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  1. That’s what happens when you try and convert centre half’s into midfielders There is no way thar Donnelly and Maguire should be in the team at same time.
  2. Look … … … Let’s get this Shankland pish hit on the head. He was on £4k a week at United which I think was one of the main reasons that they wanted to offload him. No way are we going to pay anywhere near that amount of money !!!!
  3. Naw that’s what happens when 1in 15, 3.7million people test +ve with covid The problem with this variant is not how ill it makes you but how fast it spreads and infects other people …
  4. Think this data is more important than hospitalisation Covid-related staff absences at hospitals in England have risen sharply since Omicron took hold last month, latest figures show. The number of workers off sick for Covid reasons trebled from the beginning of December. The Royal College of Nursing said growing absences meant the situation was "simply not safe." NHS national medical director Professor Stephen Powis said staff were under pressure but were "stepping up". Downing Street said Boris Johnson saw no need for further restrictions despite the staff absences, as England's current measures were "balanced and proportionate". Earlier this week, the prime minister said he hoped England could "ride out"the Omicron wave without more restrictions. Approximately 4% of hospital staff in England - nearly 36,000 - were off for Covid reasons each day during the week ending 2 January. That was a rise of 41% on the previous week, and treble the 11,957 absences seen at the beginning of the Omicron wave in the week ending 5 December. When other sickness absence is added it brings the total off to 9% - nearly double what would normally be seen at this time of year.
  5. Graham Alexander and Nick Daws are the one’s that need to be convinced that we need him … … … And it looks like that they are.
  6. Whit new restrictions England don’t have any they just carried on regardless ( heard immunity by any other name ) Scotland / Wales / NI figures are 1 in 20 which ain’t the same as 1 in 15
  7. According to the Office of National Statistics (universally acknowledged as the most accurate) the figures in England week ending 24th December was 1 in 15 people with COVID That equates to 3.7 million people with COVID Wait and see the numbers for New Year !!!!
  8. Trevor Carson to Morecambe ……… Could that be United trying to raise cash to get Watt early ( he’s under contract until 2023 )
  9. Couldn’t give a flying feck !!!! he doesn’t want to play here and I’d rather give game time to Shields who on yesterday’s performance has got something about him Alexander obviously thinks the same as he was not put out on loan.
  10. New rules say you’ve got to be 1 meter away from the wall Can no longer try and get on to end of defensive wall and pull the defender out of the way
  11. Suggest you take a trip to the COVID ward at WishaW General ……… might change your mindset !!!!
  12. Well that’s us fucked then ……… he should be nowhere near the starting line up. Better playing with 10 men as he just gives the ball to the opposition
  13. That’s why we are 2/1 with the bookies!!!

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