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  1. Yip but they have to be cleaned regularly It not the people using them that are the problem it’s the fact that it could lead to a spread of the virus ps don’t shoot the messenger take it up wi Wee Nicola
  2. The biggest drawback for getting fans into games is the toilet facilities within grounds. At our bowling club we have been playing for about 5 weeks now but clubhouse, locker room and toilets must remain closed Toilets might require cleaning after every use how do we manage that in football grounds??
  3. If Norwich sell Tod Cantwell as rumoured think Turnbull would be a shoe in as his replacement A well run and well coached EPL club would kick his development to bigger and better things Not a bad place to live in the country either
  4. Heard the of the Newcastle interest about the same time as the Gillespie rumour. All down to Steve Bruce staying as manager I was told…… but the Gillespie one made it over the line
  5. What’s the chances of Robbo being his assistant during International Breaks ? Something similar as McCall with Scotland
  6. More likely be his agent’s decision
  7. wellwell91

    Season Tickets

    Ok I’ll just ask for it back then donate it to the club That way the club looses out on the VAT refund. Up to each individual on what they want to do ……… Personally I bye a season ticket to support the club not as a way to get cheaper games
  8. Only left Oldham because of the utter shitfest of their financial position
  9. Maybe cause he’s better than them. Club have never been short at giving youngsters a chance to show what the can do Unfortunately the are not all good enough …… bet or churn rate is no worse than other clubs infect think you’ll find that it is better than some
  10. Well I have seen him play and the boys got a bit about him, also saw young Turnbull when very few people had ever heard of him, will just have to wait and see how good he turns out. As I say calm your jets and let the manager and coaches get on with their jobs.
  11. Well said … … as I said previously the boy has played at U19 level for NI and until he was out for a year with a bad injury he had the makings of a bright future by all accounts Certain he won’t be costing us a fortune in wages and I’m sure Lasley and Ross would have been involved in the decision making process Lets all calm down and give the boy a chance
  12. Don’t think it would just be Robinson making the decision Saw him in a couple of reserve games and he did not look out of place Has played for NI at U19 and was seen as a excellent young prospect until he got a bad injury which put him out the game for about a year Will just have to see how it works out and he won’t be costing us a fortune
  13. Think there is a 3 part to this Teams who have asked players to defer/take wage cuts ……… Hearts are a prime example of this
  14. Reading an article today which was suggesting that if a club takes advantage of deferring their tax to HMRC then they will not be able to purchase players until they have settled what they owe HMRC. Don’t think it will effect us as I very much doubt we’ll be paying any Xfer fees but it may effect others. It stated that HMRC would be aggressively enforcing this rule. Agree totally with their stance by the way
  15. Are they ……… this is being done through HMRC taking into account NI number and PAYE returns A lot of footballers have very funny set ups about how their tax is payed especially the ones earning big bucks Think a few football clubs will be told to get to France when they try to claim this money

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