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  1. nelky

               Looking for 4 seats on bus for Hampden . We are season ticket holders and we've got match tickets

  2. fergie26


    Watched the game in a pub in Blackpool surrounded by dozens of Liverpool and Man U fans watching the other game on all the other tellies. I was the only one in the pub facing the other way and watching the mighty well with no commentary. The English fans couldn't understand why a wee Scot was jumping up and down at what to them seemed the wrong times. Higgy was great but I went for Henrik as m o m as I thought he had his best game for a long time.
  3. i hope you are right about the pre season friendly, cos i am a wee bit worried about our readiness . I will be at Airdie but i am off on holiday on the 11th so can't really afford to go to Wales. ( i wonder if i can get a flight from Turkey to Albania )
  4. If Clarky goes before the Europa game I can see us struggling against the Welsh . This would further deplete our squad and it would mean we would depending on the likes of Sutton and Murphy stepping up to the mark . I thought Murphy was going to be something special and he has still got time to prove it , but then again I also thought DLS was going to turn out a good yin. Can we sign anyone up before the european games and if we can , would it be worthwhile as they might not be fit enough for these games.
  5. Aye great news indeed . Let's hope we get a wee team we can gub , then take it from there and see how far we can go ( Is making it to the league set-up too optimistic? )
  6. fergie26

    Euro Away Day

    Does anyone know who the Welsh or Irish teams are or might be. ?
  7. fergie26

    Euro Away Day

    Read somewhere that our first round Euro match would be against a team from one of the following countries : Macedonia Azerbaijan Estonia Albania Kazakhstan Armenia Wales N Ireland Faroes Luxembourg Montenegro Malta I would probably only manage the home game as I'm off on holiday soon after , but does anyone fancy any of these destinations ?
  8. What a day that was . Setting your video in the morning to record the whole thing ( i still had Betamax ) and driving into Hampden. The game was fantastic , all the ups and downs during the game then the amazing finish. Driving home with your chest bursting with pride and the tears blinding you . Windows down , scarves hanging out , horns tooting. Whit a day. Welldel got pished in Jack Daniels and he was only 15. moanthewell let's no wait as long the next time.
  9. This should make the last 3 games a wee bit more exciting for us . We need to try and keep the number of yellow cards down and cut out any reds. Where will we play our home games if Fir Park isn't ready ? and who is going to cancel their holidays ( players and fans ) Aye it exciting times right enough being a well fan
  10. While we don't really know if Hughes is leaving or not I think we should still play him . There is still something to play for ( points and league position ) and let's be honest no matter what game it is, nobody likes getting gubbed by the the other teams below us. Having said that we do need the manager to try some other players out ( i realise we don't have many options ) I would like to see him use all his subs ( and not leave it to the last few minutes as he has often done in the past)
  11. I'm new to this site ,but an old timer at Fir Park. I wasn't in the Phoenix the night before the match as we were in The AULD ALLIANCE in Paris . There was a decent atmosphere in there from what i can remember ( which isn't much later on that night ) My nephew and his son ( the wee guy about 7 years old that was singing and dancing on the tables ) said it was a fantastic night . The square was absolutely brilliant , the cheap beer ,wine, the locals and then the march to the stadium. The cops and the teargas nearly wasted what was a fantastic day . Let's do it again soon

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