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  1. Aberdeen trying to offload Curtis Main to St Johnstone as a makeweight to get Matty Kennedy this window. Think he’s burnt his bridges here though
  2. Donnelly does give us that physical presence in midfield and you always expect him to win any 50/50 tackle which must give the other players a boost and you could sense that when he came on last night because at that point Dundee were really in the game,
  3. Feck me the Dundee fans weren’t kiddin when they said there wasn’t a lot of interest up here in the game
  4. 1040 as at 2pm yesterday when I was in the ticket office.
  5. I suspect 1% of the fan base will be horrified. The other 99% won’t give a toss
  6. Exactly Build from a position of strength
  7. Thought that would have caught out at least one of us
  8. I would imagine that because he seems to have fitted right into their team, played very well by all accounts and now has a good amount of games under his belt that they now think he is worth the £1m ? As you say it will be interesting if this development influences FIFA's take on the whole thing.
  9. Same tactics they used against St Johnstone as well Anti Football
  10. Didn’t see that Thanks for clearing it up. As you say it would be a bit stupid piling in the front row of the top tier Surprised they only managed to smuggle in those 2 flags though
  11. All the more annoying was the fact that there were 3 polis standing 5 yards along from it doing nowt about it.
  12. Means I can take in a Junior game at 2 then zoom up to Dundee
  13. Accounts are just a snapshot of a particular moment in time so I wouldn't be drawing any worrying conclusions as to the financial state of the club.
  14. They’re also looking to appoint a Sports Director so hopefully the fact that he wouldn’t know who he was working under will be a big turn off for him.
  15. Hes doing what every young player aspiring to make it in the game should copy. Fight your way into the team, find consistency, keep your head down and learn your trade, then when a big move comes up you've got the background and experience of a long run in a decent team which makes the step up that much easier and less chance of failing at a higher level as has happened with so many young players thinking they are better than they are. Plus hes a thoroughly nice young guy with no delusions of grandeur

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