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  1. Means I can take in a Junior game at 2 then zoom up to Dundee
  2. Accounts are just a snapshot of a particular moment in time so I wouldn't be drawing any worrying conclusions as to the financial state of the club.
  3. They’re also looking to appoint a Sports Director so hopefully the fact that he wouldn’t know who he was working under will be a big turn off for him.
  4. Hes doing what every young player aspiring to make it in the game should copy. Fight your way into the team, find consistency, keep your head down and learn your trade, then when a big move comes up you've got the background and experience of a long run in a decent team which makes the step up that much easier and less chance of failing at a higher level as has happened with so many young players thinking they are better than they are. Plus hes a thoroughly nice young guy with no delusions of grandeur
  5. I'm sure they will have a suitable banner or 2 to mark the occasion
  6. If we,re not likely to move from Fir Park I wonder how feasible it would be and how much it would cost to buid an indoor facility on the astro behind the East stand. Certainly looks big enough to do something like that.
  7. He also said I'm here to talk about Motherwell at least twice
  8. Saying over on Pie and Bovril that Aberdeen haven't sold a lot of tickets as there is a lot of apathy up there just now about the team so more pressure on the Bois to create a good atmosphere. Sayin that I think they'll still bring a half decent crowd
  9. Not to mention his massive signing on fee
  10. Tait has lost what little pace he had and the SJ winger was getting past him all too easily in the 2nd half
  11. Talk on some of the Hearts forums that Neil McCann is their new manager. Feckin hope it’s true
  12. He is the one who catches my eye any time I watch the reserves and was the standout for me on Monday but not quite ready for 1st team action IMO Big Mo Hussain also worth watching. Put on a bit of bulk since last season and looks like he might kick on.
  13. I guess your glass is either half full or half empty.
  14. Cooking up a perfect storm for this game I fear. Lack of confidence, lower than usual away support, watered greasy pitch and Dallas as the ref, what more could you ask for. I live in hope that we can reproduce the form we showed against Celtic in the first half for the full game.

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