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  1. Can't say I have any idea which way big Erwin will go, but why would a 21 year old 1st team player sign for any club with a view to being 'development' player. Firstly he would be taking a step backwards in playing terms and secondly he is too old now and would be only able to play as an over-age player. I would suggest/ hope another season at least with the Well to Firmly establish himself then go south for good money and even more exposure. Whatever he chooses I wish him well.
  2. Wonder if the irony is lost by him?
  3. Cracking new look guys, well done!
  4. Imho part of the 'losing players for nothing' scenario came about because the club wasn't as media savvy or as cute in a business sense as the teams mentioned earlier. A bit of ' Well set to offer Randolph/ Hutchison/ whoever bumper 4 year deal' or any player ' I want to stay at Steelmen for life' dripped into the press and whispered to various agents would, I feel, at least make interested clubs sound out the club re availability and potential transfer price. We instead gave players 1 and 2 year extensions and as far as I can remember didn't really make a big fuss of it. Football is a dodgy business and maybe we have been a bit too nice and honest when it came to moving on our prize assets.
  5. Most salient post I've read on here in ages. Cap doffed.
  6. Noah Dosser

    Baraclough Out

    In many ways I thought the appointment of IB was a refreshing change and a wee bit 'out of the box' thinking even if not an obvious or 1st choice for me. Definitely a risk but maybe worth a wee gamble. What I didn't reckon on was the large number of players brought in during January; 3 imho would have been enough to retain harmony and enhance the team. I feel the heart has been ripped out of the side and players are unable to shake off the bad form they are in, especially given some of IB's signings are to be blunt 'gash' and must cause resentment by their inclusion ahead of inherited players. The standard of signings had to be much higher, not just in a technical sense but the mentality had to be right as well ie hardened pros ready for a short term fix to avoid relegation or play - offs. We cried out for Erwin, Thomas and the returning Moore to play. What does IB do?, bench the most productive one and play the other 2 in positions alien to them. As a club time was the big enemy, and whether or not his signings become superstars in the fullness of time, his scatter-gun approach has backfired spectacularly. Sorry to say this but the clock is running down and short of a complete turnaround I cannot see a way out of our predicament.
  7. Have to say I was firmly wanting Butcher back, purely on the basis he has a bit of stature and knowledge of the game in Scotland. V.D Gaag would have been very acceptable too. That said I did welcome IB and hoped we had uncovered a decent manager from a fairly unknown background. His failings to date have genuinely shocked me. Retaining the 'old guard' in the starting eleven despite lack of form and stomach for a relegation dog-fight . Playing young players out of position. Promising a pressing game high up the pitch which doesn't happen. Bringing in 7 new players halfway thru' the season was a big. big risk and looks like it hasn't paid off. Fingers crossed he can turn it round but I just don't think he has a strong enough mentality or personality to do so. Worrying times !
  8. L. Watt is indeed a full back from the 20's squad. Wee brother of former Well player Josh Watt.
  9. Erwin is out of contract this year as well.
  10. Thank the Lord for being in Englandshire today. I would have been at this shambles if I had been able to come up the road. Get the finger out and start acting like professional footballers. Gutted.
  11. Wouldn't have been my choice but that's an irrelevance, let's get behind the man and hopefully he can get us back into some kind of decent tactical shape and better form. If the papers are right, of course, welcome to FP Ian.
  12. Terry Butcher for me. I feel we need a big personality to come in and shake the whole place up. I know there are questions re his time at Hivs but imho Jose Mourinho couldn't have saved that team. Butcher has the presence and stature to get the team fit and playing as a unit.
  13. Just back on dry land again, not going to go ott re SM going, he did well for us but imho his time was up. It's a hard game and results dictate the way a club functions sadly. Re O'Brien, what exactly are you banging on about ? The club will only be paying an agreed percentage of his wage as negotiated with his parent club. I would imagine the only reason is he is here is because Derby were happy to keep paying the biggest part of his wage rather than the usual 50% as a favour to us. Matters not a jot whether he's on £10 or £10,000.
  14. Re Leitch I've heard it's a double ligament problem. Wish him well and a speedy recovery.

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