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  1. Passes away, aged 82 http://www.skysports.com/share/12233291
  2. No doubt the jury is out on the scouting and fitness elements of the club, but given Liam Kelly's performances alone since he came in, you could argue January's transfer window has been more positive than negative and has made all the difference...given the alternative was running with Morisson (unknown?) / Chapman for the second half of the season.
  3. We have taken 7 wins from a total of 30 games, can you honestly see us taking 3 wins from the 8 games remaining? Yeah, I know most are against the teams around us, but so have half of the 30 games played so far.
  4. That's exactly my thoughts as well. Someone above mentioned Falkirk and Dunfermline, you could also add in ICT, Dundee and Partick too, my fears would be we could easily become be another name within that bracket. I wouldn't be too confident of an immediate return.
  5. Be worth debating at the end of the season, however it ends, is this current team really that rank rotten, or has a full season without fans been that detrimental to the team that its affected performances.
  6. Top 6 is long gone. I'm as optimistic as any 'Well fan, going so far to predict an uber rare win at Celtic Park two weeks ago, but even I scoff at the idea that top 6 is even remotely achievable now this season.
  7. Lamie hat-trick and a Mugabi 30 yarder.
  8. Nice one - so not all that far away......well, until it changes! :-)

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