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  1. Pretty sure that journo is John 'Goldie' Goldthorpe's son.
  2. After listening to the commentary for the first half I stuck a tenner on us winning at 14/1 and was never in doubt! Great win for Motherwell today, couldn't be prouder.
  3. I saw the incident at the Accies game as my seat is just down from it. I'm not surprised that a complaint was made to the club but I feel it's been handled very poorly & the solution doesn't address the shitbaggery of the 'yella jaikit' that let the situation escalate. I felt sorry for the kid, who clearly was a bit anxious that the clown behind him was giving his family grief. The steward (who was a supervisor) should have seen this and told the guy to move or else he was leaving. Iirc, the guy was spoken to three times before he eventually got booted out when he should've been punted for ittimidating WellEast & his family after the first talking to. But this standing back from the barrier rule is utter pish. Dempster relaxed the stewards over standing in the ground to put an end to the complaints of ourselves in the back row (and the last two sections in the East) who aren't obscuring anyone's view of the game. Someone on here said to me years ago, that the back row of the East is "prime real estate" as we can get standing without worrying that we're annoying those behind us. More and more people have regularly joined us behind us the barrier, enjoyed the game and not obscured anyone's view. Disregarding the hot drink as anyone can spill a drink under any circumstances -drunk or not (as the "Bovril Two" will attest to); I personally think it's a joke for the club to impose this rule instead of dressing down a steward with an inability to do his job. If folk want to stand at the barrier and they're not causing any bother, let them do it. If they cause bother then chuck them out. Effectively, just enforce the same rules for addressing troublemakers that are seated.
  4. Was the protest featured in any of the tabloids today? Is there going to be anything included in the Motherwell times to explain it? Did the pundits or commentators speak about the motivation for it while the game was halted? I can't imagine the answer to any of these questions is yes. As a sympathiser for the HHES campaign, I think the joint message you had intended to deliver was nothing more than a very visual disruption of the game on the tele. If both sets of fans had rolled out massive banners with the same message it might have gotten a bit of positive coverage & raised a few eyebrows from those that matter while sitting at home. There was no visual message yesterday, a stoppage of the game and increased sales of tennis balls from Sports Direct. Stick to the banners lads.
  5. Just registered and submitted my predictions. Does it matter that I'm part of the pending league? I've been drinking fairly heavily and there's absolutely no guarantee that I'll be in a reasonable state to complete any additional steps tomorrow.
  6. Baraclough's vision for Motherwell in and out of football - Scott Mullen (09/07/15) http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/13379268.Baraclough_s_vision_for_Motherwell_in_and_out_of_football/?ref=wa IAN BARACLOUGH is on a mission to make Motherwell a force for good off the park as well as on it. The Steelmen manager has been at the heart of the new regime that first took control at Fir Park back in January. He was interviewed for the managers post before Christmas by new majority shareholder Les Hutchison, who saw a young coach eager to play his part in making the football club grow into a pillar of the local community. Baracloughs intentions could be seen as early as the day he was appointed boss when he took time out before watching his first game to speak toa group of young fans who were collecting food for charity. It is an ethos which continues to grow at the Lanarkshire club aiming to be fully fan run within the next five years, and the first team boss is eager to be a part of an organisation seeking to offer education, opportunities and facilities to those around them. Its a club that has to be there solely for the community, Baraclough told SportTimes. We have to be accessible as players and staff to be able to walk about among the town and feel that we are playing our part to try and make Motherwell and the surrounding areas a real good place to be in. Im more than happy to be part of something to help the town and the people of it. I know its not the most affluent town. There are a lot of people who work very hard day to day to put food on the table for their families. We are no different to that. Looking at the history of the place with things like Ravenscraig steelworks closing down, it was certainly doom and gloom in the mid 80s. But people within the town have got on with it and we want to play our part in making Motherwell prosper. We are trying to help them enjoy themselves. We want to give our fans a ray of sunshine at the weekend after a tough week. For that to happen Baraclough knows Motherwell must both construct a team built for success on the pitch but one that is also capable of sustaining the club well into the future. Being more effective in the transfer market in terms of selling on players is something Hutchison has been keen to hammer home, and already Well have sought to address that matter. Since the owners arrival long term extensions have been handed out to wingers Marvin Johnson and Dom Thomas, while several others have also been tied down for over a season. We are never going to be the biggest payers in this division or an organisation that can splash the cash and buy our way to success, admitted Baraclough. We have to work at it with our young players and bring in fresh ones to develop them and sell them on, thats the model the owner has looked at and wants to achieve with. Im very happy with that. The relationship between me and him has been fantastic since day one and we are putting some good markers down. Meanwhile, the Fir Park manager declared himself pleased with Motherwells efforts in their first pre-season match as they played out a 1-1 draw with Borussia Monchengladbach on Tuesday night. I was pleased because the first game in any pre-season is a precarious one, he said. You wonder how the players are, you wonder what their fitness levels are compared to others, but most of them went on to have just 45 minutes which was what we were after with no injuries. For me thats the main thing, but it was keenly-contested. Borussia are a good young side and are the next generation of Bundesliga players so we had to contend with a different way of playing.
  7. I hate them both. If we win a cup and finish second though, I'll still hate them both.
  8. Reid won't kick another ball for us between now and jail. We do need atleast one more RB as cover for injuries.
  9. I could live with that provided we have an embroidered badge
  10. Imo the club policy should just be an up to date email address for us and a giant mailing list for them. If you don't keep them in the loop with your email, expect to loose your seat come renewal time. A weekly reminder email about the early bird discount should have most renewed promptly enough. Once the renewals completed, drop the name from the mailshot. It's not hard, puts the liability on us to avoid complaints (against the club) and saves the cost of the paper/postage/manpower required for renewal packs.
  11. Disagree with you here mate, even in adulthood some of us still have the childish excitment of a ten year old when it comes to a new Well strip. The lack of urgency is killing us!
  12. If we get anything remotely close to the one on the right I'll be delighted!
  13. The 125th anniversary strip combo for the Leeds game is my favourite of all time. I wish I had bought a few of those tops as mine has seen better days and the Well Shop have long run dry The hooped socks were class too

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