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  1. Paul McGinn has signed for Partick so that one can be ruled out.
  2. Perhaps one that slipped through the net but he was released by Hamilton Accies midway through last season. By no means writing him off, just noting that one. Could well have been checking up on Mackin on loan at Alloa however as previously noted.
  3. Happily found his place on PNB where he enjoys the Scottish wide attention of his Rangers love in!
  4. Jim Duffy certainly the option that appeals most to me right now. Whether we could actually get him on board though is another matter.
  5. Not sure if best place for it but Dom Thomas starts today for Queen of the South.
  6. hammy


    This forum needs more taxi-driving self made internet marketing gurus.
  7. With a few tricky games proceeding this match, would be smashing if we could get a win and try build a bit of momentum into the month.
  8. 3-2 Lincoln now, Erwin set up McKay, assuming former ICT striker.
  9. Lincoln v Oldham tonight in the FA Cup, Bt Sport 1. Law, Erwin, Ripley and Theo Robinson among the playing interest and of course Robinson and Baraclough in the Oldham dugout.
  10. hammy


    Safe to assume he'll not be having his loan extended past January.
  11. Marvin playing for Oxford right now in FA Cup on BT Sport 1.
  12. Lasley will have his work cut out getting back into that midfield - until Lucas' hamstring inevitably snaps!
  13. Both Cadden and Chalmers start tonight for the Under 21s.
  14. hammy

    2016/17 Ins & Outs

    He sounds like he's straight off Geordie Shore! Good goalscoring record, welcome aboard!

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