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    Firstly I want to say that all this "Wee Nippy" and "Wee Kranky" and "ahhh want ti go ti the fitbaw!!!" shitely-made points that just sound like "old-man shouts at cloud" is possibly the most counter-productive thing I've heard in a long time. My post below will leave no doubt as to where I stand on this issue, but it's this embarrassing narrative that I believe is hugely impacting the rational view. The "Wee Nippy/Kranky" brigade are as useless to the debate as the "Thank you for everything First Minister" brigade. Anyway..... Infection rate in Scotland in the week leading up to 31st Dec - 1,900 cases per 100,000. Infection rate in England in the week leading up to 31st Dec - 1,600 cases per 100,000. Scotlands infection rate was even higher than London which is the epicentre of the Omicron outbreak. Now that the vaccine is in place, the re-introduced restrictions implemented by the Scottish Government are doing absolutely nothing other than further ruining the economy and Scottish businesses (and yes that involves football clubs). They were also outright asked about the figures they publish being "with Covid", as opposed to being "as a result of Covid". The first reply was that they didn't have those figures, and when pressed on the fact that if they are claiming their actions are driven by data then surely they must have them, they respond by saying well, we do have them but we can't tell you due to data protection. *Read - we won't tell you because the figures that are actually as a RESULT of Covid and BECAUSE of Covid, are low enough that they don't justify the governmental response. If a person dies for any reason at all, spread under the wheels of a bus, for example....and they are found to have had 100% completely asymptomatic Covid in their system...they are included in the Covid death figures. If you die OF ANY REASON WHATSOEVER within 28 days of having taken a positive test, you are included in the Covid death figures. That in itself is an absolute nonsense, and wildly skews the figures to an unimaginable degree. If you remove from the figures all of the people who happened to have Covid-19 in their system and were not affected by it in the slightest yet died by Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Traffic Accident, Suicide etc etc etc, and either did not even know it was in their system or within 28 days of having had a positive test, then the numbers left make the response utterly and embarrassingly disproportionate and damaging. Imagine for a second that death from any cause within 28 days of being on a flight, was recorded as an aviation disaster, and you see how ridiculous it is. Two leading professors revealed earlier this week that if the exact same figures for hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths were occurring in 2018, no-one would even know anything was wrong. They are so low that no-one would even notice and we'd never have heard a thing about it. Two things are happening in my opinion, 1 - the Government are feeling the hit of a woefully under-funded NHS, and passing the responsibility for it onto the people, and 2 - Nicola Sturgeon took this latest action as part of her future drive for Independence as it was assumed one of 2 things would happen; either Westminster would introduce restrictions later on and the SG could re-use their quote of "I will never apologise for caring more for the people of Scotland than Westminster do", or the UK Government wouldn't introduce restrictions at all and their infection rate would dwarf that of Scotland and she could say the same: "Look how much better it was when we decided for ourselves". Except that didn't happen, it wasn't, and we are now in the "oh shit" phase of Scottish Government. It's apparent now that her nightmare scenario has happened where Westminster did nothing and still has a better infection rate, so all she's done is ruined the country for absolutely no benefit at all. They are realising that, hence the thickly-veiled climbdown that's starting to happen now. Which in itself introduces things that make absolutely zero sense because the drop in self-isolation from 10 to 7 days apparently doesn't work retrospectively, so someone thats on day 5 of self-isolation today has to continue for 10 even if they now test negative, but someone who tested positive yesterday only has to for 7. In fact, it's actually stupider than that....someone who tested positive on Wednesday will still be stuck in their house after someone who tested positive yesterday is out and about. Swinney has already been called out for using incorrect figures to back up the restrictions, and the worm is 100% definitely turning. I'm actually extremely surprised to see that the concensus of opinion on Stellmen Online is the polar opposite of the general view I'm seeing elsewhere and in general life. People in high positions are starting to call out bullshit, and even the media are (finally) starting to ask questions when things don't make sense. The legal wagons are circling already and there will be court-cases for YEARS to come when this starts to die down. Perhaps even criminal cases when it's taken into account that they knowingly sent people to their deaths by discharging elderly Covid patients back into care-homes so they could use the hospital beds for other people (mainly caused by years of under-funding). This, for me, is the main reason they HAVE to continue with the charade of restrictions because if they admit they made a mistake, then by association they are accountable for every business that went under as a direct result of uneccessary restrictions, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses can just sit back and reap the rewards of the legal teams that the previous CEO's of Debenhams, Arcadia Group, Frasers Group can afford. If you think Covid has fucked the world, just wait til you see what the next 10 years holds when people are held to account. Caveat to this is, I'm a previous SNP supporter who was a huge fan in general of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government, but they have absolutely without doubt lost my future vote along with many many others that I either know personally or have heard of anecdotally. If there was even a shred of a credible opponent up here at all, I truly believe they would be out on their ear come the first sniff of an election. Except there isn't, so they will be re-elected with an albeit much smaller majority, and it will be completely pointless because we'll now either never have another referendum in anyone alive's lifetime, or if there is it will be overwhelmingly no, because we had the chance to show we could be better on our own and they made a monumental c*nt of it. Looking back now, the memory of us all standing in the street whacking pots with spoons and clapping is absolutely cringe-inducing to the point where I wish I could convince myself I hadn't joined in.
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    I know this will look like I'm picking on you, but: I work in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and pre-pandemic the ICU capacity was 20 beds, technically 15 ICU beds and 5 SHDU, when Covid first hit we expanded into two other areas giving a potential capacity of 36 beds. We also doubled the available ventilators from 16 to 32. The maximum number of Covid patients we had was 19 with 10 of the original 20 beds left available for non-covid patients. Currently there are about a dozen patients in ICU, two of which are Covid, the overflow areas are still set up if required. I cannot speak for all the other ICUs in Scotland but I would be astonished if they had not taken similar steps. I do agree that a lot of other conditions are, whilst not being ignored, are not receiving the urgency they require. I also agree that successive governments have treated the NHS in a disgraceful manner.
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    Could be made permanent for the right fee
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    Over reaction to a declining issue what a feckin ridiculous statement to make about a virus that kills people and leaves others still struggling health wise a year later, have a look at yourself FFS. Public health and people's lives are more important than going to a football match, oh and the "wee crankie" patter is honking, get a grip.
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    1. Yes when no fans were allowed I did not attend now they are I am going back to Fir Park 2. I know Reading posts might be difficult for you, it's the morton game not Dingwall I bought the ticket for. 3. You really need to change your patter the use of the word "horrendous " is boring now. 4 . As weeyin says if you have nothing to contribute re the match then please be quiet and let the adults talk.
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    Anyone else get sick of reading pish like this?
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    Obviously you're no one worth bothering about, I'll take as long as I like.
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    I hardly think erring on the side of caution is shitting the bed. England has a government that couldn't care less about people while here we have one that puts the safety of people first during a pandemic, whether they recognise that or not. Give that Scotland has much worse general health statistics than the UK as a whole we've actually done a better job than down south in restricting Covid related deaths. The Scottish Governments approach has saved lives. Sorry you missed a couple of weeks of football.
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    The sad thing is you really do seem to believe the antivax it's all a big government conspiracy pish you continue to spout, you probably go out at weekends burning down 5G phonemasts as well. In answer to your question when there are no restrictions on matches I very rarely if ever miss any, I can only assume you or anyone close to you has never had covid and the long term health issues it still causes to some, my wife included. But you carry on with the conspiracy theories the rest of us will do the sensible stuff
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    Really, why get tired of it, unless of course you support her policies. What are these decisions made on, scientific research is still to be confirmed on its outcome of serious disease. All the gathering at Cop26, resulted in no cases???, but the cup final was a super spreader!!!!. Yes opinions matter and condolences to those who have lost relatives etc, but as the eminent Professor Pennington states 'The figure of 500 has ben plucked from the air, 10,000 of a crowd would make no difference. I can't come to Fir Park sit in my seat in the fresh air because I might either spread or catch something, but I can sit in a pub, yes 1 mtr distancing full of people, but that's OK, just doesn't sit right with me. Give us a definite answer, do vaccines work or not and stop blaming everything on people going to the football. To those backing her, did you go to the games or have you sat in the house only asking.
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    Can we maybe have one match thread without this nonsense?
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    Every poster who wanted us to sign Lafferty and have Tommy Wright as our manager should be made to watch the Dundee v Kilmarnock playoff every day for the rest of 2022. First one to find where Lafferty was hiding for those games wins a prize.
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    Well the bells and fireworks have sound off here at the far side of the world I will take the opportunity to wish you all a happy and safe 2022.
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    I make an exception for Turnbull without wishing his team great success at Celtic I bear him no I'll will whatsoever. He went out his way by signing a contract when he knew he could have left for nothing. He made sure the club got a hefty wedge and for that he should never be castigated by any Motherwell fan. He did right by us without doubt.
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    Why do you never answer a question? If you have an insight others dont, you could answer it and make us all better informed.....
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    Does football exist in a vacuum utterly devoid of laws?
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    As others have mentioned Sturgeon is in a no win situation with everything that happens with regards to this virus, and her and her party are doing the absolute best they can. I am a humungous fan of hers and would give anything to see her lead us to an independent Scotland free from the grip of Boris fucking Johnson, but the Scottish Government have made a balls up of this big time. The stupidity of being unable to attend an outdoor event where the virus spreads less easily but being allowed to watch it in a pub full of people is extremely silly. It's unbelievably frustrating to read posters on this website saying stuff like "there have been no deaths of this variant" or "it's no worse than a mild cold". It's absolutely not about the effects of COVID for the majority of people, it's about protecting the elderly and the vulnerable, and most importantly protecting our NHS from being overwhelmed and overcrowded. Missing the pub and the football for a few weeks to prevent that happening is fine by me, and it should be fine by everyone too.
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    If the NHS had been properly funded, by politicians both past and present, we maybe wouldn't be in this position, but that's a topic for another time.
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    I continue to be amazed how some people seem to feel that going to a game of football or having a meal is more important than their own long term health. I still have family and members of my team at work with long covid, they may never be the same again, Mother in law died with it. Not going to a match won’t kill anyone.
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    You’re honestly a prick of the highest order
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    Dear Yabbas, as an administrator you should be careful as to what you post. The Communications Act states that if the person the post is aimed at believes it to be threatening then a crime has occurred. Please delete your threatening post or the appropriate action will be taken.
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    Was looking forward to the game but now I'm just looking forward to Robbosboy shutting the fuck up. Sent from my Pixel 6 Pro using Tapatalk
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    Decisions been made, one I'm sure most are happy with. Can we get back to saying players are either brilliant or shite depending on the day of the week rather than politicians. At least the bad fitba takes on here are quite unique, I can see thousands of tweets about Sturgeon being gods gift or a fanny every day on twitter but I come here for McGinley vs Carroll debate.
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    Let's not pretend that our politicians are any different than other politicians worldwide. This whole situation has long been more about political oneupmanship than saving lives for quite a while now. The Scottish government took the gamble that by closing shit down when their counterparts down south didn't they'd see their Covid numbers sky rocket while ours didn't, thus providing the ammunition for our government to play the "see? This is what happens when the 'Tories run things. If we were independent we wouldn't need to answer to them at all" card. Ordinary people are just fodder to these megalomaniacs. On both sides of the border.
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    Jim Gannon’s spaceship was moored at Prestwick Airport
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    Would that be the same hospital admissions in Scotland that have doubled since Christmas, large numbers of staff not at work due to covid, positive case numbers that are pretty much doubling every 2 or 3 days and you want no restrictions on people mixing and turning football matches into super spreader events.....stop talking shite.
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    Yes there are some who get very worked up at a player leaving us and I get that. At the other end of the spectrum there are those who almost, and I say almost, encourage a good player to leave us. However many, myself included, accept that its part of our business model, and players have a right to move on. My grouse is how its done and in this case it leaves a lot to be desired.
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    TBH, I'm not sure why people get so worked up about players leaving a club like ours. Our public business model is to bring in players - especially those with a point to prove and/or a career to resurrect - and move them on. If Watt does move in Jan, we still got a bargain by signing him for free and getting some top performances from him. The fact that he bought into our club and its community philosophy is a credit to him and our club's signing strategy. Despite his good showing, I think it's more of a risk for TW to leave for a club like Utd. than it is for us to lose him (just ask John Sutton), but I certainly won't bear any grudges when he go. At the end of the day, it's a job, and most of us consider better wages when they are offered, even if we don't always take them. And, as always, we can hold him up an example of how beneficial our club can be to a career when we are looking to recruit.
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    Why do you believe that a player who is seemingly happy here would go out of his way with his seemingly supervillain-esque agent to work against the club? You really think both Watt and his agent were sat there cackling as they read the headlines in the media? I know it's not a popular theory, but maybe, just maybe, he loves being at the club and he has a lot of affection for the people at the club but simply has to move to earn more money? It doesn't have to be either "Watt loves the club and will refuse any and all offers of more money because he wants to be here" or "he was only kidding on he loved the club, he really hates the club and wants to work with his agent to screw us over." In fact, I'm willing to bet that there's not a single person either in the offices or in the dressing room who doesn't understand why he wants to leave. We made him our best offer, but he's received a better one from a club an hour a half up the road. He's in the form of his life. He'd be mental not to capitalise on it while he can. It's a short career, and you need to bank as much as you can, especially when you're not earning huge money to begin with.
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    Quick question, but why do you always need to take a confrontational tone whenever you post? Are you like that in real life? Or just a bit of an arse on this forum? I was simply asking, since you seem to know, if the paying up of said contract would still occur even if Watt wanted to leave and was in favour of the move? I can understand offering to pay someone's contract up if you wanted to get them off the wage bill and perhaps move them on when they're not quite into the idea, as a little sweetener? A way to convince them it's a move worth making? I just thought that since any move to shift Watt in January would more than likely be something that the player himself would be happy with that the idea of paying off his remaining contract with us wouldn't be a factor. He would be making, in theory, the move that he's agreed to already, except sooner, thus providing him with the higher wages he's agreed to a few months ahead of schedule, no? I'm genuinely curious.
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    Members of my family have been in intensive care with Covid. It's no joke. Personally my booster appointment isn't until after Christmas and the extreme infection rate of this variant is probably going to be a big problem. I thought hard about going to the last game. It was most likely games were going to be cancelled anyway from player infections like they have down south (which is a bit ahead of us in terms of infection spread). It's football. We can park it for a while. I wish everything was like it was pre-virus but it isn't and we have to make sacrifices for the greater good. Stay safe everyone.
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    Don't talk shite it's not a vendetta against football it a public health emergency, people are dying and this new covid variant is rampant so action had to be taken, stopping hundreds of thousands of fans mixing all over the country was a no brainer.
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    You do realise that his "threat" is to shut you up by booting you off this forum, don't you? Not only is that not against the law, but it's looking more and more likely every time you post. Let's get back to the football chat.
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    As an owner of the club, I approve this signing.
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    Oh, and 2-0 Motherwell, KVV and fancy Mugabe from a corner.
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    Likewise I don't give a flying fuck how ex players get on. They don't play for us so I'm totally disinterested.
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    You're getting funnier
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    This is the rebuild thread, not the Tony Watt thread. If you read through it, you'll see where Shankland was mentioned, why he was mentioned, where it was clarified he doesn't play for Utd, comparisons with Clark and a joke from a Tesco Christmas cracker.
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    Been following the topic for a while but not said anything until I had really gathered my thoughts on the subject. TW is off his head for several reasons. 1. Why would you sign a contract with Utd before the transfer window is even open, would you not wait until close to the end to see what offers you can get? 2. Strange move altogether, Why sign a pre contact with Utd not knowing if Motherwell will let you go early when you are in line for a Scotland call up? Especially when there is a chance of a WC in the summer? He's not going to get picked for Scotland if he's not playing at club level and risking being sidelined for Motherwell seems odd. A Scotland call up or 2 could have added a few grand a week extra into his offers in the summer. 3. Why go to United anyway? They can't be offering that much more than us and there is no guarantee he's going going have the form for them that he's had with us. His stock could drop rapidly and with his previous record with other teams blowing more cold than hot, it's a big risk. If it were upto me I would refuse all offers for him to go in Jan and stick him in the stand or out doing the public appearance duties. There is no way in hell he is going to put in a full effort to try get us Europe when the team he will be playing for next season is also in the hunt for it. Playing him is only going to cause unrest with the fans which can echo its way down the tunnel into the changing room. Get people on the park that are going to be here next year. Either bring in a new first pick striker or get CS upto speed. I said to my friend a while ago that cheering on Watt felt like something from the twilight zone. If you had told me that 3 or 4 years previous I would have laughed at you, but it happened, and honestly I have been both surprised and impressed by Watt in his time here. But that time is over and we should do everything we can to disrupt both a direct rival team and their player.
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    I'd rather the club looked at all options...there may be a player there that could do us a turn
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    An absolute waste of a wage for 6 months. Mrs grizzly asked me if Parker had left and I replied 'Yes m"lady', one fir the older readers
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    It's all quite simple really, Watt has turned down a new contract he no longer wants to be at Fir park so for me he should never play for us again, give him 4 months or so of warming the bench, no game time and then wish him well in the summer when he goes to Tannadice.
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    On the face of it, can understand the merits there. No guarantees he’d have signed a renewed contract if we’d matched their offer though. Club don’t get many of these moves wrong, I’m inclined to keep faith in their decision here.
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    The ham-fisted way that the government have approached this most recent round of restrictions is the problem for me. I'm not denying there's a virus out there and that elderly and vulnerable people need protecting (although the vaccine supposedly deals with that) but the way they've went about this is a prime example of the complete lack of common sense and intelligence we've seen throughout the past few years. 500 people in grounds. Why? There must have been some sort of scientific process to come up with that number, right? I'm no scientist, but surely the way to approach this would have been to take into account that we're talking about an outdoor event. I would think they'd have looked at increased social distancing, masks being worn while moving around the stadium, and been able to put some of those all-knowing individuals that we're not allowed to question to work in coming up with a crowd percentage that would apply to each stadium? Since it seems like the in-thing to just grab numbers out of thin air on a whim, what about having each stadium at 50% capacity? So, for example, Celtic park would allow more fans than Fir Park, and Fir Park would allow more than somewhere like Gayfield. And this nonsense about the problem not being people actually in the stadiums, but travelling to the stadiums? It's fucking obvious that it was a group of men who thought that one up, as me no longer being at the football and not riding the train to Airbles doesn't mean I now sit in the house and can be considered one less super-spreader on the street. No, as soon as the football was cancelled the wife immediately said "Great! We can now go and check out the sales, and maybe grab some lunch and drinks!" All journeys that will have my arse sat on the same train carriage I'd have been on going to the football! The only difference is that instead of being sat shivering in the pissing rain outdoors, I'll be wandering the indoor confines of every fucking shop known to man.
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    The Scottish Parliament sits two days a week, 36 weeks a year. The only easier job in Scotland is held by Mi'chel Parker.
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    The Scottish Goverment and particularly Sturgeon hate football fans.

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