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  1. Going to our u20s/reserve games has proved a good grounding for watching games with this (lack of) crowd atmosphere!
  2. First team I can remember. And what a team they were! Thanks for putting this up.
  3. Or we could pimp him out as a gigolo and film a documentary following his antics, and call it "Fuck the actual Watt".
  4. I tend to take people as I find them and happened to meet Tom Boyd unexpectedly last week at a Former Players Club/Well Society fundraising sports night at the club. When the former players present were asked why they joined our FPs club when all had played for several clubs in their careers, he was first in to say that, in his case, Motherwell were his first senior club and the one that gave him his chance, and because of that we will always have a special place in his heart. To be fair, when talking to him he came across just as a straightforward cheerful guy who just says what he thinks without any guile. I haven't heard the comments that people get so angry about, but maybe it is that lack of guile (maybe complete naivety) that has seen him say things that it would have been more diplomatic not to say - maybe not, but that's just how he seemed on the night.
  5. Sorry, couldn’t resist. Felt I had to apologise since Davie looks like he could batter me with both hands tied behind his back.
  6. That’s the coaches’ top. The players’ one is grey and black.
  7. They are the same age group, but I take your point on the talented bit.
  8. He goes to Alistair every home game and is one of the leading members of the Former Players Club. Great guy.
  9. Makes a nice change from people spelling Livingstone wrong, though!
  10. It then goes to a tribunal and both clubs have to abide by what it decides compensation should be. That amount also has to be paid in one go and with a set time limit, not in instalments.
  11. If we go down the Development Fee route, we will be paid now (hopefully!) for the years we’ve had him, so wouldn’t be due any more compensation in the future.
  12. I think the FIFA guidelines only apply to situations where the player is signing for a club in a different association. Where he moves to a club in the same association, that association’s rules apply - so in our case the SFA’s. The amounts due for each year the player has been with a club beyond the age of 11 on the SFA’s scale are lower than those on the FIFA scale - no surprise there, eh?
  13. Half of our starting outfield players were 17-year -olds who only turned full-time last summer (one of them only a couple of months ago) and haven’t even played a lot of Reserves games,. They have great ability and potential, but the fact that Hearts were more experienced at First Team level, more physically strong, more cynical and more streetwise right through their side than those five made a massive difference. Those boys will do great in time but it would be unfair to them and the rest of the team to judge them under those circumstances.

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