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  1. Must admit , have been a Robinson fan since day one , but his body language after we went behind today was shocking . Instead of geeing the players up , getting them lifted , he just gave up ...any players looking at him would be thinking the same , no inspiration at all . It reminded me of McCall and McGhees last games in charge .
  2. Jeez oh ...2 sensible posts , whatever next
  3. One win from a return to Hampden . .will take that ...
  4. Bobby Graham and Willie Pettigrew must be sitting watching those 2 up front and thinking WTF . .
  5. Having slagged off Sammon when we signed him , I watched him closely throughout the 90 mins today to see if I was being too hard on the guy ....and after that performance I haven’t changed my mind . .workrate is zero , first touch poor , jumping for a ball is a joke for a big guy . . How he lasted the full game only the gaffer can answer that . I would go as far as to say if Robinson continues to rely on Sammon to lead the line this season Sammon will have his 2 nd relegation in a row and Robinson will be binned.
  6. YES !! . .just yes. . .happy days !
  7. correct ! . .shows how much it has upset me !
  8. Been trying really hard to think of one reason why we would sign him , and I have just found one . .he is from Northern Ireland . .
  9. IMO a terrible signing , guy has never been a baller and never will be . .good luck to all the back room staff in trying . .now not looking forward to the season ahead if that’s who we are relying on to get goals . .jeez oh !
  10. Aberdeen would offer in the region of 3-4K a week basic wages
  11. davkel

    Thanks Scott

    Been watching Motherwell for nearly 50 years now and Scott must be up there with the best I have saw at Fir Park ....thanks for the memories Skippy .
  12. Can't believe all this talk about keeping Bowman . .I was told when he joined that he was never good enough for this level and I'm afraid it has been shown to be true . .cant score , can't jump , one paced , no dig ..what's more to like ! !
  13. Think Bowman can thank Samson for not getting him all the attention . .cant believe how poor he is ..will never be a baller even at this level . .never saw anyone so poor at timing his jump for a high ball , actually makes me laugh out loud it's that bad ! ! . .and can't even run either . .maybe it's just me , but it's beyond me what any of the management team see in him
  14. Funny how people see things differently . .as I have said before , I work along with one of the St.Johnstone players father and Mannus has been the topic of conversation on many occasions and all about how poor he is . My workmate goes to all their games and he had been saying how poor he was from the start of the season until they finally binned him for Clark . The biggest problem seems to be that he will not leave his line at all or catch anything, preferring to punch everything . .remind you of anyone ? ? ? They have been glad to see him out the side and that is not just from the supporters.

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