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  1. You don’t need pace to be a good defender [ remember Joe Wark ] not over indulged with pace …… but what a defender Tait has been played everywhere in the first team this season bar right back !!!! Oh and what about the defensive headers ????? Being able to do the basics goes a long way for a defender Defend first and be good at it anything after that is a bonus
  2. Call me I’d fashioned but the first thing I want a defender to do is DEFEND This is something I’m afraid does not come natural to Grimshaw As I say I have nothing against him but he is not a natural defender have a look at his defensive headers that lead to the penalty against Livi and almost cost us a late goal against Killie I know he’s not having his best season but once again Tait ( a natural right back who is able to produce a half decent delivery into the box) is once again asked to perform out of his natural position.
  3. Agreed Grimshaw’s positional sense (or lack of it) cost us again The guy is never a full back
  4. Just watched the highlights what the feck was Grimshaw’s attempted headed clearance all about leading to the challenge by Cole for the penalty As a defensive header it was school boy stuff A similar header late in the game almost cost us the points against Killie in midweek I like Grimshaw but I’m afraid he’s a defensive nightmare and we’re always waiting for the mistake that seems to come every game Just look at his positional sense at the end when Gillespie makes the great save
  5. He’s a saleable commodity the same as any player If Hearts come up with the money and Robinson wants to go then so be it he goes A year ago some wanted him punted and that would have cost us money to pay of his contract It looks unlikely that we’re going to be in relegation battle so why not give Las the job till the end of the season and if it works out great if not we look at whose available
  6. Yip a shitfest of a football match Our midfield had about the worst game they’ve had all season Young Campbell getting caught on the ball to often for my liking over last few games and for all his energy and drive passing is not one of his attributes Donnelly was so far of the pace of the game and contributed zilch to the proceedings Polworth kept on plugging away but nothing seemed to work for him today Still midfield not at the races and we still come up with 3 points not to be sneezed at AND your right Hylton should be taken aside and told in no uncertain manner to get that out of his game once you get a reputation for diving it’s hard to shake off and could come back to haunt us later in the season
  7. Yip think your spot on She is still on the board
  8. The main duty of a defender is to defend … anything that they offer going forward is a bonus As said above we have a midfielder playing at right back whose positional sense in the position leaves a lot to be desired and a right back playing at left back !!!! A back four needs defends as a unit and having two out of the four struggling in with positional sense of the role we are in bother Also with only playing 3 in midfield if as was the case on Saturday young Campbell has an off day [ normally does the work of 2 men in there ] we struggle defensively
  9. Agreed That was my point earlier Grimshaw never a full back and Tait never a left back … hence we were weak in the wide defensive areas Any team that does their homework on us will expose this area
  10. Yip that was a reality check on where we are today Have said it before and I’ll say it again Grimshaw will never make a right back in a million years Tait is wasted a left back Seedorf is like playing with a man short …… something special once every 3 games if we’re lucky not good enough Young Scott still a work in progress and his head seemed to go down after penalty miss When we come up against good experienced pros with agame plan we are found wanting
  11. Boy played 2 U21 games maybe that’s why he was a bit jaded it’s all about managing game time ‘Unfortunately we have no one that can play in his position to give him a break
  12. As much as I like Grimshaw he is at best a squad player never a right back in a million years Yip we all get excited at his headless chicken runs forward but can anyone tell me of one that’s had an end product Tait is the best right back that we have at the club but I fear like Cadden were messing him about with continually playing him out of position to the detriment of the player
  13. Gallagher gave Donnelly Pelter after their 1st goal

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