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  1. The game is going to be on tv in Canada, so I'd imagine it's going to be on somewhere in the US
  2. Johnson's move is now official, BBC saying "Undisclosed" fee though
  3. Decent performance from what I've seen of Randolph so far tonight vs. Chelsea. Good to see him basically being the #1 now at West Ham
  4. https://twitter.com/ScotSoccerFM/status/831104620311109632 Soccer Fm's interview with Steven McGarry about his career and now life in Australia. Motherwell is mentioned quite a bit in it; great podcast on Scottish football if no one has heard of it before.
  5. Correct, but there were a couple of other factors at play that day. Us always being shitebag's when we face any incarnation of Rangers, and, the media making it seem like Rangers winning was already a foregone conclusion before a ball was kicked. All of that led to two of the greatest games our club has played, in my lifetime anyway
  6. Hutch starts for Millwall, starting to get a run of games there now. They are beating Bournemouth 1-0 at HT.
  7. The first time Randolph didn't get a start in about 2 months was tonight in the FA Cup, where Adrian let in 5. Hopefully this cements Randy as #1 if he wasn't already.
  8. Cadden had Izaguirre that deep in his back-pocket that they subbed him off after half an hour Fantastic performance from us so far
  9. Hutch is with Millwall but seems to be hardly getting any playtime there
  10. Ojamaa back on the bench as well. His first call up for Estonia in a while I think
  11. Juke's first goal since he scored against Birmingham for Bolton in May 2014. Decent enough striker but he does seem to go on really long runs without a goal throughout his career (although he had only played 30+ games during this drought).

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