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    Ah here we go, "Stand Together", another meaningless bandwagon phrase to make it look like we care about racism. Loada shite. So we have "Take the Knee", "Black Lives Matter", "Stand Together", "Kick it Out" , "No room for Racism", "Give racism the red card", when the authorities actually running the game cant be arsed to work together to produce a coherent anti racism campaign what real hope is there? And thats before we even mention the Bigotry that is allowed to run free in Scottish Football in particular We need education (kids arent born racist, its learned behaviour) We MUST have a combined and coherent anti racism message both in Football & Society as a whole, no more bandwagons, and there must be a Zero Tolerance attitude. Until that happens, everything else is just pish & wind
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    Epic night. I was right behind the goals and Bonner's body obscured my view of Psycho hitting that ball. Just remember Bonner looking as if he was struggling to dive and the ball nestling in the back of the net. Scenes of mentalness. Even my da' who was getting on a bit at the time, was jumping about like a nutter, hugging random cunts :-) Kirk's goal seemed to me to take an age to get given after the ball went round the staunchion. Crazy moments when it was given. Like Bobbybingo, you just knew then there was no way back for them, but even after Psycho's goal, it looked like someone had stuck a fork in Celtic, the players shoulders went down, we started winning the 50/50s that we'd been losing, the ball started to run for us. Best night ever. Enjoyed it much more than the final, which was just toooooo tense for me. On a side note, the first semi I ever went to (at Hampden) was 75/76 when the h**s and a corrupt ref put us out 3-2. I went to every one from then on and we lost every one until '91. Was a tremendous moment in the life of any Motherwell fan.
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    Jeezo mate,I'm sorry to hear that,it puts football in perspective,we all get annoyed and pissed off with the game but in reality there's always more important things in our life going on.i don't know you pal but I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you,all the best to you.
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    Games like this scream 'nuke the entire squad'. I've said before that there is an unprofessional attitude at the club in terms of the standards that are demanded and tonight is that squared. We are being out grafted by a team that might well be in the League 1 next season and we don't seem that bothered. There is an absolute pall of apathy out there in a Scottish Cup game - it's not good enough.
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    Can't wait til we're independent and we can be free of this pish.
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    Got to agree with wellsince75, but after Gahhagher's phantom injury to allow him time to negotiate the removal of the clause in his contract that triggered the extension, I really couldn't care less what the guy does from now on. His heart isn't in Motherwell anymore, so the sooner he goes the better.
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    By refusing to play because he didn't want to trigger an extension in his contract and costing himself a place in the team for a few months meaning Steve Clarke has picked Hanley, McKenna and McTominay ahead of him and now he might not even make the squad for the Euros at all let alone have a starting berth. But you knew that'd be the answer. You just want another chance to write big paragraphs about how you won't see the forest for the trees because "BUT NOBODY HAS CONFIRMED IT!!!!"
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    With this whole affair I think there are a few things everyone can agree on: There was a trigger clause in his contract, brought to public attention in a newspaper article (more about that below), known about in private before and confirmed by AB by what he didn't say at the AGM. The trigger clause was a win win for both player and club, here is some extra money .... play well and you'll earn a move in Jan and we get a wee kickback. If not you get that extra money for 2 years, stability and we retain your services to next summer and get a larger sum or see out your contract till 2022 and retain an International defender in the squad. He's not played as well as he did last season. Most rational supporters will have no issue with a player looking to move to better themselves at a higher level, make more money or for family/geographic reasons. It is no more than you'd hope for yourself in your own career. Most rational supporters will have no issue if a player conducts themselves with a degree of decorum and respect for their employer, especially if they are captain. However, most rational supporters will have issue if a player looks too much like a mercenary and does their talking in a tabloid opposed to on the pitch. The timing of his injury was unfortunate for fuelling conspiracy theorists and for retaining his Scotland starting position. He will be boo'd by a significant amount of the home support upon his return in anything other than C&A, (if Reynolds is despite leaving under the best of terms then Dec has no chance). I do have an issue with the club captain either under his own volition or at the direction of a representative to use a friendly hack to remind those of his availability and that in a few weeks time there would be a transfer fee required because he would then have 18 months left of his deal. "Roll up! Roll up! this offer won't be here for much longer".
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    I’m proud to have been part of this project. I worked with the Motherwell historian, Stuart Graham and Matt Johnstone to catalogue all of our change kits. It’s still a work in progress but we are getting there!
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    I’d much rather Alexander handed out contracts than listen to the opinion of a grown man calling him Jobby Crawford, grow tf up ffs
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    I seen more action than him in 2020 and I was in a coma for a fair bit of it
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    Motherwell players playing for the first Scotland team to qualify for the Euros in 20+ years? Booooo. BOOOOOOOO! Get them ooooot!!!!! Don't want all those fancy dan internationalists anywhere near our squad when we can have non-league journeyman to fill the jerseys. Let's get Grimshaw back there and put Lamie at left back!!!!!
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    Even in this world of fake news, conspiracy theories and social media rumours, this story became "fact" in double quick time. (I don't really care about his real or imaginary contract negotiations, btw. I'm not exactly Jimmy Reid, but I have no problems with any worker negotiating employment terms with their bosses. And the club obviously wasn't unhappy about either, otherwise he wouldn't have kicked another ball this season). Gallagher's form had dropped slightly at the start of this season, but that put him in good company with literally every other player in a 'Well shirt. In the future, however, if anybody ever again asks the question about why our better players don't get international recognition ahead of guys in the English League, or are upset that a player from Dundee Utd commands a transfer fee 5 times bigger than anything we ever manage, just point them back to this thread. The way fans talk down our players - including one who was instrumental in securing Scotland's place in the finals - is quite something.
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    thanks for pulling the poll together Andy. Quite enjoyed releasing the majority of the sqaud
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    Why would GA drop magloire ? His performances in the previous 2 games had earned him the right to keep his place, and there was nothing to suggest he would not have had another decent game. All this crap about Gallacher annoys me, he messed the club about during the January window,trying to force his own agenda and will be away in 5 games time so for me he does not give a fuck about the club. He came on against Hibs and his 1st contribution nearly cost us a goal. If It was up to me he would be in the stands beside Foley and Nolan and never play for us again.
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    Dont care if Gallagher is our best defender, he does not want to be at our club. When he was in the team, the defence was just as useless. No player is bigger than our club.
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    Two posters in a row managing to show the pish that Steely posts
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    Lucky teams win cups, and in the context of Scotland that usually means the rare seasons that both ugly sisters have went out in earlier round. We have made 4 finals since 91 which I think is a decent record for a club our size. 2005 LC Rangers 2017 LC Celtic 2011 SC Celtic 2017 SC Celtic So no easy Diddy teams in the final for us, occasionally a team will have a good result and beat Celtic or Rangers in a semi final as we did in 91 but it is very rare for both of the ugly sisters to be out before the semi finals. So would the likes of StM or StJ have won had they been playing Rangers or Celtic, probably not.
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    Alexander was brought in to stop the rot and keep us up which was everything to us all in the current economic crisis. Barring a catastrophic disaster he has accomplished this , so for that I am certainly grateful. Sadly a lot of people have forgotten though that Robbo and his signings put us in the horrible position he came into. The however in all this for Alexander and the club and fans is if you honestly think resigning/being left with the core of players that put us in this position is going to improve us next season you are deluded - resigning Crawford and Mugabi has already set the tone for what is in store next season and Alexander signed some dross when he arrived as well. Some will be happy with the small wee club , punching above our weight for years pish but I’m not . We should be challenging top 6, especially with the revenue we have generated of late, have some form of entertainment value along with giving youth a chance - signing crawford and mugabi alongside Lamie I just don’t see us improving. I’ve seen better junior and under 18 players . I hope I’m proven wrong but just can’t see it . Robbo and those that gave him free reign have a lot to answer for .
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    It's never been a Derby, up until this recent spell in the premiership they were never in the same league as us, we only ever played them in in the Lanarkshire Cup when that still ran and the occasional Scottish or league cup game. You need to be an explorer to find an accies fan, anytime we are at the cannabis stadium or whatever its called we outnumber them about 10 to 1,, the same when they are at Fir park, no fans. So all this derby and feeling a bit more needle talk is pish, when they get relegated they will be the same as Airdrie, and Albion Rovers, ie another shitey wee Lanarkshire side wishing they were as well run, well supported, and as good as the best team in the county ie us.
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    As someone said, Prince Philip never changed his plans when Rangers died.
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    McGinley has been ok despite picking up a few injuries. Its been a tough year for him off the pitch and he deserves a chance to prove himself.
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    Getting shot of 2 shite plastic pitches as well would be icing on the cake
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    Games probably off due to some funeral taking place at 3pm. Absolute nonsense. This burial should be a private affair for the 30 people attending and let the rest of us get on with our life. By all means show it on the telly and give people the choice of what to watch, however, for me it’s the football every time.
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    The 4th goal. Realising it was actually going to happen, they weren't gonnae get a spawny equaliser and win in extra time.
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    Psychos goal will always be the one that's remembered most off all and rightly so but wee dougie's header was top drawer,i can't believe that was 30 years ago,how time flies.
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    On the subject of Hampden, it was 30 years ago tonight we were there watching the Well pump Celtic 4-2 in the semi final replay, still can't believe O'Neill scored that goal, what a night that was, happy days
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    The “wee club, punching above our weight” thing is nonsense. Self defeating nonsense and a ready made excuse for not performing well in games or competitions. I am under no illusions about the size of club we are, we are obviously a ‘smaller’ club than the Old Firm and the City clubs but outside of that, there is not much difference in size of supports etc. From our point of view we have been a top flight club for well over thirty years, in which time have won the Scottish Cup, regularly competed and finished in the top half of the league which has on a good few occasions now earned us European qualification. And yet STILL, we have supporters saying “oor wee club, we really shouldn’t expect anything other than survival” and other such nonsense. Some inside the club seem to buy into that too it would appear. So how long do you have to punch above your weight before that becomes your weight?
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    Did Jock just say "up there unmolested"
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    Morton have a player called orsi...we have 6 donkeys!!
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    "I think there was something at the start of the season that I wasn't privy to and when I came in [as manager] it was about keeping him here until the summer and having another conversation with him - and that hasn't changed." Quote from Alexander. Not sure how that confirms anything was bollox.
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    You shouldn't be drinking while you're pregnant, Meghan.
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    Got to disagree about St Mirren. Goodwin has them running about a lot, to no great effect. Falling about a lot has a greater effect. We've undoubtedly had a poor season, they think they've had a good one, yet they're only 2 points ahead of us.
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    Tony Watt for his patter.
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    Loving the guy from Local Hero going past on his motorbike every now and again.
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    Frankly couldn't care less whether he stays or goes.
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    It’s an opinion not a wild theory and we’re all allowed to have them . Sorry not to agree with yours but as I said imo something not right could be wrong have been before and will be again. If was rubbish why not come out and say that so I stick by my opinion that there is some truth in it so we will need to agree to disagree on this 1 .
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    It takes all of about two minutes to sign up and buy the game. There's no rush.
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    Let's go back to the beginniing. The source, "close to big Dec", went to the Record with details of his contract. If they and indeed the story, were inaccurate or downright wrong, all he had to do was to correct that publicly. He has NOT done that. In short, make of that what you will.
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    Regardless of situation we need him back and then once we are safe then dont care if we play him or not. PS. Anyone see Ricky Wilson of Kaiser Chiefs on Saturday kitchen this morning? Looked like he had lost weight........I predict a diet !!!
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    Your entitled to your opinion, and if you believe that Gallagher's injury was real, good on you. But I would never normally be negative about any MFC players, but this just stinks.
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    Carroll has probably saved 4 or 5 goals with blocks and tackles since he came back into the team. SOD over the course of the season has definitely sold more than he has saved and doesn't show a great deal of intensity in defence. Add in that he hasn't contributed much going forward and it makes him a very frustrating player.
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    As yet the jury is out for me. But I do agree that with his "own team" we can put behind us this current weekly re-framing of views that suggests its all down to Alexander when we win and nothing to do with Alexander and all down to Robinson's players if we lose, and judge him on his merits.
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    Do the pens count for your bet on Motherwell scoring more than 2
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    You get it on garage forecourts from a hand held nozzle.
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    Never mind blaming plastic pitches, we've got plenty plastic footballers who couldn't trap a baw on wet cement. Awful.
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    One of my all time favourite days following Motherwell that was. At Hampden, comfortably seeing off Aberdeen and their media chums and a brilliant atmosphere in our end. The Electric Bar was absolutely bouncing that day/night. That and the other Semi Final from that season (the Moult game) were days that are what makes the shite times supporting us feel worth it.
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    It's a fans forums, hence free for debate, opinion and conjecture. I personally am in the camp that something stinks here...have I any proof...no...but I am of the opinion that there's something not quite right for this to continue to rumble on without coming to any kind of closure. I can't say I've ever warmed to the guy as a player either, so I certainly won't be losing any sleep over whether he makes the Euro squad or whether he does eventually move onto his next adventure...whenever and with whoever that may be.
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