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  1. if the rumours are correct i'd b happy with that. we have a good record away to inverness and st.johnstone and would fancy our chances at home to celtic if they've won the league by then
  2. craildo1


    Nicky Law for me closely followed by Murphy. I thought Higdons hold up play was the main reason we got back into it. He played well.
  3. I'll be honest, switched off at 2-0.......but hit the ceiling when I turned on sport sound at 5.10. Q is how do we bring our away form to Fir Park???
  4. Gutted when the corner that never was allowed them to knock us out of last years cup. I'd kind of hoped for a decent cup run after the previous year. Will be tight but expect us to be in the hat for the next round. 2-1 higdon and law
  5. We need 9 from 9..... If not top 6 looks unlikely???
  6. From what I've seen of carswell I'd like to see him be slot in to the starting 11. Replace Kerr with ramsden at CB and carswell into midfield
  7. Our records crap when we're live on the telly, and when teams haven't scored for ages it's always us they score against.......hope to be proved wrong, going for 1-0 pistol henrik
  8. Your right Browni 953 with a further 700 if required
  9. Bought two tickets at l/time - she told me "there was just over 300 sold" and "not everyone likes going to Ibrox" I just hope McCall is up for it as much as we are.......
  10. Defo be there. Look forward to singing full voice to them all the sevco songs we've been chanting recently 2-0 Well......murphy double to surprise us
  11. Yer dad with the tommy coyne shorts and the 'training top' on which he claimed was a home top from the nineties!!!!He was with us, we lost him after the match, only to find him on our return to the Eurostars at 3am Friday morning waiting up for us sitting perched on the end of his bed in only Calvin kleins with the hotel door open!!!!! Mental absolutely mental...... So many memories from this trip which will last a lifetime. Once again cracking trip
  12. craildo1

    Levante (A)

    Hard choice as all the young players did extremely well, but went for Kerr.
  13. Got to b the best away trip to date.And the eurostars? What a palace.......!!!!
  14. LEVANTEGUEST - where is the best place for Well fans to get together in valencia pre-match for a bevvy i.e. Pubs/square etc??

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