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  1. There's yer Big Dec confirmed for St. Mirren.
  2. How in God's name is Bob McHugh only 30...?! He should be about 38 by now...!
  3. Must be great being a football manager. You serve up any kinda sustained level beyond mediocrity and you're generally lauded and get renewed contracts, whilst knowing the inevitable downturn isn't all that far away, which will ultimately end in the sack, seeing yet more 000's being thrust into the pension pot. At every level too. Mourinho has done fuck all for ten year, but every sacking coins in millions, the guy's not giving a fuck, he's like Scrooge McDuck, swimming pool filled with money, earned from failure after failure. I'm guessing the Wagu fillets must've been out the night that "the manager formally known as Grezza", went home and told the misses about that new deal...!!
  4. No shit joke to end on, Christ, things are worse than we feared!?!
  5. To be fair, he did sign Shields...whichever way that supports or detracts from your argument...
  6. I don't think it is necessarily the survival aspect that most have issue with, albeit it is priority. I personally don't think we will end up anywhere near being at risk for this season. But what for next year? We've signed players this year on longer term contracts with a view to trying to get away from our normal 6, 12 month short term deals. Slattery and Tierney for two, who look more than capable for our level / league and they're no longer getting a look in. Who's going to want to come to us this summer to play under him, with promises of a platform to build your career, only to watch the ball being blootered 40 feet over your head, then you're inexplicably dropped to to the bench for 3 months. He's had plenty money to spend, more than any manager in recent times. There's no excuse for us to be in the predicament we are in. As others have said, he doesn't even know his best team / formation 15 months after bring here. It's an utter shambles!
  7. Graeme Alexander, get in the fuckin' sea!
  8. Graeme Alexander's method of selecting his weekly outfield 10 players!
  9. The "Hans Christian Anderson" territory for me is the chat about the OF joining the EPL. I'm 48 years old and this topic has been around most, if not all, of my adult life, if not even longer. It simply isn't going to happen for reasons that have been discussed ad nauseam.
  10. Don't mean to be a pedantic arsehole, but at the risk of being a pedantic arsehole, the title of the thread has this game as 19th February. Sorry, carry on...
  11. Anyone thinking VAR is going to be the epiphany of Scottish football should only need to watch Match Of The Day or Sky Sports to see the arguments and discussions who still can't agree what's what, even with the VAR stills on screen. At the end of the day, the final decision still lies with the same incompetent referee to make the call, only assisted by some slow-mo and stills. I doubt very much VAR would have made the slightest bit of difference in Collum's mind yesterday afternoon, in the first incident, not knowing a second was so close in occurring.
  12. I'm no GA fan, but having won 5 in 30, there's no way St. Johnstone are picking up 4 wins from 8 games left, with us not picking up a single point.
  13. That's almost becoming our weekly mantra.

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