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  1. Well your view must have been different from mine but at the end of the day I think we can agree that we have an element in our support we would be better off without especially at away games.
  2. Spot on Was sitting in the front row at the time when it whizzed past my left ear.
  3. A 400 mile round trip ending in disappointment. Will give the team the benefit of the doubt and put it down to a bit of ring rustiness but I hope 50 yard diagonal punts to Woolery is not going to be a regular feature. Apparently 180 seats destroyed by Celtic fans was the reason we weren't in our normal spot behind the goals.
  4. Totally agree. Haven't seen a player yet with a poor first touch that's gone on to develop one. That's the 4th time I've seen him this season and sorry, not a player I would spend transfer money on. If we got him on a PCA and squad wages(assuming we were still interested) then fine but otherwise nah.
  5. All sorted. Travelodge still doing rooms fir £24.99 if anyone's interested.
  6. Brilliant news but a bit unexpected if I'm honest as I didn't think common sense would have prevailed. Don't need to cancel my trip now. See youse in Dingwall.
  7. Aye I know it's a bit of a shot in the dark. Conflicting information everywhere you look doesn't help
  8. I'm sure he won some poll last year about being the most boring person in Britain. Anyways cannae wait till tomorrow to see if I need to cancel my hotel booking in Inverness next Tuesday.
  9. I'll pass on that thanks all the same.
  10. Thanks Al B. You've spoken more sense on here in a day than Leitch has in 2 years.
  11. Glad about that. Guy is a player and you can never have too many of them in your squad regardless of the circumstances.
  12. So with current restrictions supposed to end on 17th does anyone think that this game will go ahead in front of a normal crowd including away fans. Personally don't think for a minute that it will but in the unlikely event restrictions are lifted, an announcement would surely have to be made at least a few days before the game to allow for ticket sales.
  13. Would still like to see him stay till the end of the season but one thing I'm sure of is MFC and GA will play hardball over any possible January deal. If United think they're going to get him on the cheap I think they're in for a big shock.
  14. Heard from a mutual friend that his missus has started some kind of College/Uni course and wants to stay in Scotland to finish it so that would make sense.
  15. Just to add to the conspiracy theory https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F3FNNyMv&h=AT21FxekFKfRl-ExSVh2ijCXWvb3zlpnCnPexri6zo9ICEeD86dGvENWq2vpfARayj0WYOp-iye0hTSSXCVTHKKyqtzDq98ICPvxsIS6UDiohTkaQDKWkkosRQ_1j0fZEM8

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