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  1. Delighted with this and well done to the media dept for getting our name out all over social media. A brilliant and unique piece of marketing.
  2. Wonder if he wasn’t happy with the way things were going within the SPFL board. Their loss and our gain.
  3. Rumours going around that Kipre is away to West Ham. Potential windfall for us if that's the case
  4. The best one I saw was made from a pair of y fronts
  5. Look online and you’ll see everyone is getting in on the act with bespoke masks featuring cats /dogs and every conceivable logo/personalisation you can imagine ranging from 10 quid up to 20 so ours is about average for what’s out there
  6. I actually take my hat off to Hastie for coming back into the lions den so to speak He must know that it will be hard to win over the doubters and it would have been so much easier for him to go elsewhere like Hearts where he would get an easier gig. Hes said he wanted to come back here and that’s good enough for me.
  7. Do we have to wear masks in our photies?
  8. Or a hot food carry out shop Come to think of it we could always cannibalise the McDonalds logo
  9. santheman


    I wonder if the original contract offer had been made with a deadline attached? In saying that it might well have had one and Tait returned it signed before the deadline and that’s why he feels aggrieved. If it was open ended and up for ongoing talks (which it sounds like going by the club statement)then he was chancing his arm
  10. Certainly looks to be held in very high regard by Forest Green fans going by their comments.
  11. Always liked him so wouldn’t be averse to welcoming him back.
  12. Lazy journalism 3 of them hardly a secret, the other 2 he’s pulled out his arse.
  13. No real surprise on the Donnelly rumours. Pretty sure O'Neill will be looking at every NI player he knows with a bit of a pedigree and playing at a decent level
  14. I knew my avatar would make a comeback sometime
  15. Or maybe Tait was offered a deal that he rejected?

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