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  1. He bought the club for £1 and has sold it for the same. I very much doubt he'll have written off any of the debt due to him and will still be owed c. £1.3m whilst having security over Fir Park. All the aces are in Hutchison's hands should he wish to seek repayment if the club defaults on the payment plan. I also noticed the accounts lodged with Companies House last month for Motherwell FC stated that if we didn't have a cup run and/or sell players in January we would have cash flow problems come January/February and would require further investment. Obviously a few players made way in January to reduce the wage bill but there would still be a gap left plug and would be good if the Well Society could clarify if any further loans were given to the club on top of the £310k that had been already 'loaned' to the club.
  2. I was in attendance last night and came home far from impressed from what was communicated by the 4 being questioned (Feely, McMahon, McCafferty and Dickie). McCafferty for being chairman of both the Well Society and Motherwell FC had very little input which begs the questions if he has the leadership qualities to drive the club and society forward as there has been little in evidence so far that he is the right man for the job. McMahon came across in an arrogant manner and as Andy P pointed out above the question regarding the 'active' members was dealt with by extreme incompetence from all involved. One of the most worrying aspects of last night is that we still appear to be budgeting for a top 6 finish, selling players and a cup run. They said if we were to budget for 11th place the budget would have to be cut by £1 million. That begs the question where will the club be if finish in 11th with no cup run and no player sales? It's ludicrous that we've signed the likes of Samson, Clarkson, Robinson and Taylor on loan when we should in theory be looking to cut our playing costs and give the youngsters a chance to fulfil our objectives of bringing through and developing young talent as sellable assets down the line. On a side note I noticed this morning the Well Society have yet to submit accounts for the year ended 30 September 2014. This will incur fines and could potentially lead to the society losing their registration per the FCA rules. The Well Society have to be a lot more transparent if they are going to get the fans on board as it is looking a complete shambles at the moment.
  3. WellTiliDie

    Baraclough Out

    Imposter. Got to go, regressed big time under him and no sign of improvement. Dire again today.
  4. Ideally they'll be seated in the top tier of the south stand and the bottom tier will lie empty as there will no doubt be some amount of missiles being thrown down by the utter cretins in their support to those below, if any. This will piss them off even more, fuck them. Well done to Motherwell for standing up to the bastards. Mon the well!
  5. Bet365 have us at 10/1 draw no bet. Cracking value as we are improving and Aberdeen tend to bottle it when they've got a chance to gain ground on Celtic.
  6. Ian Cathro at Valencia is quoted at 16/1 with McBookie. He said in a BBC article last month that he'd like to work in Britain and a club of our size might be up his street for his first managerial role. Very highly rated for youth development and this is what the club needs to be concentrating on if we are to survive in the long term.
  7. That was fucking outstanding! Was happy to go in at half time 0-0 but the longer the second half went on we never really threatened too much and when the board went up for 1 minute added time I thought that was us done. What an incredible ending though, similar to Sutton's goal in the 3-3 draw at Easter Road, the ball seemed to take an eternity to hit the net. Was half expecting the whistle to go to disallow the goal but when it sunk in that goal stood the celebrations were easily the best as a Motherwell fan I have experienced. What an achievement to have finished 2nd in a season where we quite easily could have crumbled after going out the cups early on but the players and management have shown great character to achieve back to back runners up spots. The bois were fantastic yet again today and got the whole Motherwell support going getting right behind the team throughout the 90 minutes. Big Hutchy was immense and best of luck to him wherever he goes next, as long as it's no Sevco, and to the rest of the players that will have played their last game for us today whoever they may be. Sha la la la la la la la................
  8. In financial terms bringing young players up through the ranks is something that should be extremely important to the club. Carswell is the only player of note to have been given the opportunity by McCall in his near 3 years at the club. It must be disheartening for the youngsters on the bench when they see Carswell being moved to right back on Saturday and then McCall takes an age to finally decide to put on Murray when Carsell went off injured. That can't be good for the lads confidence being more or less put on as a last resort. These players have got to be given the chance to shine and it might take them a few games to get up to speed but they have the potential to be money makers for the club unlike the likes of Anier and Ainsworth. Moore as well has showed promise in his first team appearances yet McHugh seems to be in front of him in the pecking order when he has proven that he can't cut it at the the top level. There is no way we will get relegated this season and we should be making the top 6 but not the top 3 in my opinion. Now is the time for McCall to be brave and show some faith in the youngsters. It might not look good on the CV if the results don't come off but it is definitely worth it in the long term for Motherwell.
  9. Superb result and performance, never envisaged that we would have won going into the game but we showed a hunger and passion tonight that has been missing recently. McFadden was excellent giving it his all and that seemed to shine through the whole team. When I saw the line up i feared the worst but they were all good with Humphrey and Higdon taking their goals well, but Law stole the show with his 2 assists. Celtic were really poor with Randolph having next to nothing to do and Ramsden, Cummins and Hutchie all had good games at the back.
  10. -----------------------------Randolph------------------------------- Hateley---------Hutchinson-------Ramsden------Hammell Law--------------Lasley------------Carswell-------Higginbotham -------------------Higdon-------------McFadden----------------------- Not sure if Hammell and Hateley are fit but I'd have them back in the starting line up if available. Don't see Humphrey having any effect against Celtic so hopefully he'll get dropped as he's a waste of a jersey when he's not on his game. Ojamaa hasn't linked up well with Higdon recently, McFadden could have the magic to unlock their defence if given the chance from the start as the game will probably be lost by the time he comes on as a sub.
  11. WellTiliDie


    Ojamaa. Was unstoppable at times and gave 100% throughout. Will be hard to keep him next month if any scouts were there today, hopefully will have added a bit to his value though.
  12. We were a joy to watch this afternoon, arguably our best performance under McCall in the 2 years he's been at Fir Park. There was a period in the 2nd half where we were outstanding with Ojamaa the main man terrorising their defence. Really deserved a goal for his effort today and it took a brilliant stop from Langfield to prevent him. Zaine looked really good going forward and decent enough defensively so i would have him ahead of Hammell as first choice left back as he gives a much greater threat in the opposition half. Hopefully we'll keep the same team and approach for Saturday as we'll beat any team in the league playing like that.
  13. I'm a bit more confident about winning this in 90 minutes after our performance on Saturday along with their defeat to a woeful Hearts side. Would be tempted to put Francis Angol in from the start and move Murphy up top to partner Higdon with Ojamaa dropping out. Hopefully if we take the lead we can build on it rather than letting the opposition back into the game. 2-0 Murphy and Higdon.
  14. Another disappointing result and performance yesterday. At the back we don't look convincing with Cummins and Ramsden but that's the only option there is at the moment to be fair. However, in midfield where there is room for change McCall somehow doesn't see that it is not working the way it is. There's a lack of passion and we don't look interested in winning the 50/50 balls where Dundee looked the more hungrier of the 2 teams throughout. Lasley isn't captain material for me. Time for Carswell or Hetherington to be given a chance with Law moved out to the left as he has yet to prove that he is the man to fill the place left by Jennings.
  15. Another disappointing result and performance from us, although the match officials played a part on how the game panned out with some bad calls. There seems to be a lack of passion at the moment, similar to January last season when we were dire until Ojamaa kickstarted the season with some excellent performances. I don't see how we're going to get out of this bad spell at the moment, thought the formation was correct but I think Carswell has to be given the opportunity in central midfield with Law pushed out to the left as there is a lack of fight in the middle of the park. Kerr was really poor and was beaten far too easily by Cairney for the first goal with Griffiths tearing him apart most of the night as well. Higdon was poor, could see from the start that the ref was not going to give him much chance to win balls in the air yet we still pumped long balls into him time after time. Didn't agree with Ojamaa going off as he seemed to be the only player that cared about the game and was unlucky in the final third a few times.

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