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  1. Have no fear, if no one takes them out they must surely come across Celtic who will have them for dinner. Preferably I'd like to see a Raith Rovers v QOS final instead.
  2. I thought this was the case. I have mentioned this to the folks in work but they come back with perfect examples of why we call them knuckle draggers. In any case I hope your support turn up like never before, give it to them big style and the Well pump them on the park.
  3. Alright folks? Intrigued with this post as the rumour has it that Rangers were going to offer away fans a chance to buy a programme at £14, with a £1 voucher in that programme to get into the game, supposedly to screw your club from making any money from the match? Not sure how gate money is shared (or not) in the game but if the away club gets the money for their allocation sold then 'The (wee) Rangers' are trying to pull a fast one. I hope that (if this is all true) all Motherwell fans see through this and BUY a ticket, and not a programme. Again, may only be rumour.
  4. Its nae wonder there's all those empty seats in Fester Road!
  5. What can we do? He has us by the nuts (No Craig Thomson jokes please) and we cant do anything about it. You should watch making a statement like that after avoiding relegation by a joke technicality and making redundant all those good people doon firpark way. But aye, I will be there, If its sunny, I will take the short walk down. I'll make a sign saying "GIRUY SteveDiggle"
  6. Glad you admit something every other SPL fan knows already.
  7. Hahaha, good reply, but will never happen. 16th most supported club in Britain, wouldn't happen to a club our size. But....... never say never
  8. Got to give you false hope right? Truth is we could pump you lot any given day.
  9. Haha, Im all good Steve, hows life? Going to the game on Sunday?
  10. On the topic of Sutton's fan reaction, I don't see why you would show any appreciation after maybe one round of cheers but after that he is a Jambo, we wouldn't act any differently Im sure. On the result? Well that all depends on who turns up for Hearts. They have given 60% effort in recent years at Fir Park expecting just to turn up and win. If they don't 1-0 or 2-1 Motherwell. If they do, 3-0 Hearts
  11. And you will still struggle to pull in 6,000 every week.

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