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  1. I'm with you on that Brother. Remember being ambushed at Chapelhall one year when the buses were on strike and we had to walk it there and back from Motherwell. The young guns don't know what they've missed.
  2. Hope someone has emailed a copy of the video to the Compliance Officer (if it's not too late that is).
  3. I think if GA reverts to his favoured 4 4 2 next season we'll see the best of him. He must have had other clubs sniffing about so I see it as being a bit of a coup for us to retain a Scottish International player.
  4. Agreed and while I'm no lover of the Monarchy the way I look at it is that the whole of the UK's sporting community is showing a bit of respect for the old guy by reorganising events I don't really want to be the only part that doesn't as the fallout in the national media would not show us in a good light.
  5. That's life in the SPL especially when you fill the team with guys from down south who will mostly always just look at Scotland as a short term gig. There will be the odd exception of course. Only good thing is all teams will be in the same position. That's why we need a successful Academy but who knows what the future holds in that direction
  6. That's the split of prize money for this season so finishing 7th instead of 9th nets us an extra 125k. Not to be sneezed at. 1st - 13.40% - £3,350,000 2nd - 9.60% - £2,400,000 3rd - 8.25% - £2,062,500 4th - 7.25% - £1,812,500 5th - 6.75% - £1,687,500 6th - 6.25% - £1,562,500 7th - 5.75% - £1,437,500 8th - 5.50% - £1,375,000 9th - 5.25% - £1,312,500 10th -5.00% - £1,250,000 11th - 4.75% - £1,187,500 12th - 4.50% - £1,125,000
  7. Getting shot of 2 shite plastic pitches as well would be icing on the cake
  8. A game of misplaced passes putting us under constant pressure. Thankfully the Midden forwards don't look as if they could hit a coos arse wi a banjo
  9. Maybe this is us gettin a bit of payback
  10. This has echoes of the start of the season
  11. Never have and probably never will. Would be quite happy to draw our way to safety
  12. Aye you can imagine her sittin in her pals house 3pm How come ma man's no playing again. 9pm and 2 bottles of prosecco later See that Alexander he's a pure bastard so he is, where's ma fone.

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