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  1. Don’t know how you come to that conclusion This is going to last for months maybe not with the same restrictions but many things will not be the same for a while at least until they get a vaccine for it. We may see a drop in the numbers but it could flare at any time. Think people need to get their head round the fact that we’ll be lucky to start next season in August let alone finish this one. If and I mean if teams get back into training if just one player or member of staff shows symptoms the whole club could be put in shutdown. Until the chain is broken broken we’re in for very uncertain time ……… and I’m sorry but sport is way down my list of priorities
  2. Look the way things are panning out we’ll be lucky to start next season in September Let UEFA make a decision that applies to all member associations and that takes all the petty arguments if everyone does their own thing Would also preempt any legal challenges Madrid,PSG, Liverpool,Bayern, Juventus Celtic would be reluctant to take governing body to task for fear of what repercussions could be … not allowed in Champion League
  3. What happens if half of a teams squad is in self isolation??? Remember chief medical officer says the peak may not happen till mid May so we could still have people self isolating well into June and beyond Footballers are not immune !!!!!
  4. Don’t disagree with anything you say BUT he would still be in the goldfish bowl that is the West of Scotland and all the hassle that goes along with that ( unable to go out and about socially without a minder being 2ft behind him ) As I’ve said previously look at the young boy Gilmour at Chelsea ( younger than Turnbull) if your good enough you’ll make it at any club.
  5. His development fee could be £500K … so that’s him moving on for a fee of £400K … … not for me would rather keep him Still think a move to the tic is the wrong one for him in the long run Its his decision but it all about ambition and reaching his goals Would you rather be playing in Dingwall or Perth for the 4th time in a season or strutting your stuff at Anfield, Old Trafford, Emirates or Etihad As I say it’s his decision but if I had his ability I know where I would rather be
  6. As part of the extension offer was we would reduce the money that triggered his release but insert more extras Now I don’t know what it is but say it’s £2M then it’s still £2M so unless anyone triggers it he stays
  7. Just don’t understand Robinson’s obsession with 2 wingers
  8. Rubbish Tony Watt was behind the goals doing his warm up When Long went down the bench immediately signalled for him, I’m sure like the rest of us thought is was in connection with the heavy knock he took in the first half When the physio got to Long he immediately gave the thumbs up to the bench without even treating him. Long skipped past the County defender as if he wasn’t there to set up the 3rd goal. Oh and did you see his reaction to getting subbed after it ?? I would suggest that if you actually go to the games you pay attention to what is happen on the park
  9. Lets have a recap of last night in the cool light of day Excellent result and one that we badly need …… but let’s not get carried away there were some glaring deficiencies in that performance, although we were streets ahead of County until we got the 3rd goal all 3 points were still in doubt. Keeper : excellent goalkeeper one that I will be sad to see go, but his distribution … does anyone work with him to improve it ? (genuine question) Defence : With Hartley and Tait in there we struggle for pace both I think reached their sell by date. The way Hartley lost his man for 1st goal was criminal Gallagher for has dipped a little but is by far our best defender … Grimmy we he’s just Grimmy a good honest pro Midfield : Great to see Alan Campbell back and I thought O’Hara was excellent in the holding role ( more mobile than Donnelly) Polworth was also more like why he was earlier in the season Wingers : Think Hylton last beat a man about September why oh why can they just not try and do what Long did for 3rd goal beat your man get to the bye line and get the ball in Centre : Although not an out and out striker leads the line well and makes some terrific runs which are seldom seen by others , could do with a few goals Overall we have had a great season but there are areas of the team that need to be addressed Going forward would love to see Watt and Long playing up front as a 2 with Turnbull supplying the ammunition could be potent IMO Work needs to be done on the defence and soon against better opposition (Killie for example) it will be exposed big time
  10. Ahhhh but they were large one’s
  11. He was in a very tight midfield 3 and don’t think any of them new what their role was He took a heavy knock early on (1st 10mins) but battled on Midfield totally no existent when he went off and Donnelly went in there Numbere of times that Donnelly and Hartley went for same ball was unbelievable
  12. Not sure where Maguire is in the pecking order, but to my mind he is a center half Donnelly miss the next 2 games so he’s out of the equation Agree with front 2 of Watt and Long Midfield is the problem, last night we played with wing backs (Aaron’s and Tait) a tight 3 of O’Hara, Campbell, Polworth who were all over the place and unsure of their roles. O’Hara was the pick of them, he took a knock early on and when he went off and Donnelly went in there it was game over
  13. Is it just coincidence that the 2 teams that seem to have imploded since Xmas ,Us and Rangers both line up with 2 wingers week in week out System been found out and nullified by others ????
  14. If tonight proved anything ……… Hartleys finished at this level Why oh why is he playing in the middle of a back 3 ????? Slow as treacle and was bullied by the big number 9 Also get this playing with 2 wingers to feck having 1 sand dancer on the park is bad enough without having 2n Just beat your man ( never mind the 5 step overs ) and get the ball in

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