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  1. Think we need to cut Shields some slack until he is played in his correct position. At QOS he played through the middle running of a big target man (Dobbie) and scored for fun. KVV is a one man band (blinkered IMO) to others round about him
  2. Agree wholeheartedly ……think we made tentative enquiries last year but got knocked back
  3. Somebody needs to remind him of how Paul Slane’s career path panned out when he left at 17.
  4. The number on the back of your shirt means nothing nowadays
  5. People on here have been shouting about the lack of leadership/organiser at the back. What ever else you think of McGinn IMO these are two qualities that he brings to the table
  6. He played for Chelsea so that might have been enough to put a spanner in the works
  7. Did you see SOD push Cornelius (I think who was waiting for the ball to bounce ) out of the way and volley the ball to the halfway line.
  8. wellwell91


    May be way of the mark here but I would imagine the manager, whoever he is would be present at least 1 board meeting a month during the season .
  9. We have the worst 2 fullbacks in Scottish football ……… and I include the juniors in that. Mugabi and Carroll haven’t got a clue how to play that position
  10. Correct!!! He who pays the piper calls the tune ………… It’s how the world works
  11. wellwell91


    Have read all this talk of Alexander and Slattery having some sort of fall out and I just don’t buy it. If that was the case he would be nowhere near the 1st team squad let alone sitting on the bench on match days. A player and a manager fallout then there is only one winner and it’s not the player. Slattery played almost every game until he was suspended and I’m sure he was one of the players who had COVID just before the break. Players nowadays are monitored every second during games and also in training. Maybe just maybe Slattery data in training ( Wee box of tricks they all wear on their backs ) shows that his energy level recovery rate are not where they were before had had COVID ……… fit enough to sit on the bench but nowhere near fit enough to start a game. Also all this chopping and changing could COVID testing have something to do with it ??? Deepest Lanarkshire is rife with it
  12. That front 3 yesterday will never work neither Shields nor Efford are wingers and there’s no point trying to play someone off KVV as that not how he plays (greedy bastard) Play KVV up front on his own with 5 in midfield and have 2 of them (Tierney and Shaw) breaking their butt to join him. As for Slattery feck knows what’s going on there not the fastest but he can put his foot on the ball actually pass it to a teammate and breaks play up and win us free kicks.
  13. The tackle from Bevis was not a red card … … have a good look at it he goes for the ball with his instep and his foot never leaves the ground and he makes contact with the ball Not his fault that he’s twice the height and build of the Hibs player. The reaction of the Hibs players getting into Collums face got him sent off. Agree with you on the Roberts one a definite red card
  14. RED Big strong guy going legally for the ball and the lighter guy not being strong enough to take the hit YELLOW Small guy flying in with studs and the defender riding the tackle So in summary Big strong defenders are no longer allowed to make tackles on lightweights
  15. Correct worse than the one yesterday studs up nowhere near the ball and catches United man above the ankle

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