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    Epic night. I was right behind the goals and Bonner's body obscured my view of Psycho hitting that ball. Just remember Bonner looking as if he was struggling to dive and the ball nestling in the back of the net. Scenes of mentalness. Even my da' who was getting on a bit at the time, was jumping about like a nutter, hugging random cunts :-) Kirk's goal seemed to me to take an age to get given after the ball went round the staunchion. Crazy moments when it was given. Like Bobbybingo, you just knew then there was no way back for them, but even after Psycho's goal, it looked like someone had stuck a fork in Celtic, the players shoulders went down, we started winning the 50/50s that we'd been losing, the ball started to run for us. Best night ever. Enjoyed it much more than the final, which was just toooooo tense for me. On a side note, the first semi I ever went to (at Hampden) was 75/76 when the h**s and a corrupt ref put us out 3-2. I went to every one from then on and we lost every one until '91. Was a tremendous moment in the life of any Motherwell fan.
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    I seen more action than him in 2020 and I was in a coma for a fair bit of it
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    Getting shot of 2 shite plastic pitches as well would be icing on the cake
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    The 4th goal. Realising it was actually going to happen, they weren't gonnae get a spawny equaliser and win in extra time.
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    Psychos goal will always be the one that's remembered most off all and rightly so but wee dougie's header was top drawer,i can't believe that was 30 years ago,how time flies.
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    On the subject of Hampden, it was 30 years ago tonight we were there watching the Well pump Celtic 4-2 in the semi final replay, still can't believe O'Neill scored that goal, what a night that was, happy days
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    I’d much rather Alexander handed out contracts than listen to the opinion of a grown man calling him Jobby Crawford, grow tf up ffs
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    Games probably off due to some funeral taking place at 3pm. Absolute nonsense. This burial should be a private affair for the 30 people attending and let the rest of us get on with our life. By all means show it on the telly and give people the choice of what to watch, however, for me it’s the football every time.
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    Got to disagree about St Mirren. Goodwin has them running about a lot, to no great effect. Falling about a lot has a greater effect. We've undoubtedly had a poor season, they think they've had a good one, yet they're only 2 points ahead of us.
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    46% win ratio so far (played 15, won 7, 3 draws, 5 losses). Its a good record, especially when its not his team and with the injuries at the start of his reign. I know you can use the old Ebbe Skohvdal statistics line but in a results business its a stretch to argue against him having done a good job.
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    Long is far better a part of a front 2 than 3
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    Wonderful night and memories. Had to call in sick the following morning and I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one. All the sweeter as my boss was a rabid tim. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    He's got a lot of talent and had an excellent first season with us. I feel for him in as much as he's not the type of player who's suited to tracking back or winning physical battles. For whatever reason it's not worked out for him and us this season. He's been villianised as someone who doesn't try or deliberately got sent of. In reality he's it's more likely that he's got frustrated, fallen out of form and no way real way back into the team. Hope it works out for him at his next club.
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    Why the feck do people feel the need to follow players wife's on twitter thats just wrong. The player I can get, but his wife ffs thats an embarrassment.
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    I've fought his corner across his time at the club so I find the breakdown in relations quite sad. Polworth had his critics even when he was delivering a number of assists and the odd goal or two last season so there's no question there's always been doubts from many about his ability but first season I did enjoy watching him and felt there was a player there that brought something to the team. Second season has been awful though, there's no denying that. It's speculative as to whether he took the hump about getting sidelined due to the brief return of Turnbull and never quite got over that, or whether the pandemic has caused difficulties off the field but there's no question on what we've seen from him on the park this season the sooner he's out the door the better for all concerned. There were claims that the red at Pittodrie was almost a deliberate attempt to get himself sent off and whilst I might have taken that with a pinch of salt there was no question it was daft on his part. To then follow that up with the penalty conceded against St Johnstone though was just utter stupidity. I would say Alexander has demonstrated that he isn't the least bit bothered about having Polworth in his team and Polworth has responded in kind. A bit sad all the same.
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    Aye fucking outrageous that he isnt making grand signings outwith the transfer window , wheres my pitchfork ?
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    It's been going this way for years, but it's definitely a loss to the game that the preferred model for players and clubs is now short term contracts / make a few quid along the way. We've been lucky enough in recent years to have had 3 players who immersed themselves in the club - Craigan, Lasley and Hammell - who had something like 1300 appearances between them. The club were criticised by a few on here for what they saw as the 'jobs for the boys' mentality when they were each offered positions after hanging up their boots, however I don't think we can underestimate the importance of having people around who have a genuine affection for the place. Hopefully the club continue to find ways to keep the heart of the club alive - I expect the academy is going to be one way to do it.
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    Jurys out on the gaffer for me. The relentless 4-3-3 approach makes us a sitting duck. StM ran us ragged and we're lucky not to be 2 down at half time yesterday. It took an injury to force a 4-4-2. Appreciate he's got us to a relative safe position but his lack of adaptive approach concerns me.
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    Since Partick's departure from our top league, St Mirren have replaced them as media darlings. Maybe their proximity to the HQs of the BBC and STV has something to do with it.
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    Everything is relative! But St. Mirren are joint second worst goalscorers in the league, which I guess is what happens if you sign Lee Erwin.
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    Yep, and will be the runaway winner, but I've gone for Chris Long for the set up and for the smile.
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    Given there will be no crowds, we could pretty much play it any time over that weekend starting on Friday evening without causing any problems for the teams or the SFA Lodge Meeting.
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    Dire stuff but it was all about the result today,I love beating they bastards,that's paypack for erwin's dying swan act earlier in the season.
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    An important 3 points which I'll be happy to take, but that was a very poor performance. The team needs a massive overhaul for next season.
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    That's the happiest Long has been since he first signed.
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    Now we know where the old tannoy system has gone.
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    Crawford is murder. A Championship level player.
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    And of course it was the one and only time it was ever enforced I think. Went to school in A.....e and had to endure torture in the weeks after. Gave and took a few “fat lips” during that time. Derek Whiteford was my PE teacher and was the worst of the lot [emoji23][emoji23] - not at giving “fat lips” I might add. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Lucky you. I was at the Saturday game but the replay was too late for me. Or my constant "who/what/why's that?" was too bloody annoying for my dad.
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    The previous year's semi-final against Airdrie was my first ever Motherwell game. Every semi between then and 91 was against the Old Firm, felt like we'd never get over that hurdle. 16 years seemed like forever then, and like the blink of an eye now.
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    UEFA has all that bunting to put up which will take weeks.
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    yeah, I reckon i'd be here all day trying to drum enough reasons as to why he was better than the likes of Grimmy, Maguire etc, with regards to a better starting 11, it would be good to know how Alexander views him going into next season, that would give us a good idea of what to expect. on midfielders, I actually quite like O'hara, I know a few here really don't, mainly @Onthefringes, but he has just been MIA since January. Top of Alexanders list has to be a creative midfielder cause we have missed one terribly this season.
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    Just a random throwaway comment Ian. However, I'm like you and have stopped looking in for a wee while now. Even the Well thread has degenerated somewhat. A few decent posters though
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    Hope there are enough PPV tickets put on sale for 'Well fans. Would hate to miss out.
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    yellow paint on the stairs...... loving it!
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    I’ll say it first.. we won’t have a better chance of reaching yet another final. Apart from the gruesome twosome who meet in the next round, every other side left in the competition are beatable. Hampden here we come!
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    For those who didn’t have a PPV ticket
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    Aye you can imagine her sittin in her pals house 3pm How come ma man's no playing again. 9pm and 2 bottles of prosecco later See that Alexander he's a pure bastard so he is, where's ma fone.
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    Well, it is easter....
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    By refusing to play because he didn't want to trigger an extension in his contract and costing himself a place in the team for a few months meaning Steve Clarke has picked Hanley, McKenna and McTominay ahead of him and now he might not even make the squad for the Euros at all let alone have a starting berth. But you knew that'd be the answer. You just want another chance to write big paragraphs about how you won't see the forest for the trees because "BUT NOBODY HAS CONFIRMED IT!!!!"
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    It never will be confirmed officially but you don't need to see shite to know its there. Gallacher signed the original deal, then after a decent run of form, International recognition he suddenly thought he was a world star and Motherwell were not good enough for him. So then the toys were out of the pram and he was reneging on the deal and whoring himself to all and sundry to get away. He obviously got his wish re the deal as he had an instant recovery from injury, but the damage has been done, and it's obvious he no longer wants to be at the club, so for me he should never play for us again. All this he's the best defender at the club chat may be true but why play someone who obviously won't be giving his best in case he gets injured and misses the Scotland squad. I would like to think GA had realised the shite Gallacher was up to and benched him accordingly, so for me he should never play for us again, we won't miss him for 5 games and a cup run.
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    It's common knowledge that Gallagher had an automatic extension after X number of appearances. He got 'injured' one game before it was due to kick in, spent a few weeks out, and has now come back and played a game and what do ya fuckin know, no contract extension. Fuck him.
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