was more serious? In fact, and I really hope this isn't the case, imagine Turnbull returns this season only to break down for whatever reason, and he never hits the heights expected of him? Do you think Celtic will still want him? Not a chance. That life-changing money is gone in a flash. Let's take it even further. His knee continues giving him grief and he never gets back into a groove for us, and eventually drops out of our team. When the time comes and he's quietly released, do you think the fans who bemoan a player leaving too early will give a toss? Of course not. We're more concerned with the next Turnbull, or the new striker we've signed. Turnbull will just be another ex-player who is a "what if?" discussed in pre-match pub chit chat. Players "owe" the club and the fans nothing. It's only ever the good players that are called on for loyalty and "giving back," isn't it? If he was shit we wouldn't be bothered. Hastie was right to take the stupid deal Rangers offered him. He's most likely never going to be better than he was during that purple patch he had for us, so he's right to cash in on it. He could easily go out against Ross County for us and go down with a career-altering injury. You take the money when it's available. Strike while the iron is hot, so to speak.
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    Hastie still outscored Hylton and Seedorf last season in league goals despite only making 10 appearances.
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    Anyone who says Hastie isnt better than what we already have needs have a think again. He may only have had a purple patch before, but neither Hylton or Seedorf have produced anything near the quality Hastie did during that time and they had nearly a whole season to do it. Im very much on the fence with the signing. I didnt like the way he left or who he left for, but he is back now and the management clearly think he can improve the squad as they would not brought him back knowing the furore it was going to cause. Its a bold move, and the lad will need a thick skin for the first few weeks, maybe longer. But he seems to know whats coming his way and appears up for it, so good luck to him.
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    If we have exhausted all other avenues to bring in a winger, or don't have one coming through the youth ranks, I wouldn't be against hastie coming back on loan. I don't like the idea of developing a rangers player either, but its an area we need to strengthen and hastie will do that, plus its a low risk move for both parties in that he knows a lot of the players, management and backroom staff... Rangers are always going to have good players regardless, and if its not us developing him it'll be someone else anyway.
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    Phenomenal story. Given their proximity to the source of the virus, to not have a single death in a cointry of 95 million people is quite incredible! Also, given the symbolism of the number in our clubs history there is something comforting in the fact that "Patient 91" has made a remarkable recovery! Hope you are able to get home soon G&F!
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    That was the highlight for me. The way handled that game was first class. His enthusiasm for taking on Rangers was contagious
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    We don’t change the badge because the stuff depicted Isn’t there anymore. If anything, that makes the badge even more important.
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    Plenty words of wisdom being spouted on here as usual...but for me, Tait has made a total arse of his contract situation and hes made an arse of himself by trying to make the club look bad. Going by the two statements, it's pretty easy to see that Tait, is the 'bad guy' and that disappoints me, as I liked him a lot
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    I really enjoy working with mixed media. This is a painting of Motherwell legend Joe Wark I did in 2015. It was initially created in water soluble pastels. However, it has been worked on digitally as well. The final result is a part ‘analogue’ part digital painting. Joe was my football hero as a kid and I was lucky enough to meet him on a few occasions. The signature I used on the drawing was scanned from a card Joe signed for me back in the 1970s. Joe sadly passed away at the age of 67 following a battle with dementia Joe made 539 appearances for Motherwell from 1968 to 1984, under seven different bosses, and dedicated his footballing career to the Fir Park side. After his retirement he became an ambassador for the club. My mixed media painting has lay dormant on my hard drive for nearly 5 years. The plan was to print a small run on fine art paper with all the proceeds going to the Remember Well dementia charity. However, after several failed attempts to get in contact with them I’ve put the project on hold. I think I’ll have another attempt at contacting them as I quite like the painting.
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    Not that it makes a difference but isn't it confirmed he's a Celtic fan?
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    The return of Moult would sort that out.
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    He's taking a long time to decide what to do.
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    Sadly, it shouldn't be incredible that they had no deaths - they locked down early, implemented rigorous contract tracing and quarantines, as well as clear and effective public communication. What is incredible is that other countries (I'm looking at you US and UK) decided they knew better and implemented late and substandard measures. Countries like Vietnam and South Korea have had experience of contagious viruses such as SARS, so they are better prepared. Other governments should have been making use of that expertise and following their lead. Rant over - glad to hear he is doing well.
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    I think for a few posters on here that should definitely be a requirement.
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    I wouldn't have let it get to this stage...but right now, the only fair way is to increase the size of the leagues
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    He’s not going to ride you.
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    Who would have thought that handing titles to teams who didn't win them and relegating clubs that didn't deserve to be relegated would cause problems! Burrows hasn't mentioned anything to do with this in months. He obviously knows the SPFL have fucked it.
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    I’ve been experimenting with different team wear providers over the last few months. I enjoy browsing teamwear websites to see what is available, and adapt them to suit Motherwell. I created this pre kit release, but forgot to upload it. The hooped home sleeves and blue away are interesting given what we were eventually provided by Macron. These are two recent templates available on the Errea website. They have a unique take on the traditional sash/band that I’ve not noticed before until recently. An odd placement, however, it does create some free space for the dreaded sponsor logo. I think it was Craig Brown who said, teams/players who wore the same base colour of shirt, shorts and socks looked much taller on the field.
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