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  1. wellwell91

    Stevie O'D

    Along with Robertson who was 10 yards off the winger which left him all the time in the world to deliver a great cross and McGregor who let the goal score run off him.
  2. wellwell91

    Stevie O'D

    Sorry but I do blame Hendry …… when he steps in an drives forward with the ball it creates an extra man in there and one of the Czech has to come out of the defensive line to challenge him. Just look at the space that creates for SOD to drive into if Hendry just plays the simple pass. He should have never have taken that shot on.
  3. wellwell91

    Stevie O'D

    Speak to any Celtic supporter and they would have Turnbull in their team before McGregor, Christie or Forrest !!! Seen a stat the other day, he had the 3rd most assist in the whole of Europe last season and he didn’t get into the team until December Exactly what is missing from this Scotland team a bit of creative ability If your good enough your old enough
  4. Depends on whose prepared to pay biggest % of his salary.
  5. Or maybe he doesn’t want to play on that plastic abomination that passes for a football pitch
  6. Juniors no more There are now part of the new WoSFL which is part of the pyramid … … heap of shite and a total decimation of the grade
  7. How many penalties????
  8. Only if their prepared to pay the development fee.
  9. Hope the door hits both there arses on the way out !!!!
  10. Midfield balance a lot better today …… but still work in progress Would like to see McGinley get a game at centre half much improved as Lamie is there is always a mistake waiting to happen with him.
  11. Correct we can get away with them behind the goals but H&S means we cannot use then in front of the Hunter Stand and that’s where you would make most money from advertising
  12. Was Grimmy not one of the players who had to isolate due to COVID ???? Does long COVID come into play ??? Have a mate who is a postman who tested +ve between Xmas and New Year and is still of work. He has a couple of days where he feels fine the the next day he cannot walk the length of himself without feeling totally shattered. Wish Grimmy all the best and hopefully he’s back soon a good guy to have about the club.
  13. Yip and the only team to miss penalties by the goalkeeper not saving them …… ???? If you can’t hit the target from 12 yards you don’t deserve to win a penalty shootout
  14. The other young wingback …… take it your talking about Max Johnston, is injured picked up injury in the week after his debut … according to Alexander on podcast the other night.
  15. Because Alexander thinks he canny defend.

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