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  1. There also was the one of 2 Liverpool fans 1st one says “What will we do when the Lord comes” back came the reply “Move St John it inside left” Great player and wonderful person, had the privilege of seeing him play in claret and amber on a few occasions RIP
  2. I will also be renewing my season ticket and not take up the offer if there is one about rolling over last seasons ticket. Dont know if this is a viable suggestion … … could the club renew last season ticket and I then make a donation to the club to the equivalent of season ticket price ?? In the above scenario the club would get the VAT (I think) Dont know how this would go down with the Tax man
  3. Play Long through the middle with a partner and he is a totally different player It’s a waste of time and space playing him out wide All part of Robinsons master plan of can play across the front 3 positions Unfortunately it has never worked
  4. He’s the best of a bad bunch Nowhere near the performances that he put in last season … for whatever reason If Stevie Clarke picks players on their form, Gallagher will be nowhere near the Scotland squad
  5. Agree with every word If Gallagher is fucking about re his contract the club ( Burrows ) need to come clean … … No one player is bigger than the club. Tell him he’s cleaning the toilets and other players boots for the rest of the season as well as docking his wages for not playing and don’t let the door hit him on the arse on the way out in the summer. Someone at the club needs to grow a pair !!!!!
  6. Also didn’t help that every ball that we managed to play forward to Cole ( not many ) bounced of him and came straight back at us ……… never held the ball up once in the whole game
  7. Nay it’s whose behind the 4-3-3 that needs binned and I don’t care who it is. We stumbled on to this formation with Campbell Gorrin and Turnbull but we’ve never had the players to play that system since Gorrin left, yet we keep this formation.
  8. When your in a situation like this you need players with heart and who are willing to put their bodies on the line Any one of the following would do fine at the moment Willie McVie, Peter Miller, Stuart McLaren or Luc Nijholt None of them great footballers but anyone playing against them new they were in a game. This mob of spineless chickens are not going to get us out of this mess
  9. Ah must have missed that … when where was this reported
  10. And he has not wanted to be here since !!!!!
  11. We were well beat today But if you look at the goals we lost they were all self inflicted Jake Carroll shate out of a tackle for the 1st Amateur defending and offside for the 2nd Least said about Polworths penalty for the 3rd the better. Don’t know when Campbell, O’Hara, Smith came down with the illness but if it was last night or this morning not a lot of time to reorganise Also noted we were missing 2 subs on the bench and Semple was not there is he injured/ sick also
  12. Well the youth player, just turned 17 did ok and kept plugging on till the end. Same can’t be said for Polworth and those to jokers at centre half Young boy showed more commitment and guts than those 3 put together
  13. Says a lot when a 17 year old is just about your best outfield player
  14. Problem is we have to play them …… and I wouldn’t bet on us beating them
  15. The best (ONLY) passer of a ball in our team is the goalkeeper … … … Says it all

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