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    I hope you all don’t mind me borrowing the club account for a personal post… I was devastated and shocked to learn of Andy’s passing. Like many of here, I have been lucky to have known him for well over 20 years, be it Supporters buses, exiles, away days and trips, fanzines, FPC, Well Worth Saving, the Supporters Trust, WTFC and so many others - our paths crossed so regularly and he was always so helpful and supportive of me when I needed him. The comments and tributes about his personality and character are so apt, he was a gem of a guy and a top ‘Well fan. I’ll miss him very much. My thoughts are with his wife Angela, his family and close friends at this terribly sad time. Rest easy mate. ‘Flow
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    I’d have went with “flag day at Ibrox yesterday and the only cunt not waving his was the fuckin linesman” should I apply for a job?
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    Firstly I want to say that all this "Wee Nippy" and "Wee Kranky" and "ahhh want ti go ti the fitbaw!!!" shitely-made points that just sound like "old-man shouts at cloud" is possibly the most counter-productive thing I've heard in a long time. My post below will leave no doubt as to where I stand on this issue, but it's this embarrassing narrative that I believe is hugely impacting the rational view. The "Wee Nippy/Kranky" brigade are as useless to the debate as the "Thank you for everything First Minister" brigade. Anyway..... Infection rate in Scotland in the week leading up to 31st Dec - 1,900 cases per 100,000. Infection rate in England in the week leading up to 31st Dec - 1,600 cases per 100,000. Scotlands infection rate was even higher than London which is the epicentre of the Omicron outbreak. Now that the vaccine is in place, the re-introduced restrictions implemented by the Scottish Government are doing absolutely nothing other than further ruining the economy and Scottish businesses (and yes that involves football clubs). They were also outright asked about the figures they publish being "with Covid", as opposed to being "as a result of Covid". The first reply was that they didn't have those figures, and when pressed on the fact that if they are claiming their actions are driven by data then surely they must have them, they respond by saying well, we do have them but we can't tell you due to data protection. *Read - we won't tell you because the figures that are actually as a RESULT of Covid and BECAUSE of Covid, are low enough that they don't justify the governmental response. If a person dies for any reason at all, spread under the wheels of a bus, for example....and they are found to have had 100% completely asymptomatic Covid in their system...they are included in the Covid death figures. If you die OF ANY REASON WHATSOEVER within 28 days of having taken a positive test, you are included in the Covid death figures. That in itself is an absolute nonsense, and wildly skews the figures to an unimaginable degree. If you remove from the figures all of the people who happened to have Covid-19 in their system and were not affected by it in the slightest yet died by Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Traffic Accident, Suicide etc etc etc, and either did not even know it was in their system or within 28 days of having had a positive test, then the numbers left make the response utterly and embarrassingly disproportionate and damaging. Imagine for a second that death from any cause within 28 days of being on a flight, was recorded as an aviation disaster, and you see how ridiculous it is. Two leading professors revealed earlier this week that if the exact same figures for hospitalisations, ICU admissions and deaths were occurring in 2018, no-one would even know anything was wrong. They are so low that no-one would even notice and we'd never have heard a thing about it. Two things are happening in my opinion, 1 - the Government are feeling the hit of a woefully under-funded NHS, and passing the responsibility for it onto the people, and 2 - Nicola Sturgeon took this latest action as part of her future drive for Independence as it was assumed one of 2 things would happen; either Westminster would introduce restrictions later on and the SG could re-use their quote of "I will never apologise for caring more for the people of Scotland than Westminster do", or the UK Government wouldn't introduce restrictions at all and their infection rate would dwarf that of Scotland and she could say the same: "Look how much better it was when we decided for ourselves". Except that didn't happen, it wasn't, and we are now in the "oh shit" phase of Scottish Government. It's apparent now that her nightmare scenario has happened where Westminster did nothing and still has a better infection rate, so all she's done is ruined the country for absolutely no benefit at all. They are realising that, hence the thickly-veiled climbdown that's starting to happen now. Which in itself introduces things that make absolutely zero sense because the drop in self-isolation from 10 to 7 days apparently doesn't work retrospectively, so someone thats on day 5 of self-isolation today has to continue for 10 even if they now test negative, but someone who tested positive yesterday only has to for 7. In fact, it's actually stupider than that....someone who tested positive on Wednesday will still be stuck in their house after someone who tested positive yesterday is out and about. Swinney has already been called out for using incorrect figures to back up the restrictions, and the worm is 100% definitely turning. I'm actually extremely surprised to see that the concensus of opinion on Stellmen Online is the polar opposite of the general view I'm seeing elsewhere and in general life. People in high positions are starting to call out bullshit, and even the media are (finally) starting to ask questions when things don't make sense. The legal wagons are circling already and there will be court-cases for YEARS to come when this starts to die down. Perhaps even criminal cases when it's taken into account that they knowingly sent people to their deaths by discharging elderly Covid patients back into care-homes so they could use the hospital beds for other people (mainly caused by years of under-funding). This, for me, is the main reason they HAVE to continue with the charade of restrictions because if they admit they made a mistake, then by association they are accountable for every business that went under as a direct result of uneccessary restrictions, and hundreds of thousands of small businesses can just sit back and reap the rewards of the legal teams that the previous CEO's of Debenhams, Arcadia Group, Frasers Group can afford. If you think Covid has fucked the world, just wait til you see what the next 10 years holds when people are held to account. Caveat to this is, I'm a previous SNP supporter who was a huge fan in general of Nicola Sturgeon and the Scottish Government, but they have absolutely without doubt lost my future vote along with many many others that I either know personally or have heard of anecdotally. If there was even a shred of a credible opponent up here at all, I truly believe they would be out on their ear come the first sniff of an election. Except there isn't, so they will be re-elected with an albeit much smaller majority, and it will be completely pointless because we'll now either never have another referendum in anyone alive's lifetime, or if there is it will be overwhelmingly no, because we had the chance to show we could be better on our own and they made a monumental c*nt of it. Looking back now, the memory of us all standing in the street whacking pots with spoons and clapping is absolutely cringe-inducing to the point where I wish I could convince myself I hadn't joined in.
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    I was one of the first posters on the AndyP thread, I couldn't take it in at first a we'd been speaking so freely the day before. The African summed up my feelings in a particularly eloquent post. Where my own had none, his echoed where I was in a thread that must can only be a comfort to his family. Today it was announced in that thread that poster Madwullie also passed away. I initially thought a mere "that's sad" not recalling much interaction with him on here. As the thread progressed and it was revealed that Madwullie had a real name beyond his avatar as we all do, and it was one that was familiar, very familiar. Of course you want to check things and make sure you're not jumping the gun, however growing sense of foreboding hit me like a juggernaut as I searched P&B where his posting was more prolific. Graeme was for about 3 or 4 years was my closest childhood friend. I'd have sleepovers at his house, his bedroom a loft conversion that I mimicked in my own place years later. His mum serving pizza's still cold in the middle for week upon week because she didn't notice there were two oven cooking times, defrosted and from frozen. He didn't want to upset her so we ate it grim as it was on beyond the second chomp from the crust. Playing John Madden NFL and I recall hearing the roar from FP through his open velux window that carried further at night in the dark. I recall us both as 14 year olds getting the giggles in the back of a car getting run home when another friends dad lost it with his son. Trying to stifle our laughter made the Dad's behaviour even more erratic, FYI it is possible to get to 60mph along Cameron Street before you have to break at Hamilton Road .... just. We drifted when he went to Braidhurst and I went to Dalziel but were in the BB's together and were part of a group of 4 that went all the way from Bronze to Gold Duke of Edinburgh. At 15 doing the Bronze we got disorientated and lost in the Ochils in 10m visibility and horizontal rain. We followed our training and erected our tent and got in, started blowing a whistle 6 times a minute as protocol. It of course was far too soon, one of our friends broke down and started crying for his mum. Graeme and I again stifled our laughter while cooried in our sleeping bags but the friend must have seen our shoulders bouncing and the whistle blows descend into a series of squeaks as it was impossible to purse lips. I went to Strathclyde and Graeme to Glasgow, he opted for a different social scene to me I'd sometimes see him other than the melee at 16:50 in the streets outside FP and we'd nod and exchange banal small talk. We engaged meaningfully for the first time in about 10 years in the dentist's waiting room about 4 or 5 years ago. We discussed playing golf (with the guy who cried for his mum, I'm still close to him and owe him more for different reasons than I can convey on here). Graeme was incredibly quick witted, playful, mischievous, inventive, well read and coined many a catchphrase. I gravitated towards him because there would always be a laugh. He would roast you if you ever did, wore or said something worthy of it. But he never doubled down, once you got it he ensured the group moved on to someone else to everyone got their fair share. One of the side effects of my coma is I've oddly became more emotional, I've been pretty stoic in life till now having had to deal with a lot of loss myself. I have been "semi" fortunate that my losses have all been from those older which, in life, is expected. This is the first person from my peer group that I know has passed and it is very sobering. This news just hit me for six. I think it emphasises that Carpe Diem is good mantra to adopt but it only has pertinence if you actually engage in it. I wish I arranged that game of golf as much as I am angry I didn't walk across Fir Park Road to recognise the man I was sure was Andy P (but not sure enough) to shake his hand and thank him for the favour he did me. I think it's fitting that this is my last post on here. A culmination of losing two well respected people and being subject to some cowardly behaviour by another individual hiding under the shroud of anonymity. Thanks to Yabba for his endeavours. For those of you who'd like to donate in his memory, Woody now has a Just Giving page started by those on P&B and it's already up over £2,000. Just Giving Page - Woody
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    Thought this deserved a thread of its own..... Was really pleased for Keith last night that we managed to get the win that kept all the fans behind and in great spirits to give him the send of he deserved. You could see and hear it was a very emotional experience for him and his whole family. There can be a lot of cheap talk thrown around when it comes to football players about who is a club legend and who is not, but for me I dont think there can be any doubt that Keith falls into that category. For a player to spend almost his entire playing career at one club in the modern era is almost unheard of these days and for me, over the last 20 or so years Keith has been Mr Motherwell. Coming in as he did in the administration season with the likes of Hammel, Faddy, Pearo et al, he quickly grasped the ethos of our club and became very much part of the fabric of it. For someone who wasnt brought up Motherwell fan, the fact that he and his whole family now are, says a lot. During his time at the club we have enjoyed 4 Cup finals, 2 League Runners Up spots and 8 European qualifications, including playing in the Champions League. To be club captain for such a large part of that success, says lot about him. The fact that he is also a damn fine human being, means he will be sorely missed by many at the club, including the fans. Ultimately, all good things must end and he is off to further his career in a new role. I for one, wish him all the best and thank him for some wonderful memories. ALL THE BEST "KEEF"
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    That’s what happens when you put him in a Livingston strip
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    Scored on his home SPL debut. Can trap a bag of cement. Told Willie Collum to "fuck off". It's certainly a decent start.
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    While Patterson may very well turn out to be a really good player, I find it amusing at the amount of people who have just bought into the narrative that he's top class. And this isn't aimed at you specifically, by the way. He's 19 years old, and made seven league appearances last season with five European appearances as well. Four of those league games saw him come on as a sub, including one game after 86 minutes, while he came on as a sub in two of the European games. He also played two Scottish cup games, with one of those against Cove Rangers. So that's three league starts, and three European starts, with two Scottish cup games. In total. Not to be funny, but I spoke to two guys who were sitting near (but two metres away, of course!) me and my mates in a beer garden during one of the Euro games and they were banging on about Patterson being a future star and that he should be starting for Scotland, with the added piece of information that seems to be popular, that neither of them were Rangers fans. They ended up admitting that they'd seen him play once or twice on telly. Their opinions have undoubtedly been crafted by the seemingly relentless drumming up of this lad by the written press and talking heads in the media. And we all know why that's the case. Could Patterson turn out to be the real deal? Of course he could, and if he does then he'll deserve to be looked at as an option for his country. But the truth is, he's proven nothing at club level yet, never mind done enough to warrant international football. O'Donnell isn't a world beater, but few of our players are. The clamour to see him dropped for this kid was as blatant as I've seen the Glasgow-based media act in recent times. I'm glad Clarke didn't bend. O'Donnell deserved to be on the field as much as any other player.
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    Like a few others have already said, I only knew Andy through his input on this forum. As this is the internet, you would be within your rights to say that I didn't know him at all really. So why am I sitting here on the other side of the world feeling both sadness and a sense of loss? I think it must be because, in a world of instant communication and unfettered opinion, where trolls and howling loons seem to be the norm, he represented a different style, being unfashionably reasonable, knowledgeable and prepared to let others hold differing opinions, and all done in goood humour with a dry wit that never failed to raise a smile. This place will be the lesser for his passing, but this is just the internet so of no real account. Our loss is certainly nothing compared to that of his friends, family and loved ones, those who really knew him, and to those people I extend my sincere respect and condolences.
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    I know this will look like I'm picking on you, but: I work in Glasgow Royal Infirmary and pre-pandemic the ICU capacity was 20 beds, technically 15 ICU beds and 5 SHDU, when Covid first hit we expanded into two other areas giving a potential capacity of 36 beds. We also doubled the available ventilators from 16 to 32. The maximum number of Covid patients we had was 19 with 10 of the original 20 beds left available for non-covid patients. Currently there are about a dozen patients in ICU, two of which are Covid, the overflow areas are still set up if required. I cannot speak for all the other ICUs in Scotland but I would be astonished if they had not taken similar steps. I do agree that a lot of other conditions are, whilst not being ignored, are not receiving the urgency they require. I also agree that successive governments have treated the NHS in a disgraceful manner.
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    Difficult to know what to say in circumstances like these, but as someone who’s been on here since the WTFC days, you kind of get to know all the regulars like a big family, and this feels very much like losing one of your own, even though I’d never met Andy in person, I follow a few ‘Well accounts on FB, and someone shared a short clip of Andy’s last trip to FP, and unashamed to admit I shed a few tears. It was pure class to see all the staff lined up outside to pay their last respects, and is the mark of a club that’s led the way in fan, community and family support over the past few years, particularly latterly in suicide prevention and in what’s it’s done for it’s season ticket holders recently. Sorry I never got to meet you Andy but felt that in some small way I knew you, rest easy mate, your ‘Well family won’t forget you.
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    Just to play devils advocate as you are making some definite statements there... How do you know hundreds of fans can't make it? What about the fans that couldn't make the Sunday kick off? Perhaps more fans can now actually go. Perhaps it's negligible. Two from my group can now attend who couldn't for example. No benefit to us? How do you know? Maybe the management team prefer to prepare for Saturday to Saturday games? Rather than Sunday to Saturday. Maybe Alexander would prefer a normal week ahead of an arguably bigger game v Dundee Utd, rather than moving rest days about and essentially losing prep time. Feels like a lot of people are hiding behind a lot of other reasons not liking this, but it's the fact we are agreeing to do this for one of the Glasgow two is the real issue here for most. Which is valid. But just say it.
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    Alexander took over - saved us from probably relegation then finishes Top 6 this season beating out teams like Aberdeen and Hibs with massive budget advantages. Yet we get absolutely roasters on here going on about protests, sacking the manager etc. It's embarrassing. You guys know people read this? A bunch of people on here need to have a long hard look at themselves. I'm happy as a fan, I'm happy for the team and manager and I'm happy that a lot of so called supporters are actually bealing that the team got the result today.
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    Former Motherwell Captain Declan Gallagher was on the losing side again today, but was considered too shit for a starting place in a team that loses a lot. (I love this post. I get to copy and paste it every week)
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    Been like that for a while if you ask me. Poor imitation nowadays of a once very good forum. First sense of disagreeing with someone very often leads to arguing / personal insults. Pretty embarrassing from some posters to be honest.
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    This last page alone really shows how out of touch with reality some fans are about Motherwell true'place in the football food chain. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell finish 4th/5th in our league, end of story. It is a minor miracle that Motherwell have retained their top division status since the mid 80's. Baraclough took over a team that was heading for relegation when he took over in December and saved it from relegation, thumping one of the two biggest teams in the country 6-1. A superb achievement!! Ask Hibs fans, ask Aberdeen fans, ask Dundee Utd fans, ask Hearts fans what it really feels like to underachieve. Alexander has saved us from relegation in his first season, attained a top six finish (with European football) in his second. He has earned our backing. The notion that Motherwell have historically been a free flowing attractive football team untill this season is complete make believe. What is not make believe is that for a small club, we have massively over achieved spanning the last 4 decades including this season. Cause for celebration and congratulations to every single board member, manager, player that has contributed to what should be a very proud history. Look at our European qualification record since the turn of the century. Something that many Scottish football fans can only dream of. We really need to enjoy these times. We will not always be so successful.
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    Was at my first Scotland match for years yesterday and disappointed that SOD was not selected. What pleased me though was that not one fan around me had a bad word for him. Those fans represented a wide range of clubs, although Rangers were not one of them. Their comments seemed to echo the reception he got at Wembley. To a man they questioned Patterson being selected ahead of him. That view was backed up by Patterson’s first half defending and his mistake which led to the first goal. Everybody was tearing into Patterson and McTominay at half time and expecting SOD to be brought on. In fairness to both those players they improved dramatically in the second half, and justified Clarke’s persistence. That said, Patterson frequently reminded us that he has a lot to learn defensively. In an attacking sense he was excellent second half. He is young though and likely will improve his defensive qualities. He may well be the future. In short, I don’t think many fans who actually attend Scotland matches have an issue with SOD. That seems to be more of a media thing, who no doubt have their own Rangers focused agenda. And a few Motherwell fans who resented his signing and will not be content until he moves on. Hopefully the player pays more attention to the fans and Managers, both Club and Country, who recognise his value rather than those with an axe to grind.
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    Stephen O’Donnell represented his country and his club tonight with industry, integrity and a considerable amount of skilful enterprise and as Motherwell supporters we should be proud of him. He is a far more complete player than Patterson and , in the face of a media groomed to fawn over every emerging Old Firm prospect, Stephen played much better defensively and at least equally well in attack than young Patterson did - and against considerably better opposition. Maybe some of his passing was wayward but he busted a gut for the team, got into some great positions and represented a genuine threat going forward. So well done the Motherwell captain!
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    Rock solid Steven O’Donnell. Always making himself available, passed with skill and accuracy and never gave away possession, and but for a superb Pickford save would have scored a technically excellent goal. Really proud of him and how well he represented Motherwell as well as Scotland.
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    This is such truly sad news. I just want to add an example of my interactions with Andy_P, because this thread is painting a wonderful picture of what a kind and considerate gentleman he must have been. I'd never had the pleasure of meeting Andy. However, he contacted me, a total insignificant stranger, via PM when he read one of my posts about the League Cup final. When I explained that I couldn't make the final because of my poorly grandparents, he insisted on getting my address so that he would send a program from the final to them. Then, months later, when we reached the Scottish Cup final, he again contacted me via PM to check on their health and to see if we would like him to send a program from this final too. God bless him.
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    Ya Bezzer, whilst I support your right to express your opinions on the present state of our football club and the abilities, or lack thereof, of our current players and manager and admire your loyalty no matter how misplaced, I think you are deluded and, judging by remarks made in response by a fair number of posters, you are in a minority of one. For my own sins, I’ve been a diehard fan since 1967 and like countless others I’ve ridden the Motherwell emotional rollercoaster that comes with that and I can honestly say that in all that time, the present squad of players is the worst I’ve ever seen. As for the manager and his football philosophy (for lack of a better adjective or perhaps a piss-poor vocabulary on my part) I think that it can best be described as, well, shite. Like many others, I can no longer work up any enthusiasm for going out to pay to suffer what can only be described as the equivalent of having your balls jammed in a vice whilst your teeth are pulled out one by one, and all without the benefit of anaesthetic. Make no mistake, if this guy is permitted to remain as manager, then at the end of next season, we will be relegated and consigned to the Championship and as other clubs of our ilk have discovered, it is no easy task to get back out. In some of your posts under this topic, you have berated fellow fans for expressing honestly held views with contemptuous ripostes like “When we are on the ball we are hopeless. I know that and Alexander knows that but a lot of our fans haven’t caught on to that yet cos they operate on mollusc level logic.” AND “Its easy to mock when folk display a complete lack of understanding of the whole situation around Motherwell FC.” Now, this seems to imply that you alone possess personal insight into these matters that us lesser mortals lack. If this is the case, then perhaps you could enlighten the rest of us; but if not please accept this in the same spirit as your aforementioned ripostes, and f*ck right off.
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    Could be made permanent for the right fee
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    Over reaction to a declining issue what a feckin ridiculous statement to make about a virus that kills people and leaves others still struggling health wise a year later, have a look at yourself FFS. Public health and people's lives are more important than going to a football match, oh and the "wee crankie" patter is honking, get a grip.
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    Seriously dude. Do you ever read your posts back? Your having a go at a guy for questioning how you support football, by having a go at how others support football? Ive watched Motherwell for the best part of 50 years and Ive seen plenty of turgid shite. Same with Scotland. But I dont do it to be spoiled with silky flowing football. I do it because its in my blood and its who I am. If Scotlands not for you thats fair enough, bit dont try and pretend that its because watching Motherwell is more entertaining. Its just not true.
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    I'm sure both of my mates who passed away would have a different outlook on personal decisions to vaccinate. Always baffles me that putting others at risk is seen as a personal choice.
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    I am not sure what the big deal is. Get jabbed. Get yer QR code. Get to the fitba. Or don't and stay home.
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    As above the target was met within the first few hours, the remainder of funds raised will go to the season ticket initiative. The badges also sold out just shows how well he was thought off.
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    In the last 30 years.... Finished 2nd four times. Finished 3rd three times Top 6 fourteen times. Champions League once. Europa League five times. UEFA Cup three times. Cup Winners Cup once. Scottish Cup winners once. Top League Scorer twice. One of only three clubs to not be relegated. One of only four clubs (inc Old Firm) to play in Champions League. One of only four clubs to play in all four European competitions. One of only four clubs to split the Old Firm which we've done twice. Came within 5 points of winning the league. Aberdeen have also never been relegated, have four 2nd place finishes and have split the OF, but they have never played in the Champions League. Hearts have played in the Champions League and all four European Competitions, have split the Old Firm but only have two 2nd place finishes, and have been Relegated twice. Hibs have split the old firm but have never finished 2nd, have never played in the Champions League and have been relegated twice. Rangers, well....that could be debated in a hundred aspects til the cows come home. 30 years is just to give us a larger sample size and discount any "flash in the pan" or purple patch. In fact most of that was done in the last 10/12 years so it's not even as if anyone can point to "current wee team harking back to past glories". Anyone that thinks we should be aiming to stay up and anything else is a bonus, or who lumps us in with the Killies, Livi's, St Johnstone's of the world are absolutely bananas. There literally isn't a club other than Celtic who can clean sweep us across the board, and no other non-city club that's even in the discussion.
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    We're all off work here celebrating the end of British oppression
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    Just noticed a tweet from AndyPs sister which says that he will be making his final visit to Fir Park at 11am on Friday on his way to the crematorium. It didn’t specifically encourage people to gather but I certainly plan to head up to pay my respects.
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    The SOD criticism is baffling generally but when Well fans are happy to stick the boot in, I really am left scratching my head as to the negativity. As Steve Clark himself asked ' Tell us what he did wrong?' I don't know what magic mind bending dust the media has been spraying this last month but I had the most surreal experience of a Celtic fan arguing that Patterson should be replacing O'Donnell before admitting that he had never actually seen Patterson play!!!! At the very worst (and I don't share this view) O Donnell's performances could be described as mediocre but then how many Scotland players performed better? Take Stuart Armstrong as an example. SA's tactic seemed to be to run with his head down into trouble before promptly losing possession of the ball. He did it several times. I did no hear or read the witch hunt against him. Did anybody really believe that Lyndon Dykes was going to score a goal in these championships? We could have played ten games and I would not be convinced our strikers would have scored. In other words many of the players performances were at the same level or below that of SOD. So why was O'Donnell singled out particularly from Scotland fans and more interestingly Well fans.? To top it all, had he scored at Wembley (as he nearly did) his value as a player and reputation would have rocketed. I doubt he would have stayed a Motherwell player had that shot gone in. That is how superficially we assess players worth and value. It is all shallow analysis. As a Well fan, I was proud to watch him play and thought he did the club proud.
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    What enjoyment do you get out of trolling fellow 'Well fans like that? Given the hardship a lot of people are feeling right now, this is a really shite post.
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    I've said it over and over, I don't think the football is good right now. But people saying they don't remember a time when it's ever been so bad? It was worse just over a year ago. Other folk saying we have nothing to play for but survival? We are 1 point off 4th! We have a realistic chance of going further in the cup, finishing top 6, winning more games than last season, scoring more goals than last season, conceding less than last season, gaining more points than last season. I think the whole thing with Covid and people not being able to attend games before the start of this season has put some peoples sense of perspective out of kilter. The truth is we've been honking to watch, bar a David Turnbull inspired spell, since the money tap was screwed closed in the later days of McCall's era. It's nothing new.
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    That’s nonsense. If Van Veen or Ojala wanted to tweet about teams from their homeland then fair enough. The team that employs them are not in direct competition with these sides. Domestically though, I think it should be a case of doing your job and keeping your mouth shut. Especially on a platform that is so public. We all know Tony Watt supports Celtic but does he bang on about it? Hardly. Dom Thomas was also guilty of it, which caused him not to be endeared by many.
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    Declan Gallagher was on the losing side today
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    Saying we are signing a player, it’s Watergate all over again!!!!!! Lighten the fuck up.
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    Ach, go fuck yerself. Sent from my Pixel 2 XL using Tapatalk
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    Yip...very strange stuff. He was a smashing player for us, scored some very important goals, never threw his toys out the pram looking for a move, got us a bit of cash when he did, speaks highly about the Club...and then boo'd off some fucking weirdos.
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    I think the major concern is the absolute lack of motivation by our players to play for the jersey going back about 3 seasons. They play when they feel like it and generally show the passion for their trade of a slacker office temp at a photo copier. This is something that goes back beyond Alexander's appointment and was probably what lost Robinson his job. If you ask me there has been far too many dross journey men pass through the club over the past few seasons. In our pursuit to find The Pele of Exeter we've stripped away our own aura and status as a club. We're supposed to be a top level club yet we are sifting through the bins looking for a diamond someone threw out with the curry scrapings. We've become a clearing house for the inept of character and the bereft of talent. It still makes me angry that fucking Jacob Blyth sidled up here and got a contract from us. Sometimes it seems like we will literally take anyone. And as I pointed out yesterday our most experienced player has 39 appearances. There is no one in that dressing room that really gives a damn about the club. Everyone looks at everyone else to pick them up but there is nothing there and so they all flop. We have a dressing room full of hopeless transients. Next season half of them will be gone again. When I first started coming to Motherwell games our results were just as shite as ever but the players had some technique in their locker, some fire in their bellies and some actual personality. Not only do our current lot lack the technique, they are the very epitome of the modern day robot footballers. They aren't passionate about what they do, they don't care if they win or not, they have no ambition, they seem to me like automaton mediocrities going through the motions. If I played for Motherwell I'd get sent off after 3 minutes in every game. I'm not expecting players to be fans and act mental. Just show us you aren't bored to tears or daydream in the dressing room about the heady heights of being a solicitors cashier. Housewives in the Soviet Union had more joie de vivre than our players.
  42. 8 points
    You are so unnecessarily pedantic sometimes. He signed for Hull on the 31st January. After that we lost to Livingston, Celtic, St Mirren & St Johnstone, couldn't beat Hamilton, and got put out the cup by St Mirren in a replay. We missed him badly. We played 9 games after he left before the season ended and won 1 of them. Even the most happiest of clappers will admit that there was almost no chance we would have held on to 3rd place.
  43. 7 points
    I invest lots of money in my predictions so I can get a massive tax break. I'm really in the non-prophet business,
  44. 7 points
    Seems Alan Campbell has been more of a hit with the Luton players and fans than we thought https://www.lutontoday.co.uk/sport/football/luton-town/town-duo-campbell-and-naismith-win-big-at-lutons-end-of-season-awards-night-3685668
  45. 7 points
    from memory you had the hump with robinson too, so I reckon ur just a negative dude
  46. 7 points
    I usually think you lean towards pessimism but are at least grounded in reality but I don't really see where you're coming from with this. KVV is as mercurial a forward as we've had in years, Woolery and Shields both have pace to burn, Roberts is good for a spectacular goal now and then and Slattery and Goss are both very technically capable in midfield. Even the likes of Mugabi rampaging up and down the flank has been a laugh this season, and there's no reason Tierney, Shaw and Efford couldn't all be exciting players for us. You might think all of the above are inconsistent/pish- and I'd agree with you on a few- but it's far from the most workmanlike squad we've had in recent seasons. There was a while were our striking options were Main, Bowman, Sammon and Johnson, and our "flair" players were Elliot Frear and Gael Bigirimana.
  47. 7 points
    1. Yes when no fans were allowed I did not attend now they are I am going back to Fir Park 2. I know Reading posts might be difficult for you, it's the morton game not Dingwall I bought the ticket for. 3. You really need to change your patter the use of the word "horrendous " is boring now. 4 . As weeyin says if you have nothing to contribute re the match then please be quiet and let the adults talk.
  48. 7 points
    Anyone else get sick of reading pish like this?
  49. 7 points
    Non vaccinated are far more likely to catch the virus and pass it on. Non vaccinated are more likely to become seriously ill or die when they get the virus. I think everybody can agree on that. But it is not purely about the non vaccinated attendee. Non vaccinated are more likely to be hospitalised (Lots of stats published showing the dominance of non vaccinated admissions at present). When hospitals become overrun people die or at best operations/treatment for other conditions are cancelled. The bigger picture is the thing here, not sitting in your wee seat at Fir Park. The scenes first time around when doctors in places such as Italy and the US had to decide which people to let die because hospitals could not cope or provide ventilators were harrowing. The UK almost got to that stage. I don't think any Government is wrong in trying to ensure a similar situation does not happen here as the virus continues to evolve. Those that can be vaccinated and choose not to are not only endangering themselves, they are endangering the lives of vulnerable people, directly or indirectly. I think that is selfish. I'm not supporting that vaccination should be enforced, but if people opt not to be vaccinated as is their right, then I have no problem with them being excluded from specific events. That is the choice they must make.
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    Just a quick reminder that AndyP will be passing Fir Park at 11am tomorrow and it would be great for the family to see a few people there giving him a wee send-off.
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