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  1. Don't use Twitter (deliberately) so did Lawless just randomly post that or was it in response to other users having a go at him. I could excuse the latter as he's just winding up the trolls (we've all done it) but if the former then that's a bad call by him.
  2. That was my take on it too. Mystified as to why anyone would see that as in any way political.
  3. As long as we keep on winning I can live with it.
  4. The red ash one down the old Palace grounds was my favourite. Combined with a gym teacher who thought it a good idea to use a scrubbing brush to get rid of any ash stuck in your cuts/grazes after a sliding tackle followed by a good dose of pure dettol it was life defining.
  5. GA has had months to look at the players and assess their different qualities on and off the pitch. If he thinks O'Donnell is Captain material then that's fine with me as he's far more qualified to make that choice than any of us. Edit. STV beat me to it
  6. You could say the same about a number of players. He was solid towards the end of last season and I'm sure he'll get back to that level in time.
  7. We've had half a dozen cases of Covid with players having to isolate. Wouldn't be beyond the realms of possibility that he was one of them and is a bit behind everyone else in terms of fitness.
  8. Mate who is a big Saints fan and goes to all their games (or at least he used to pre Covid) has watched Slattery progress through the ranks and cannae believe we've landed him. As with all the EPL teams he was up against guys who cost millions and slipped down the pecking order and his confidence went a bit because of that. He thought he would have ended up at a Championship team or a Div1 at worst so seems we've done not too shabbily landing him.
  9. Exactly They're all at different stages of physical fitness and match fitness. Some fans expecting them to hit the ground running and pump everything in front of them. Some even saying we're relegation material ffs. They forget this is a team essentially with a new forward line and it will take time for things to click although some promising signs today towards the end of the first half and the second half. With more quality signings still to come in I think we'll be fine.
  10. They will come and put 10 men behind the ball. Up to us to break them down.
  11. Play the game again in a month's time and we'll see who bosses who.
  12. Well it took us 70 mins to wake up but from then on we started to look s bit more comfortable. Wee team fired up against the big boys who would have thought. Wasn't surprised after watching them against QOS tbh. Craigans commentary doing my head in.
  13. We look a bit ring rusty that's for sure
  14. Barry Anderson @BarryAnderson_ He isn't someone Hearts are looking at right now. St Johnstone are keen on him. Also heard Motherwell and Dundee Utd are interested. RGT @Paphos_16 Replying to @Paphos_16 @BarryAnderson_ and @edinburghpaper Heard anything about James Scott? 11:29 AM · Jul 14, 2021
  15. I thought it was a new covid variant.

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