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  1. wellwell91


    Naw … … … Just a statement of fact regarding the 2 of them
  2. wellwell91


    Andy Walker … … … Arsehole !!!
  3. wellwell91

    Big Dec

    I hear Liverpool are on the lookout for a centre half
  4. Then why wait 2 / 3 weeks before a decision???
  5. Like they miss most things ……… It happened right in front of the 4th official and Lennon was only about 10ft from it … if he thought it was that bad he would have been screaming like a banshee Agree it looked bad but don’t think there was any malice in it
  6. Agreed Against the Old Firm it’s time to stop thinking we are better than we are, let’s be honest they both have got better footballing players than us so let’s just get back to basics, get in their faces hit anything that moves and if in doubt fuck it out rather than trying to play them at their own game.
  7. O’Donnell international defender your having a giraffe!!!!
  8. Get in there !!!! come on let’s get something out of 6his
  9. Like for like subs no change in formation
  10. Every corners the same trying to hit Gallagher at the back post … how about something different
  11. That’s the way to do it … if your going to do him do it right nay messing
  12. Fuck me did you see those 2 efforts to take a man out ……… absolutely criminal
  13. That’s because we’re a man short in there, they’ve got a free man in there all the time Against the Old Firm you have to frustrate them and not gift wrap goals for them
  14. Have a word with yourself …… what did he do wrong ??? The guy who scored run of the back of O’Donnell who was ball watching

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