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  1. This is an interesting one for me because I have watched my other team go from the brink of dissolution in the fifth tier in England to a strong position in the third tier, all on the back of supporter control. In 2003, Exeter City were relegated to the Nationwide Conference - debt ridden and with two crooks in charge. We entered a CVA, got lucky with a good cup run and the Trust took over the running of the club. This season we finished eighth in League One, our joint highest ever finish in our history. There are now over 2,500 trust members, each contributing a minimum of £24 a year to the club, and we are going from strength to strength. We have been the only successful supporter run club in the English Football League for several years, a fact that will change with the promotion of AFC Wimbledon. The Supporters' Trust model has worked well with both City and Wimbledon and seems to also be doing the job at other clubs like AFC Telford (this season promoted to Conference National - tier five - via the play-offs), FC Halifax Town (runaway winners of the Northern Premier, will be playing in the Conference North - tier six - next season) and FC United of Manchester (missed out on promotion in the Northern Premier - tier seven - in the final of the play-offs). Obviously there is a vast difference between the clubs I mentioned and Motherwell. Well are already a strong Premier League side whereas those clubs either folded and started again, are otherwise newly formed or had dropped to a much lower division. I'm not sure whether, from the Supporters' Ownership, Well will gain anything as like enough financial backing as we need to maintain a strong top-six place in the league and push on to bigger and better things. I hope I'm wrong and that the same success that City and the others achieved can be emulated at Well and especially without the heartache and hardship that came in the first few years. Here's to a bright Claret and Amber future under Supporter's Ownership. 'Mon the Well.
  2. What he said. Plus, Bradford City at Valley Parade and Huddersfield at the Galpharm. But that's all for purely selfish reasons.
  3. It's a toss up for me between Anglian home shirt and Jaxx home shirt. The Jaxx shirt is in better nick but the Anglian one does have Motherwell F.C. embroidered at the bottom of the back. Will be bringing both so can make a decision on the morning (and decorate the car for the journey up).
  4. Sky Sports News was touting 11/4 Well win and 1/4 Celtic win.
  5. He did score in the 1991 Cup Final so it's quite fitting I think.
  6. Is one of the fans' teams playing at IFA WorldNet this year?
  7. Ewan87

    Cup Final Tickets

    As long as their attendance hasn't stopped a proper Well fan from getting a ticket...
  8. Which pubs/bars in Motherwell and/or around FP will be open around 10? And which establishments are ticket only? (As an aside - can you see my signature? It's visible at home but not on work computer so I'm not sure if it's just rubbish work computers or something else.)
  9. I been excited all week but it's getting bad today. I'm getting picked up tomorrow to head up to Hamilton so that's probably the main reason - it's the night before my Cup Final weekend starts.
  10. Can someone give away which blocks will be involved?
  11. Bugger should have waited then. Will have to hope it's still on later.
  12. Not exactly Texas or Florida but my Father's driving up from West Somerset and picking me up en route. Roughly eight and a half hours so could actually take longer than a trip in from the Middle East, but not quite as long as America!
  13. What time did you see it? Need to nip for a shower before work but don't want to miss it.
  14. There be: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QEjin3BPjwA
  15. Is it one of the pieces that will be likely be looped for the next few hours?

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