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  1. WishyWell

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Brilliant, thank you.
  2. WishyWell

    2018'19 Game 28: Kilmarnock (A) March 2nd 3pm kick-off

    Heading down to this but won't get there till close to kick-off. Any advice on the best places to park?
  3. WishyWell

    Former Motherwell Fc Players Thread

    Forbes and Carswell scoring for Dumbarton.
  4. https://www.pieandbovril.com/forum/index.php?/topic/260175-celtic-v-motherwell/
  5. Incidentally, our boys on Pie n Bovril are playing a blinder in the face of the inevitable green and white assault. Superb stuff.
  6. WishyWell

    Who Stays And Who Goes?

    I try not get involved in this sort of thing, but have to put you right on this. I don’t know whose told you this, or why they’re saying it, but it’s a downright lie. It’s all the more galling because the opposite is true - he’s actually one of the first, and often the first, one in, arriving early to do extra gym work to build himself up as much as he can. And he’s actually been commended on his attitude, so every aspect of what you’ve been told is as far from the truth as you can get. As I say, I try not to say things on this forum in case it is seen by the club as talking out of turn, but I’m not giving away any private behind-the-scenes info here, just setting the record straight. If I were you I’d be asking the person who told you these allegations what their agenda is against him in coming out with outright lies and slurs.
  7. WishyWell

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    No, we’ve trained there several times since then, including recently. Probably just no let was available at Ravenscraig today.
  8. WishyWell

    The Small-Medium Rebuild 2018'19

    Ahem. We’ve got a proper left back who’s that age.
  9. WishyWell

    The Case of the Missing Physio

    She’s not the first team physio - Davie Henderson is. Aileen is the reserve team physio.
  10. WishyWell

    2018’19 Game 16:Hearts (A) Saturday 8th December 2018

    Club was saying earlier there isn’t.
  11. WishyWell

    Robinson... How Do We Think He's Doing ?

    Agree with just about everything there, but as far as this bit is concerned, playing for the Reserves just two days before followed by a full training session on Tuesday may have had something to do with it...
  12. WishyWell

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Not quite a fair comparison of performances then.
  13. WishyWell

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Did you see the relative line-ups in that game?
  14. WishyWell

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    Ah, sorry. But yes, International age-group rules are confusing, too. I don’t know how the Scotland u20s operate, but I know for the u21s you have to be under 21 at the start of the calendar year when a two-year Euro Championships qualifying campaign begins, which means players can actually be playing for the u21s when they have turned 23!
  15. WishyWell

    Reserves/Under 20's/Youths

    It’s u21 for this, plus two overage. Campbell is the same age-group as Livingstone, Maguire and Morrison, and maybe some others, ie u21 (1998s).

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