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  1. Totally agree. Haven't seen a player yet with a poor first touch that's gone on to develop one. That's the 4th time I've seen him this season and sorry, not a player I would spend transfer money on. If we got him on a PCA and squad wages(assuming we were still interested) then fine but otherwise nah.
  2. All sorted. Travelodge still doing rooms fir £24.99 if anyone's interested.
  3. Brilliant news but a bit unexpected if I'm honest as I didn't think common sense would have prevailed. Don't need to cancel my trip now. See youse in Dingwall.
  4. Aye I know it's a bit of a shot in the dark. Conflicting information everywhere you look doesn't help
  5. I'm sure he won some poll last year about being the most boring person in Britain. Anyways cannae wait till tomorrow to see if I need to cancel my hotel booking in Inverness next Tuesday.
  6. I'll pass on that thanks all the same.
  7. Thanks Al B. You've spoken more sense on here in a day than Leitch has in 2 years.
  8. Glad about that. Guy is a player and you can never have too many of them in your squad regardless of the circumstances.
  9. So with current restrictions supposed to end on 17th does anyone think that this game will go ahead in front of a normal crowd including away fans. Personally don't think for a minute that it will but in the unlikely event restrictions are lifted, an announcement would surely have to be made at least a few days before the game to allow for ticket sales.
  10. Would still like to see him stay till the end of the season but one thing I'm sure of is MFC and GA will play hardball over any possible January deal. If United think they're going to get him on the cheap I think they're in for a big shock.
  11. Heard from a mutual friend that his missus has started some kind of College/Uni course and wants to stay in Scotland to finish it so that would make sense.
  12. Just to add to the conspiracy theory https://lm.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fbit.ly%2F3FNNyMv&h=AT21FxekFKfRl-ExSVh2ijCXWvb3zlpnCnPexri6zo9ICEeD86dGvENWq2vpfARayj0WYOp-iye0hTSSXCVTHKKyqtzDq98ICPvxsIS6UDiohTkaQDKWkkosRQ_1j0fZEM8
  13. Don't think it's Tony going out of his way to engineer an early move but his agent and Tony is just going with the flow to see how things pan out and I don't blame him. Someone has blabbed to the press and I'm pretty sure it ain't Tony or MFC I genuinely believe Tony is happy here and would be quite happy to play to the end of the season and give his all but the stories circulating around a possible January move to Utd has definitely split the support. Personally I would love him to stay and help us get into Europe but think I'm definitely in the minority. I wish him well in his new club as I would any player moving on and certainly don't hold any ill will towards him. Anyone with the opportunity of increasing his income would be daft not to.
  14. I can smell his agent from here. Dont tell Motherwell you want to move in January so you don't lose out if it happens. I'll plant the seeds of a potential January move with my mates in the press and see if Utd bite. Motherwell get pissed off and sell you as they don't want an unhappy player. Win win.
  15. Big Bevis for me closely followed by the Norwegian God
  16. As one of the "500" interesting to read that some TV fans think we didnt play all that well. Maybe came across like that on the telly but thought we played well within ourselves and didn't let Livi bully us like they set out to. Maybe not apparent unless you were there but the amount of jersey tugging, body checking and off the ball fouls we had to put up with was typical Livi. Nothing dangerous but designed to break up our rhythm which they succeeded with to a certain extent. Maybe some people will call them streetwise but to me they are just a gang.
  17. Why not just postpone the next 2 games and play them midweek next year then head into the winter break. Might not suit the old firm if they're still in Europe but at least clubs don't lose income and the fans don't miss out. Always assuming things get back to normal in 3 weeks of course.
  18. Let's be honest, 500k to a championship club looking for a goalscorer is chickenfeed and Tony is well able to play that level. Yes he's looking for a payday but more than that, I think that in his mind he has to prove to himself that he can play consistently at a higher level. He doesn't want to wake up one day in his late 30's and ask himself "what if".
  19. Anybody know if the wee pubescent Saintees fans are trying to start a new look with the all black combo and neckerchiefs. Thought it was a boy scout convention or something. Apparently acting like wee fannies at the Civic Centre and got chased by the polis.
  20. Good luck to the guy if this is true. Signed as a left sided central defender and hung out to dry as a left back. Switched back to his normal position and he's been Mr Consistency ever since changing the minds of some of his fiercest critics. Would be sad to see him go but no player should pass up the chance to make some serious dough down South.
  21. All I would say is rewind our brains to this point last season and ask if we were any more entertained back then. I'm in my sixties so I cannae remember.
  22. Don't use Twitter (deliberately) so did Lawless just randomly post that or was it in response to other users having a go at him. I could excuse the latter as he's just winding up the trolls (we've all done it) but if the former then that's a bad call by him.
  23. That was my take on it too. Mystified as to why anyone would see that as in any way political.
  24. As long as we keep on winning I can live with it.
  25. The red ash one down the old Palace grounds was my favourite. Combined with a gym teacher who thought it a good idea to use a scrubbing brush to get rid of any ash stuck in your cuts/grazes after a sliding tackle followed by a good dose of pure dettol it was life defining.

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