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  1. Was watching Rangers vs County on the laptop at the same time as watching us on TV. If its any consolation County were pish (but not as pish as us today)
  2. Just what the fuck have we got to do to get a refs decision going our way for a change
  3. Having just come up from Engerland hopefully its no the dreaded Covid
  4. santheman

    2021 AGM

    The only other one that I definitely know of is Dundee but sure there will be others. Initially refused like every other business but good to see the courts giving the insurance companies a bloody nose on that. No doubt Joe Public will pick up the bill though.
  5. I’ve seen and heard enough from GA to give him the benefit of the doubt that he knows what we need and where to find it. His knowledge of players in the English lower leagues and how they would fit into whatever system he wants to use is far greater than anyone on here so I trust him to get the right fit for us.
  6. No real surprise. Hopefully the independent panel who gave the original decision tell the SPFL to feck off and don’t ask them to do anything again.
  7. Fairly happy with this. High energy levels and will get us up the park quicker. Always hated playing against him.
  8. 6'5" so if hes crap as a forward we could always play him at CH.
  9. I don’t even know what the basis of their appeals are. Are they appealing on a technical issue over the decision or just that the punishment is disproportionate to the offence. They wouldn’t win on the first point not so sure about the 2nd.
  10. Up here you would probably get 15 mins of football and 75 mins of referees looking at tv screens.
  11. That's why we need this 6 points fiasco sorted one way or another NOW. It's not fair on the teams affected, particularly if heaven forbid they call the season at some point.
  12. Think by the end of the week after GA has his cosy little chats with each player he’ll know who the bad eggs are. Whether he’ll have the funds to replace them or not is another matter. I would like to think we’ll see at least a couple of new faces. Hopefully a a couple of battle hardened absolute bastards who don’t take any prisoners on or off the field
  13. Surprised no one has brought up the issue over Covid with this tie. Pretty sure both teams will have no testing procedures so are we leaving ourselves open to a potential problem. Will be the same for every SPL team who draw someone from the lower Leagues. Havent seen anything from the SFA about it anywhere.
  14. Apparently he’s turned down 3 jobs since leaving Salford because he wanted a new challenge, so to me that shows he’s held in quite high esteem in the English lower leagues at least

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