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  1. Slattery could turn out to be the signing of the season. If we could just get someone to complement him in midfield this team could take some beating
  2. He’s an absolute gem a winning free kicks out of nothing
  3. 2nd touch gives ball to Rangers player
  4. I’d like to see anybody on for Grimshaw
  5. Can someone tell Grimshaw he is allowed to pass the ball to a Motherwell player
  6. Got it in one … … As I said in an earlier post Gorrin with brains. The number of time today he drew fouls by just slowing down and let the Aberdeen player run into him then going down like a sack of potatoes was brilliant
  7. Slattery remind me of Gorrin, but with brains ……… He breaks up play without getting booked in every game ……… Oh and he’s very good at it
  8. That’s being kind to him … … … His final ball has been abysmal
  9. One word … … Arsehole (ok maybe two)
  10. He’s on good money at Hearts. Maybe other clubs not matching his wages and he decided to stay put and take the cash. Be interesting to know what % of his salary we’re paying
  11. The midfielder they have signed from Leeds is Jordan Stevens not Gotts
  12. Did Sieb not get a move to QPR before he ended up at Dundee United
  13. Back in my school days Wishaw Central used to play on a ash park. … … It was a bit of everything black/red you name it.
  14. There’s also McGinley and Devine and you could also count Donnelly and Maguire in there as well Is everyone blind at the club where are the midfielders that we are desperately calling out for !!!!!!
  15. Because we’re watching Maguire and Donnelly playing in there week in week out and there just not good enough !!!! Dont know where all this Donnelly is a midfielde comes from … … … like Jake Hastie he had a 6 game purple patch in there and score about 6 goals ( half of the penalties) They are both defenders not midfielders and they play like defenders neither of them have the nous to play in that position ……… certainly not both of the in the same team we might get away with one of them in there but not both of them.

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