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  1. Turned it off at 4 !!! "Could Do Better"
  2. What was the final score? I turned it off !!!
  3. Nope! This isn't happening guys. Wants me to download iLivid & i ain't doing that. Any 'NORMAL' links like before??? Cheers
  4. Ah still cannie find a live stream link that works
  5. Kylie

    T-Shirt Design

    Just my 2 bobs worth. What about something like this ... but with O'Donnell, Cooper, Dolan & McGrillen. Someone else can fill in the caption.
  6. hahaha Took a month off mate :)

  7. Are you the guy that plays in The LaFontains?

  8. Kylie

    The Well Society

    Who's Fav. for the 2 seats on the board?
  9. Kylie

    Fir Park Dj Must Go

    Slimboy Fat played "40 Shades of Green" before a Rangers game
  10. Kylie

    Fir Park Dj Must Go

    We used too check the volume before every game. Only problem was that the stadium was empty @ the time.
  11. Kylie

    Fir Park Dj Must Go

    Hey! That was my auld man that done the tunes in the 70's, 80's 90's Went by the name of 'Slimboy Fat'

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