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  1. Remind me how much he’s being payed a week !!!! Some people need a dose of reality to kick in
  2. We’ll find out when he goes to Stoke
  3. Alan Campbell would get between £10K - £12K in the English Championship So I think we would be on to plumbs
  4. Agree re street wise It became very obvious early doors that the ref was giving fouls for any sort of contact …… look at the free kicks he game against Lang for just using his body strength to turn his man The pup team cottoned on to it and started falling over at any form off contact yet out team of seasoned professionals didn’t adapt to his interpretation of the rules.
  5. We need to go back to basics 4 - 4 - 2 defend properly and be had to score against Watched Barry McGuire in the same team as Campbell and Turnbull and the boy was an excellent ball playing centre half and someone decided to try and convert him into midfielder and has set the boy’s career spiralling backwards. If he’s a worse centre half than Mugabie I’ll eat my cock. Obviously Robinson just doesn’t fancy the boy
  6. One good thing to come out of tonight … … Big Bevis canny play next week
  7. If I was Alan Campbell I’d be ofski as soon as I could ……… This lot will bring him down to their level
  8. Whits the chance of us scoring with one of the penalty’s
  9. They couldn’t be any worse ………. Total clear out required starting with the manager
  10. Am sorry but after this debacle Robinson has to fall on his sword
  11. Whit do you mean has gone AWOL it’s never been there all game

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