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  1. Serious question....does anyone know what style of play we are trying to implement ?? ... My mate was watching us for Ross County today and we had a long conversation about what we are trying to do and we can’t work it out.. The defenders we have cannot play out from the back and resort to punts up the park The midfield today were totally missing ...strange to come on here and see people saying that Slattery was good and O’Hara had a good game ..really !!... both were a mile off the pace...in fact the guy sitting next to me said he thought Slattery must have had a good night out last night ..he was that poor. The front 3 are so isolated week in week out ....nobody links anything from midfield to front ... One other point we talked about was how bad we were at the basics ...first touch was a joke from quite a few and how many players looked at least a yard off the pace compared to the Dundee guys.. But .....after saying all that , we won 1-0 ....work that one out ....it’s a funny old game !!!!
  2. Why do we have 3 men out when we have a corner ?? .. 2 guys to make a mess of taking it and Van Veen out in the right back area … what’s that all about !!!!
  3. I know we have a lot of areas needing strengthened up , but unless we get someone in the middle of the park who can create chances and split defences open with passes , then nothing else will mattter ....the gap between the midfield and front 3 is embarrassing and we will never get anything out of the front guys unless we have someone to create chances for them....at this point in time we have nobody anywhere near that role...
  4. I haven’t received the 2nd email....and I applied for tickets for myself and my dad , 1 adult and 1 concession ..but have had £24 taken out my bank account . So much for it being a software glitch that would be fixed when taking your payments..
  5. Aberdeen announce Gallagher signing
  6. Are Crawford and Lawless still on the park ... just asking
  7. Why would Kelly want to stay for another season with this dross in front of him
  8. Lawless is much better than that .... eh when Jock ????
  9. Lawless was let go first time because he wasn’t good enough ... nothing has changed then ...
  10. Aberdeen have offered Gallagher a pre contract seemingly...
  11. McInnes away from Aberdeen apparently... Enzo Maresca on his way in ...interesting
  12. Thought it was really interesting to see that the gaffer has changed over the dugouts...wish someone had asked him the reasoning behind the move...
  13. Could throw in Seedorf as well as White ... would still have to stump up a load of cash as well tho !!!!!...actually quite surprised Ross Stewart is still there tbh
  14. The White signing seemingly is Yogi ‘s...nothing to do with scouts.. cant speak for Hylton tho ...lol

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