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  1. The well, the well, the well, the well tommys the king of Motherwell best well Xmas Carol for me…. Tommy coyne’ “The(Noel Noel)King of Motherwell”
  2. I’ve got three tickets for the Annan game I’ve been charged for and I can’t attend if anyone is interested? Club are pretty slow the now to react to emails and calls and the form for a refund didn’t work for me? Rather just punt them to someone if they are interested than wait on a refund? Still to check bank but was overcharged for QOS game so I’m assuming this’ll be the same. 3 adults. Edit: I’ve tried a different link I was emailed today and it seems to have worked to apply for a refund. The one I got last week didn’t work.
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    Right that’s a bit knee jerk. Much more to the Well performance than that. 3-0 down at home two weeks in a row to a team we could/ should be beating. Performance is pathetic. In an era where we are (you and me) working hard to even be able to go to work (and or keep a job through furlough) we are being subjected to this utter mince. Really really poor. I want it to work for Alexander. But. We are in deep trouble.
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    Get Alexander tae fuck
  5. It’s torture days gone by a good booing at half time would sort it out
  6. Just curious, and might be wrong but am I right in the thinking part of the deal for buying a season ticket for this year was that we’d get the amount of games we couldn’t attend discounted off next season? maybe got the wrong end of the stick.
  7. Mfc tv canny handle an instant replay. This is a shite service
  8. Sure it’s jock brown and Lewis irons. fed up wit the streams already, hope we can get back to being there sooner rather than later.....
  9. My stream has crashed. Missed the well goal. Got it working again in time for the equaliser.
  10. Only just logged on and the stream is mental already. Gonna be a long night. Heard someone say “good eveniiii” then the sound was gone haha.
  11. Had a good stream until half time. I thought it’d be useful to email the support regarding watching in silence. Got an email back advising to refresh as that’d sort problem. Totally fucked up my stream. Got commentary and picture began to lag, as did the commentary. Eventually sorted with a few more sign ins and by turning volume down. Hope we can improve this like as it’s a great facility if it works! I hope we got a good uptake of away team sign ins too for the kitty, come in mfc! Get this right!
  12. I was logged on from 5.30 for the 6pm ko. Never got any further than the game will start just before 6pm then that changed to 8pm screen. Really hope this improves for the season starting.
  13. Goram paul harvey lee mcculloch keith lasley douglas Ramsay I think don goodman also maybe Kevin twaddle martin wood also maybe hammell and stephen McMillan
  14. Bringing a striker on in extra time who doesn’t take a penalty is pish
  15. Some second half this is gonna be. Like watching the woman’s team
  16. We’ve ended up with two spare kids tickets for today’s game if anyone is needing tickets?
  17. At this rate there'll need to be a motherwell end soon
  18. Had a season ticket in the Cooper for years and canny remember the ball boys ever returning the ball quickly (or on occcasion, at all).
  19. Fans travelling via glasgow not from Motherwell... Where you heading for pre match pints? Church onnthe hill was good before cup final but a hell of a walk in the pishing rain if I recall. Any idea for city centre beers?
  20. have to mention the poor stewarding yesterday which caused a completely avoidable altercation or two. Our party presented our tickets to a steward for checking but were told just to go and to sit anywhere, which we did. Just prior to kick off two guys appeared and asked us to move as we were in their seats. We explained what we had been instructed to do but they weren't happy, understandably so. The situation was resolved amicably though when we moved along one seat to accommodate them. All was well that ended well as far as that was concerned. As some of you will have witnessed, one punter turned up very late and demanded his ticketed seat right behind the goal. He then argued with a steward for what seemed like hours before he got his seat. I felt sorry for the fans in the row immediately behind him who no doubt hardly saw a thing for several minutes. No doubt there were more such incidents, which could have have caused totally avoidable trouble. Now I don't know what stewards were told beforehand; maybe our steward just got it wrong, but such things shouldn't happen. It was a farce. We had 6 tickets together (inc 2 x kids) ended up in various rows in close proximery, wasn't the end of the world but when the stands virtually sold out it would be far easier (especially with the queue to get in at turnstiles etc and people turning up after ko) for everyone to know where there gonna get a seat, particularly those arriving in larger groups. That said we didn't make an issue of it but there was plenty of aggro around us. Sit where you likes fine at Pitodrie midweek but not ideal at a virtual sell out.
  21. Petraviscois 14-1 to score first with Betfred. Figured I'd take this price and either be getting ma money back or counting ma winnings. Just thought 14-1 on any of our strikers is decent.
  22. Really enjoyed the second half today. Carsons saves in first half were vital. Thought his second save from the header was great, ball looked like it was already over him and he's clawed it away. Campbell was brilliant, seems like he won every tackle. Even the 50/50s he seems to always get a foot in there. Moult unlucky not to score from open play. Was a bit surprised Rose went off, but Bigi then sets up Bowman who takes his goal excellently. Was so good to have Hammell whipping in some crosses on left hand side 2nd half. Missed Frear today. Killie pretty poor second half but if not for our 2nd goal on another day just might have nicked a point late on as we began to sit in. In an ideal football world we'd have put the game to bed much earlier. Kipre solid again. Campbell man of the match for me.

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