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  1. Who in the Sheva team hasn’t been booked?
  2. This mob don’t half like hitting the turf.
  3. I’m sure he will. There hasn’t been a Manager in history that hasn’t had to turn things around at some point. Some succeed and some don’t. The ones that do tend to have longer and more successful careers
  4. Which is the sign of a good Manager
  5. You could see the confidence levels rise as the game went on. Totally comfortable and never looked as if Aberdeen were going to stage any kind of comeback Hapoy days
  6. Like every player we sign, I’ll reserve judgement until I actually see him play. Ayr Utd fans certainly rate him very highly.
  7. Harry Robinson away on loan to QOS His granny is over on Well Boys3 wishing him good luck. Wonder if she tells Robbo what they’re saying about him on there.
  8. Still have nightmares about those 2 games.
  9. Funny enough I was out with a friend who is a Lawyer In one of those firms who specialise in no win no fee accident claims and he was saying that they had already had quite a few people contacting them to see if they would take on their case because they had caught Covid. Joked that his firm was opening up a new dept called Coronavirus Claims 4U. I hope he was joking but wouldn’t be surprised if something like that did happen eventually
  10. tbh I quite enjoyed the odd few moments of Verizon advertising to take my mind off just how bad the game was.
  11. All this chat about how we are heading for certain relegation got me thinking about what fans of other clubs are saying about their team so I took a couple of hours to scrawl through all the forums of RossCo,St Mirren et al and guess what? They are saying the same things about their teams that we’re saying about ours. Truth of the matter is that the quality of our League this season is crap and every team in the bottom 8 are as bad as each other. Whether that is down to the unusual circumstances with Covid or not I don’t know but not having the usual build up to games and the lack of match atmosphere might be having a negative effect on every team.
  12. Maybe they’re on their way to blag someone’s house and don’t want to get caught on CCTV.
  13. Any redevelopment of the Main stand would presumably need the land that the 2 houses at the South stand end sit on. The last 2 houses sold on Firpark St went for approx 260k each in 2018/2019 So even supposing you could convince the 2 householders to sell at that price (which they probably wouldn’t), when you add up demolition land clearance,fees etc you could be looking at up to 1m before you even start any redevelopment work.

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