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  1. I see United fans on P&B seem to have a bit of a hard on for their 2nd goal scorer, the young lad, Archie Meekison...although one in particular was told to sit down when they compared him to the 2and coming of Ryan Gauld...!
  2. King Louis the 2nd...must be worth a shout, we've about 57 players still to release, surely we can offer a wage worthy of the risk...? Randolph tae, he must be getting too old for West Ham now...naw...?! Get on the phone... Has Kipre kicked a baw for West Brom yet...? Wee Dougie, Kirky...they still well about themselves...?! Half the battle is players playing for the shirt...which has been few and far between this season...bring on a few battlers who love a scrap... Is Steve Jennings the right side of 40 still...?!
  3. Not one of his own, but he will soon. He has a wee grey teddy with a claret MFC t-shirt on if that counts?
  4. Teniously linked to the topic, but I took a wee drive earlier, popped in and parked up outside Fir Park and looking into the South Stand for a wee while earlier today when I was out with my wee boy. He's nearly 4 and just about showing an interest in football, so naturally, being a basic dad duty , I'm developing that as carefully and thoroughly as one can. I had him in the car shouting "Mon' The 'Well" full voice heading down to Asda, so much that on the return journey, passing by FP, he automatically bellowed it out with zero encouragement from me. It was a proud moment, have to say...!
  5. Right, we'll have none of that talk of sense and realism on here thank you very much...no place for it on this forum...!!
  6. He's probably not giving two shites, so long as they pay him handsomely to see out the remainder of his career. I honestly cannot say I've been so apathetic to a Motherwell FC player for as long as I can remember.
  7. Keep Cigarettes Away From The Match #Retro
  8. I'm not exactly that clued up on The Rainjurs, but I always thought Taverier was LB and Patterson was RB, but I guess not...?
  9. I think Steelboy's quote was in reference to Mark Reynolds.
  10. I think any player heading to Aberdeen the season coming could be on a hiding to nothing. Reading on P&B the Aberdeen fans are mostly extremely unimpressed in the appointment of Stephen Glass and I think his whole tenure up there could be very short lived indeed if they don't pick up and hit the ground running. Any player being brought in will naturally be associated with his appointment and how it pans out. Of course, money will always talk though, eh?! There is the possibility that Stephen Glass will be a roaring success, emulating the Don's fans expectations of a repeat of the early 80's...my money's on the former though...!
  11. I like it to be honest, although personally I would have done away with the single bank of amber myself, but as it is, I think it looks alright and far better than the previous lighter colour.
  12. And there's yer problem right there, as you'll just never know who you are sitting next to. At the risk of opening a huge can of worms here...my band just sacked our guitarist for coming out as full-on anti-vaxxer at the 11th hour after a year long lockdown where we've done fuck all, despite our drummer having COPD and being in the highly vulnerable category. It's almost a "fuck you" not taking it to those who need the extra protection.
  13. You surname isnae Polworth by any chance?! :-)
  14. A budget N'Golo Kante must be worth a look...?!

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