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  1. Deimantas Petravicius currently playing against Cristiano Ronaldo.
  2. ‘We’re 2-0 down gaffer, they’re running over the top of us in the midfield and we look like we won’t score this side of Easter because there’s no creativity in the whole side. What are we going to do?’ ’Get Alex Rodriguez-Gorrin stripped’.
  3. ‘Begorra, begorra, Guinness, potato, go on , go on, go on, to be sure’.
  4. A debut for Mbulu at 7 fucking 1 down at Ibrox. Poor bastard.
  5. I’ve heard reports that Elliot Frear came on today. Can anyone confirm this?
  6. Loved Chris Humphrey. I’ve never seen a player take a roasting like he gave Danny Grainger against St Johnstone one night, he was great.
  7. I really like Stephen Robinson, but for him to suggest that Main and Bowman were excellent tonight leads me to believe that he may be on crack.
  8. Campbell proper leathered that third goal. Excellent stuff.
  9. I enjoyed Scott McDonald on the radio last night describing Peter Hartley’s comments as “idiocracy”.
  10. Kyle Lafferty to score the winner you say? Sounds about right, aye.
  11. I know we’ve been pretty pish this season so far, but I didn’t realise that losing to us was a resigning issue.
  12. This is pretty spot on. The thing that I found amazing was the space that the Hibs wingers had when the ball was played to them, yet Frear was stood next to his marker every single time the ball was played to him. Johnson got more joy because he was running at the centre backs instead of Sammon or Main trying to fucking out-jump them while not actually looking at the ball. Ambrose might be shite, but he’s massive and doesn’t miss much in the air. Robinson just didn’t address any of the problems right through the game and we only started to look decent because Hibs were 3 up and strolling about saving themselves for their European game on Thursday.
  13. Conor Sammon 1 - 0 Queen of the South/moany fuckers in the Motherwell support.
  14. I shouldn’t have looked in here.

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