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  1. Not unless Robbo's boy gets in first.
  2. The Q&A was a good laugh as was the tombola.
  3. santheman


    See him there quite regularly. Don't know if that's where he lives or not.
  4. Oh definately, just as Van Veen made a difference up top.
  5. A few bog standard saves but nothing of note. I never felt that Hearts despite all their possession actually had us under any real pressure. Still don't want to go through another last 20 mins like that though.
  6. Funny how a 4 hour return trip felt like an hour after a win whereas the last 3 1 game up there it felt like 8.
  7. Lamie for me. Thought he defended really well
  8. It's like a cup final for us and we need to treat it like one. Forget about the last 4 months and all the negativity for one night, we are one game away from a possible European spot and everything that brings to the club in terms of kudos,finance and attracting better players. We can argue about Alexander on the Thursday morning.
  9. santheman


    I sincerely hope that fans take a step back from the doom and gloom surrounding Alexander (hard to do at the moment I know) and look at the bigger picture here. It's easy to get swept along with the despondency when you are reading it over all our forums. Yes the football has been dire but the talk of not renewing season tickets is concerning and would surely put the club into financial difficulty and affect the amount of funds available for Alexander or whoever replaces him at some point( if that happens) to strengthen the team. So if we think the football has been dire this season think what it might be like next season if we can't afford to go after better players. I'll be renewing mine regardless as it's the club I support, not the manager players or board members and I want to see us around in the top division for as long as we can. We've come a long way and I would hate to see us going backwards because of one (or 2 depending on how you look at it) bad seasons.
  10. santheman

    John Boyle

    How do you know it was a tax write off unless you have access to his personal tax records or Company House records of any companies he was a Director of. Maybe you've got some links you can share with us??. Pure speculation.
  11. santheman

    John Boyle

    Are you his Accountant by any chance.
  12. santheman

    John Boyle

    Just common courtesy to anyone connected with MFC from the past. We're a friendly club after all.
  13. santheman


    You should go into the Killie and Midden threads in P&B and see how enjoyable the championship was/has been for them. Doesn't make good reading for anyone who thinks it would be better .
  14. See Aberdeen trying to sign big Chas from the Midden. Aberdeen's opening bid doesn't meet their valuation apparently. Am I missing something here??.

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