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  1. You've done well...I gave up a good few years before you...I still read but I don't bother posting now because of it...too many point scorers trying to retort to each comment... It's not solely a Steelmen Online phenomenon...it's a Social Media thing nowadays...you can't unwanker a wanker, I'm afraid...
  2. The Tommy McLean South Stand ❤ Honestly, late 80's, early to mid-90's was easily my favourite era supporting my club. Lot to be said for a wee tartan shawl!
  3. He's not the Messiah, he's a very naughty boy...!!
  4. You assume my comment to be a sarcastic one!
  5. This pissing competition is enthralling to the neutral spectator.
  6. You must have some of the posters on here blocked.
  7. So he can't make his Rangers debut until January 2022 then? * Berwick, Cove or Kilwinning...?!
  8. If that's the case, then his International career is over, if he can't be picked to play in front of his home crowd.
  9. Without wanting to drag politics into the equation, the cynic in me was thinking it was very simply a means to wind pro-Union Rangers fans by highlight a comment from a pro-Independence MP......wouldn't be like The Sun to do something like that though.
  10. Haha haha haha... Maybe just the name for starters...worked for me anyway... But aye, fuck him, mediocre wee dick that he is...
  11. I'm not on Twitter either, but it's easily Google-able...but aye...fuck him, show him the door...
  12. I thought the last time, there was a massive over-reaction on here to a guy in the stand watching his team, but he's obviously a sandwich short of a picnic posting stuff like this...fuck him, I'm now of the opinion that he's a wee wank who's pretty mediocre at football...
  13. Matter of time...can't put off the inevitable...
  14. Joe Wark is in, let's all calm down now, eh?

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