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  1. I think everyone would agree with that statement But can anyone name a player like that who would be within our budget ???? Only asking cause I’m sure the back room staff are looking for said person
  2. Here’s one from left field Lee Griffiths on loan till end of the season ?????
  3. That’s the problem WHEN FIT He’s been out nearly as long as Tanner was
  4. Think its what is drummed into our fullbacks on the training ground !!! Its the same every week does not matter what wing a team is attacking down our opposite fullback is usually miles away from the man he should be marking Happens on to many occasions for it to be a coincidence
  5. Agreed it may have gone in but it was not a tap in on the goal line There is no way that Long knows for sure that it is going in and he actually has to drag the ball from behind him …… that’s what makes me think it was going past the post or maybe hitting it
  6. Have watched replay a few times and am not convinced the ball was going in Look at the angle from where the ball was struck from If it had went passed the post just imagine the pelters Long would have got on here to my mind he did the right thing that any good centre forward would have done ………… put the ball in the net !!!!
  7. Yea …………Like they grow on trees
  8. Correct Against Rangers Celtic Aberdeen Hibs we cannot get away with 3 in midfield Robinson seems to have this stubborn when it comes to team selection where he thinks that his favoured formation is a fit for all occasions Im afraid it’s horses for courses and if that means 1 or 2 up front so be it As has already been said on numerous posts our midfield is not good enough when teams do there homework on Alan Campbell and crowd him out and put pressure on him as Rangers and Aberdeen have done recently ( I’m sure others have been watching and we really need to change it for 2nd half of the season) Having said that I’m sure a fit David Turnbull will help
  9. Agreed Playing 3 upfront against so called better teams is suicidal for us We badly need an extra nam in midfield or they will end up running over the top of us
  10. Midfield rank rotten Grimshaw couldn’t pass water Hylton / Cole to light weight Changes need urgently
  11. Agree and will be picking up a nice pension wedge after early retirement, jobs for the boys, why do football clubs go down this root If his attitude is anything like that of the officers outside the east stand no wonder we don’t have a good fan relationship Lets see how many banners, size of them and what’s on them turn up in the South Stand on Sunday Also heard some of the Bois debating wether to boycott home games and just go to away games if so the club needs to sort this debacle out and fast
  12. The club definitely needs to clarify the position and also WHO made the decision not to let the flag in I was just passing the bowling club when I saw a group of about 20 young guys with the flag. They were being asked to unfurl it,I thought so they could check what was on it not any offensive/political/religious Once the boys unfurled it the steward pointed to his ear and was saying it was to big “I’ve been told it’s to big” this was a steward not the police so someone within the hierarchy of the club made that decision WHO ?? think we have a right to know Now the flag was big but no where near as big as what has been unfurled within Ibrox or Parkhead in recent weeks so unless they have different health and safety laws than the rest of us don’t see what the problem was. When told this one of the young boys said Ah feck off we’ve already cleared it with the club The police sergeant took offence to this and along with two PCs grabbed the young boy and pinned him against the wall of the East Stand with the sergeant right in the boys face (trying to provoke a reaction from the boy) totally OTT from the police IMO I asked a young WPC what the young boy had done and the next minute I’ve got two PCs in my face asking what my problem is . Our fan base is not that great that we can alienate the young boys who back the team to the hilt and being a bit of passion and colour to the bottom end of the east stand Was it just me but from where I sit in the POD it looked as if some of the boys walked out after about 10 to 15 minutes into the game. The club really need to tell us if the boys had permission to bring the flag in and if they did WHO made the decision to change it
  13. Totally agreee how he can give that as offside is unbelievable Terrible decision but he was not the worst official on view yesterday REFEREE was an absolute joke with some of his decisions
  14. No problems m8 I also think young Scott has great potential but as I said in previous post the penalty miss against Aberdeen seemed to have dented his confidence and his head was down Young players have to be managed properly and hopefully his brace last night will boost it It says a lot that during the whole Hastie contract extension saga the one that the club was most desperate to get on to a long term contract was Scott, which goes to show how much the coaching staff at the club think of his ability Your right it is all about opinions and everyone sees the game differently and IMO Long if played through the middle with someone able to pick out the runs that he makes would score a lot of goals for us. Still onwards and upwards and as long as the team we put on the park keeps getting results we will all be happy clappers

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