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    “I hope a sixteen year old boy who I had never even heard of up until today goes on to have a terrible career because he doesn’t play for my team any more.” Wise up man.
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    Davie Cooper wasnt good enough for Rangers, Bobby Russell wasnt good enough for Rangers and Tommy Coyne wasnt good enough for Celtic. They were hardly disasters for us.
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    I watched the first two Scotland games at the u17 Euros and out of the two Lennon Miller was far more impressive than Rice. They were both 15 playing against older boys and Rice showed good touches but struggled badly with the pace of the game. In the first game Miller came on at half time and almost dragged Scotland back into it getting an assist and creating a few other good chances. In the second he sat in front of the defence and was effective until he went off injured. Given the fact that we release boys every year without anyone blinking an eye then we just need to accept Rice or others choosing to leave as the flipside of that.
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    Anyone remember Keanu Baccus?, He has just signed for St Mirren but I don't remember seeing him at Fir Park!! Ba boom
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    If that is true would be interesting...highly rated....in fact would be an ahem....TOP CATch.......sorry folks
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    Easy for me, but I would doubt if there is any TV highlights still available. MOTHERWELL 3 TOTTENHAM 2 ! Unbelievable night!
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    It's a catch 22 situation really. We can say that it's best for a player to stay at Motherwell and look to progress to the first team, but what if that doesn't happen for whatever reason? Injury, loss of form, simply not being good enough. The example a lot of fans use is Jake Hastie, claiming his move to Rangers wasn't a good move for him. I think his level of performance after that short purple patch for us shows he absolutely made the correct decision. If he'd stayed at Motherwell he'd likely have shown the kind of form he did when he returned, which would have seen him slide down the pecking order and eventually get released. I don't think him not signing for Rangers would have seen him suddenly become a quality player who then won a big move a few years later. As things stand, he's playing in League Two. The only difference is he's doing so with a relatively healthy bank balance from his Rangers deal, so he's come out a winner in that regard.
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    Not to mention that Bobby Graham wasn't good enough for Liverpool, Peter Marinello wasn't good enough for Arsenal and Joe Wark wasn't good enough for Irvine Victoria.
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    Great post grumpy. Similar to yourself I’ve been watching the Well since 1967 and also like you I look forward to every season with excitement and hope . And it’s that hope that it might be our season never leaves you and hopefully never will . One thing I find bizarre is judging a player before I actually see him play in a Well jersey. There’s plenty time for that over the whole season . I for one welcome anyone who signs for us and like to wish him the best both for himself and also the club . So this prejudging players/writing them off /not good enough gets a bit tedious . Anyway it’s a forum and everyone’s entitled to there opinion as they say . It takes all types , both informed and the controversial. But I’m firmly in your camp mate . Us old guys have seen some amount of players come and go and yes there have been some roasters . But at least give them a chance to be roasters before you start judging them . Here’s to a good season Well fans . Don’t let the dark clouds out there get you down . COYW
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    I apologise for my one liner. For what it is worth, I'm an old fart and have been watching the 'Well since 1967. I'm happy to admit to being the definition of a "Happy-clapper" and I start every season hoping to finish 10th or better, and I don't start thinking of anything other than avoiding relegation until (if) we reach 38 pts. Then I start looking up the league. I want to be entertained, and obviously last year wasn't great for that, but I would rather survive the season in the manner we did last year than play expansive football and lose every week. I also like to see our youth given a chance, although I appreciate that the need to survive in the top league sometimes impacts on the manager's ability to introduce younger players into the team. I don't really pay any attention to any team other than us, I don't follow English football, other than to keep half an eye on ex 'Well players for a season or two, EG Allan Campbell. This means I generally don't have much of an opinion on anyone we sign, like McGinn, because I have never bothered paying him any attention. I'll form that opinion once he is wearing C & A and he will get my support, as will all the team. Some posters apparent desire to see us struggle is completely baffling to me. Your last sentence is the most telling, which leads us right back to my original one liner.
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    So given that we should be signing players of the same level, or better than Hibs would deem as good enough for them right ? To do that we would need to be offering the same wages or better right? How do we do that ? I would rather you did not just keep everything to two throw away lines and actually came up with a detailed explanation of your thought processes. You want a team of better quality players, how do we fund that ? Do we start building up debt again ? Do we look at a smaller squad ? Do we cut back in other areas such as youth and put that money into the first team budget ? What other ideas do you have ? It’s easy to just keep throwing insults around every time someone questions your posts, I could do the same but it achieves nothing. I’m actually genuinely interested in your thoughts.
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    How often have people called for us to sign established Premiership players rather than none league guys from down south. ? Well regardless of his position this is exactly the type of signing many want. Good luck to him.
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    Exactly, for every club that improves another will struggle. We just need to make sure we’re not one of the worst two and go from there. That’s not a lack of ambition it’s the reality for a good half a dozen teams in this league every season.
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    We only managed to finish 5th because the rest of the league were utterly pitiful and even worse than us . Never if my life have I seen week after week results go our way even when we fucked up week after week. That won't happen again. Aberdeen and Hibs will not be as bad next year. Kilmarnock will not stand still. The standard of our play last season was eye bleedingly bad. We had the 3rd worst defensive record in the league. I think we need 5 or 6 . If Spittal turns our to be the deal that obviously becomes 4/5
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    Sorry I agree slightly with Yodo, Slattery no doubt has ability but he is lazy, doesn’t look fit, he can’t last 90 mins, Davis and Arfield made him look mediocre. A young fit energetic guys should out move and out fight these guy’s easily.
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    If it’s all that “standard “, then surely everyone would have known better and waited just in case.
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    That was a weird season that one. Some memorable wins, the 2-0 v Rangers you mention above, beating Celtic 1-0 at Parkhead with 10 men and 3-2 at FP, beating Hearts with a last minute Pat Nevin goal in a re-arranged game after the first one was abandoned. But at the same time we had some absolutely awful results. We lost 4-3 at home against Ayr Utd in the Scottish Cup having led 2-1 then 3-2 and them having an outfield player in goal for a spell in the first half. There was also that ridiculous 6-5 loss at home against an Aberdeen side that had scored two goals all season before that game and a 4-0 home loss against Kilmarnock in a midweek game. Dundee cuffed us a couple of times at home as well. And yet somehow we almost managed to qualify for Europe. That was a very expensively assembled Motherwell side too.
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    75-76 SC 3rd Round against Celtic and obviously, the 91 SF Replay. Both I suspect had highlights posted here many times :-)
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    Looking good home and away - let’s hope our play can match the quality of these kits . wouldn’t mind slotting this striker into our team
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    Now that is indeed a lovely kit. After last season’s hideous black effort and this seasons abomination of a home kit they have finally managed to get it right. That is a belter!
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    A nod to one of my favourites from the 70s.
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    I know. Has wee yin taught me nothing!
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    With the amount of time you have been here and the number of posts you’ve made, you should know to be very specific and not the slightest vague - tut, tut, tut.
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    It's certainly no coincidence that the youngsters who have moved on with their careers are the ones who racked up a decent amount of first team appearances for us first.
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    Stats not very impressive. Finally I’m writing off a player before we even sign him. Now I feel like I belong here.
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    Assuming we don't use 10 or 13 That leaves 20, 21, 23 & 24. That'll be our August 'window slamming shut' signings!
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    I am not sure what future for SOD is but do feel sorry for him. Had some howlers last season and took a lot of unfair stick where other players (KVV an example could make lot of errors plus loads of bookings) but get less criticism. Happens at all clubs, always have players that can be scapegoats. With regards to Spittal and mcginn I am happy to sign them ahead of lower league English dross which we have done a lot (with odd gem discovered),. As John Lennon said about new signings...."All we are sayyyyyyying......is give them a chance"
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    Hello Fellow 'Well fans, Just to make you aware, if you haven't read about it in the Well Society newsletter, the club shop is taking orders for scrapbooks of former players, two Ancell Babes Willie Hunter & Pat Quinn and Tom Forsyth & Joe Wark. Each players family together with a current member of the MFC Former Players Club (FPC) have collated these scrapbooks. The books were compiled by the individual player themselves and contain great pieces of their playing career as well as Motherwell FC history. One of the many good deeds carried out by the FPC is to raise funds to assist partners and families of former 'Well players who have passed on. They also contribute to the Well Society. A percentage of the money from sales will go to the FPC. Here's the link. https://motherwelldirect.co.uk/collections/books
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    Add Tony Straker, Danny Murphy, a past it Alan Sneddon, and more recently Aaron Taylor-Sinclair and Stephen Hendrie. McGinlay and Carroll are limited but let's not kid on they are anywhere near the worst...
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    You need to put it in the modern day context with full backs which boils down to not actually requiring as much out of them defensively. Whether it's Trent Alexander-Arnold, Calvin Ramsay or Nathan Patterson, the expectation is that they operate more as wing-backs (or even wingers) than a last line of defence. I can't say I'm a fan of that approach, but you see it across all the leagues now. As for poorest fullbacks, the current two wouldn't come close to my top 5 even if you restrict Derek Murray to just one slot.
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    We have no real history/ tradition of playing in stripes, but I really quite like this.
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    First time in a fortnight I have managed to get into site.....sorry folks......I am back!!! Lol
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    If Bala win the cost of going to Wales is set at either the cost of a car or supporters bus journey. You can't save any money on that, it'll cost what it costs. If Sligo is the destination it's likely to be much cheaper to book flights immediately than wait until July 14th. Combine the two of them and people who want to go to the away game in either Ireland or Wales had a chance to fix a minimum and maximum price for travelling today after the club appeared to confirm the dates by booking flights to Ireland (with an option to make it a smaller spread by betting on Bala when odds for the tie are announced). It's not like we drew a team from Sweden or a team from Cyprus and people are just deciding to book Sweden, being able to go by car or bus to Wales makes grabbing a cheap flight to Ireland the sensible option. If the club had tweeted hold off until 6pm tomorrow for confirmation of dates at half 12 today rather than saying the away fixture was on the 28th no one would have any complaints. Then beyond that you have people making travel plans for the home game and we seem to have tweeted some Sligo fans into booking as well.
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    For those complaining about Burrows' request to swap the fixture dates and how this would affect your already booked travel plans, you should've noted that UEFA stated during the draw that all ties are subject to change until tomorrow evening. It's not his fault you've all preemptively misfired your loads.
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    Davie Hay still gets the blame in our household for foisting Wallace upon us.
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    I get why folk might not like it or are into retro kits but for me I think it’s brilliant. I was 8 when that came out and I had the full kit which I wore to death, as soon as I saw it On Twitter I just thought of me as a wean playing down the park with all the other kids wearing rangers tops and a few aberdeen ones thrown in. Proper nostalgia trip for me. Love it
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    Designers got there money for feck all work with that design, an unashamed copy of a nearly 40 year old strip, a distinct lack of creative input. I don't buy any replica kit anymore but for me it's not a good design a bit too retro, but I am sure others will love it.
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    Scotland are feckin brutal and will continue to be until they get rid of Clarke he is a clueless fud as a coach leaving talent like Campbell and Turnbull on the bench and giving game time to at best average unknown English players whose granny once ate shortbread ie Jacob Brown.
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    Really worrying the lack of signings for the start of the season, our defence was horrendous last season, anyone could score against us, so to only bring in a right back when we have two in SOD and Max Johnstone is baffling, left side has been very week all last year, another forward is a must, and for those who want to defend Connor Shields and Efford did you go to games last season, if you did then no discussion
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    Surely not!!!!! I need to up my game then. Beware folks ...lol
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    Slattery was our best midfielder at the start of the season by some way, certainly not lazy. Something happened between him and Alexander given he could not even make the squad at times. Maybe not the best trainer but with better around him he has more to offer.
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    What kid doesn't grow up wanting to step out against Bala Town on a Thursday night 2nd Qualifying Round for the Europa Conference? I'm actually glad we dodged this guy. Might be proved wrong but this has 'Standard Robinson Signing' all over it.
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    i hope the home tickets are buy one get one free or the ghouls will no be happy
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    And yet the shirt on your chosen avatar is approximately 95% claret.
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    I was looking through some of the European leagues and I noticed our old foe Nancy have been relegated to the third tier of French football. Levante were also relegated to Liga 2. When you consider Flamurtari have also been relegated, Kuban, Mypa and Katowice have all been liquidated, Panathinaikos are a shambles and Steaua have been splintered into two teams I think it's safe to say no one will want to draw us in the competition!
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