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    Christie wasn't down in need of treatment, he'd already had that so it's not all that clear cut. That said, if Celtic had scored a goal in the same circumstances yesterday we'd have been unhappy so it's probably one that we've got wrong. However, the sanctimonious shite that we're being subjected to now almost makes me happy that we did it. As has been mentioned, last season alone Celtic scored twice where their player threw themselves to the ground under no contact and feigned injury to get a Motherwell player sent off. Not once did Brendan Rodgers offer anything other than an assertion that they had done nothing wrong and sought to justify both penalties. Against St Johnstone they were awarded a penalty which clearly wasn't, and were more than happy to tuck it away and move on. No talk of Celtic players needing to "redeem themselves" or thoughts of how "It's a goal that shouldn't have stood so you have a chance to do something about it" and how these incidents are "unfortunate for the game" or even how Sinclair, McGregor and Brown were involved in "disappointing acts on a football pitch" and how "the criticism goes to the players because it wasn't a good act at all". None of that at all. Chris Sutton called it disgraceful, yet he himself did exactly the same thing as a player. Brendan Rodgers' Celtic side played on to score while an Astana player was lying with a head knock. Strachan's Celtic sides would routinely 'give the ball back' by chipping it into the corner and pressing the opposition. The hypocrisy from the Celtic fans and management is astounding on this - and that's not even mentioning the Edoard challenges on Aldred and McHugh and the reaction to McHugh being stretchered off, followed by the "Orange Bastard" tweets he was sent amongst those wishing him dead. An Irishman from Donegal who has his Twitter name in Gaelic hardly screams "Orange" to me... In a week where the Celtic fans were shook to the core by an incident at Ibrox that had nothing to do with them they have displayed the exact behaviour they were devastated by. Ashamed of nothing, offended by everything. Fuck them.
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    Do you remember how we raised the issues after the League Cup Final....and three days later they get a questionable penalty against us to save them with two minutes to go? Do you remember Burrows voicing his frustration and Rogers and the media roundly mocking him and his laptop footage in the days after? Do you remember the red card Kipre got for nothing in the following game at Fir Park? Highlight it, scream blue murder all you want it'll get turned right back on you by the media who are quite happy to keep an issue on the boil to sell papers or get clicks or a referee pissed because you've had the temerity to highlight their colleagues ineptitude and ultimately it'll most likely make fuck all difference. Or you do the smart thing. Make them all believe you are full of contrition and it's been a terrible mistake and a big learning curve and there is little more they can add. Some of the immediate heat is taken off Scott and time is bought to formulate a response where Robinson can prepare more fully for the inevitable questions that will come in the Kilmarnock pressures.
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    Did we really sign him or did I just dream the whole episode,
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    Nonsense, the ref controls the game not that mob, they put the ball out , play was never stopped so we had every right to use the throw in to our advantage so feck them, It will be all over the papers as it always is more deflection from their fans wrecking stadiums, fighting with the police, sectarian abuse, etc as ever they are always the victims.
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    We are going to hear about this for the next 4 days on the radio and written in the papers. Just a shsme we didnt get a point out of them. Fuck them! In the last week these cunts have smashed up seats at Killie, dished out sectarian abuse to a player, launched coins at that player and been out fighting the polis in Spain........ and eh, we are the bad guys And thats just this week, never mind casting our minds back to Sinclair cheating in the league cup final last year.
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    Motherwell now paying the admission fee on Saturday for those that went on Wednesday. Well done
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    "Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference."
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    If you've got the guy's ear, maybe the white Umbro away with the claret/amber panel across the chest could be the next project? They've brought that template out for the Dundee home kit and Current Buns away previously I think.
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    Let's be honest, James Scott shouldn't have done what he did and our reaction would have been similar if the roles had been reversed but at the same time the whole incident has been blown up and Rodgers comments after the match are ridiculous and show off his clubs sense of superiority and entitlement. Rodgers comments about the how the goal shouldn't have been allowed and that we should have let them score are there purely to create a reaction. James Scott is a rookie player making his first start in a match and has probably got a bit excited. Rodgers is an old pro who knows exactly what he's doing. So who's the cynic? As has been said I don't remember Celtic letting us score after dodgy penalties or letting us bring on an extra player after red cards for nothing. The whole thing has the same kind of stink around it as the whole 'guard of honour' thing. When Celtic are involved there are obligations that don't really exist.
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    You must be relieved you can have another pop at him again (however much of a stretch it is). That 6 game stretch must have been killing you.
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    Disappointing from Robinson after the match. Very similar to the league cup final. Eduaord injures two of our players, not a word about it. Celtic bleat on about sportsmanship, easy enough to mention dives and elbows but he keeps stchum. Does he stick up for James Scott? Did he fuck. Celtic hounded Bowman and Kipre, continually disrespect our club yet the manager refuses to stand up for us. On the other hand he'll have a go at Curtis Main when he's playing him with a concussion. He'll have a go at Adam Livingstone when he's been badly prepared for a match. Yet he won't say a word against Celtic. Something not right here.
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    Deserved to get beat but played ok at times. I refuse to go to either old firm unless a cup game so watched on a stream, Tom Boyd has to be the biggest prick I have listened to. I hate the fact he is our cup winning captain; I understand he is an employee of Celtic and a fan but the way he talks about us is a disgrace. I will never forget him goading Well fans at the 2011 cup final. Boyd should never be invited to any club/supporter events again. Rant over
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    do you need to get special clearance to get photaes put up now.... r
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    Now if we were honourable fans of a certain club we could all buy a Killie pie; rub it into our seat before ripping it to bits.
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    Fantastic gesture and a PR win for the club. However those that can afford it should seriously consider whether they need to take money out our own club to attend the game.
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    Mjc post on page 20 is an absolute pearler Sent from my SM-A320FL using Tapatalk
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    There was fuck all fair play about it. Christie had already been attended to seconds earlier by the physio. Both Christie and physio saw fit to continue and then stopped play conveniently moments later, for a Second time. For a side that has cheated its way to two penalties within two seasons (cup final and fir Park) the hypocrisy of unsportsmanlike behaviour is startling. Robinson should’ve backed Scott in the interview or at least turned the tables and brought up previous actions. I have to agree with the above that instead of praising edouard, he should’ve been asking why the hell he was still on the park. We equipped ourselves well over the piece but I, like every other well fan over the years, am tired of us bowing to pressure from both halves of the ugly divide and would really appreciate if someone would raise their head above it from time to time and challenge the status quo Rant over
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    Going into that 5 game run was reminiscent of the 14/15 season for me. We were playing a style of football that all other teams had sussed and there looked to be a morale issue. There were differences of course, we had a new manager and lots of new January arrivals. What we did have though was a critical run of games in February that gave a glimmer of hope that if we managed to get a couple of wins could see us nudge over the line to safety. As every week passed, that hope slipped further and further away. This year, the management and squad have made the most of that run and we are safe for another term. For that, they deserve nothing but applause. As much as I thoroughly enjoyed cuffing the h*n, going into those playoffs is not an experience I want repeating any time EVER.

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